A Pact with Devas, A Narmada Lingam, Satguru Purnima Pada Pujas

a. Gurudeva made a pact with the devas, arranging for written prayers to be transmitted through the sacred fire. Each week he would consign to the fire a basket of prayers sent in from devotees around the world. He explained that their astral double would appear in the Second World to be read by the devas, who could help answer each prayer. b. When a North Indian Narmada Lingam was gifted to the monastery, Gurudeva invited pilgrims to perform abhishekam on the sacred stone and occasionally bathed the Sivalingam with stream water himself. c. On every full-moon day in July, the monastery celebrates Satguru Purnima, worshiping the guru’s feet at the site of the Svayambhu Lingam. In worshiping one’s own guru, all preceptors are honored.