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Welcome to Saiva Siddhanta Church's website for sevaks doing sivathondu by transcribing Gurudeva's and Bodhinatha's Audio talks.



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   HA Stack Player

Download the Himalayan Academy LiveCode Apps Player

Note to Windows users: be sure when you unzip the program to unzip the entire package at once. You should end up with an application folder with a folder named "HA Stack Player_3-2_win" inside of which you fill find "HA Stack Player.exe" and another folder "Externals." These must stay together in the same location. You can make a short cut to the application executable (HA Stack Player.exe) if you like. You will need to start this at every transcription session.

This program will run any LiveCode Stack document. You will need this software first. Current version is 3.1. Use the top link on the page when you get there and download the one for your platform: MacIntosh (OS X only) or Windows.


Download the LiveCode "Audio Transcriber" (code name "ATRA") application
For Mac OSX and Windows those who are working on the GITA talks library by Gurudeva. Current version is 2.9; dated "ATRA 2018-02-22" in the title bar of the main window.

Upgrade instructions: