Veylanswami, My Shining Star

starts before the downbeat (on "ru")

  • Genre: bhajan Deity: Guru
  • Artists: Sornumbal Mardemootoo
  • Music Details: | Talam-Adi | Sruti-A | Graha-Sa
  • Transliteration

    Satguru satguru Veylanswami

    You are my loving Satguru

    Satguru satguru Veylanswami

    You are my shining star

    When I need you Satguru you are there Satguru

    To take all my troubles away

    You are my hope Satguru

    You are my faith Satguru

    Please send your Blessings to me

    Satguru Satguru Veylanswami-----

    Satguru satguru

    Satguru Bodhinatha

    Photo of  Gurudeva
    In practicing affectionate detachment, we are learning to live in the here and now, right in the moment. We are awakening the power of direct cognition, the power that enables us to understand what happens, when it happens and why it happens.