Lemurian Scrolls


The First Temples

प्रथम मन्दिराणि

Chapter 3

31 ¶In the Sat and Tretā Yugas we lived and live mainly in our minds. During these yugas everyone came into the new Earth body, functioning in the eye at the top of the head. We go deeply into the development of the inner bodies and do not come further out in the mind than the fourth chakra. It was during the Tretā Yuga that the inner bodies of the celestial beings were so adjusted to the Earth atmosphere that when each one acquired a flesh body, the eye in the forehead could faintly be seen in the ether, penetrating through it. No distinction between the inner bodies and outer bodies was ever made, and each conversed freely one with another, through verbal and mental means—about their experiences at night while their fleshy bodies slept and they soared on rays of light and sound to visit friends on other planets—as freely as they talked of occurrences within the immediate surroundings through the day. The more advanced ones could leave the body into light and sound and go to another yuga cycle. If they wanted to go into a tenth yuga cycle, they would go to another solar system where it was occurring. No distinction was made between the inner and outer. One thing was as real or unreal as another. It is just the total mind we are experiencing. The mind is so clear at this point in time. §

Assistance From Our Mahādevas§

32 ¶Mahādevas from other planets often visited us on ours and—through mental means in their etheric bodies—through helpful conversations guided and instructed the various avenues of our evolution. There were such a great number of these inner plane beings and they did all sorts of things to help us. In this way they would continue their own spiritual advancement without taking a body. These advanced souls were specialists in certain areas of the evolution of the elements of the celestial bodies inhabiting these original bodies or fleshy ones, for each celestial body was of the elements of the planet upon which it originated.§

Easy Living; Traveling From Earth§

33 ¶There is no consciousness of time in the Sat Yuga, but our prophets say that by the end of the Kali Yuga, time will seem very important to the Earth-bound souls that still remain. We are advised that during the first part of the Sat Yuga mankind will spend his time overcoming the reaction of the night of the Kali Yuga. The fear will leave, and the memory of it. It will become increasingly easier for everyone to live on the planet. He will live underground and travel to other planets with the grace and ease that he, in his celestial body, has always been accustomed to. Many of the celestial souls that came and are coming to the planet were transported on the power of more advanced beings, and once here they will not be able to leave the planet until the next Sat Yuga. However, many of us can freely come and go. Many souls that just barely made it to Earth were not highly evolved and once here lived in a consciousness similar to birds, living right on the vegetation they found on the planet.§

The Need For Ego Armor§

34 ¶Man will have to protect his celestial body, as well as physical body, through the Kali Yuga by developing a shell around them both, except for a few who do not need this ego armor and will keep alive some semblance of our philosophy and too few strands of our culture. Toward the end of the Tretā Yuga, this division began to occur, and some of us separated ourselves from the population, along with others with fleshy bodies more sensitive to the harrowing feelings of change that were beginning to groom the external patterns of the population as we merged into the Dvāpara Yuga. This group of us who will carry the power through in the monastic tradition—and many of us will be the same but in different external forms—are able to hold within our minds the rays of the Central Sun of this galaxy that are diminishing due to the configuration of the rearrangements of the galaxy. We and we alone will have the powers to initiate others into having the ability to disseminate through their celestial and physical bodies these penetrating, life-giving rays of the Central Sun. During the next Sat Yuga, a synthesis will occur for the first time of all three cycles of yugas that have preceded it. All that has occurred since celestial beings first began to inhabit the planet will blend together, as man will then be consciously conscious of the forces on the planet. §

It will be only through this cycle of yugas that we gain our own individuality and realization of the totality of the Self.§

The Molding And Weaving Of Gold§

35 ¶We cover the physical bodies and our original bodies with a shiny yellow substance that is a conductor of force, and in this way are more able to feel the rays of the Central Universal Sun. The arts of weaving and working in stone are quite advanced. Our laboratories and technicians wove this gold and silver substance into fabrics and other kinds of decoration for these bodies. By the end of the Dvāpara Yuga man will use other materials to cover the body. We have oils that if put on gold will permeate right through to the other side. While the oil is going through, we can mold the gold like clay. Gold worn on the body is also molded right to the muscle structure of the individual. In the same way, we have oils and medications to put on hard stone to soften and mold it with our hands. Some of our activities now are in writing great volumes of information as guidelines for our culture and the preservation of all of us on this planet, to establish patterns, systems and formulas to be adhered to through the Dvāpara Yuga. When the darkness comes people will begin to lose their inner knowledge and awareness of the chakras and their function. Though we have the wheel as a tool at this time, it will be lost in the Earth changes during the Dvāpara Yuga. Blind to the inner wheel, mankind will also become blind to the wheel on the outside.§

Various Patterns of Evolution§

36 ¶The group of divine souls that came to Earth in the cycle of yugas before the one we are in now became some of the animal kingdom that the extraterrestrial souls who came in the Sat Yuga had to face. Some of us in this yuga came to rescue them, along with others who came to experience the same evolution as they have done. These gentle devonic souls did not encompass the experiences of having to devour one another to further their evolution. Many of them came from the great star, the Sun of this solar system. The route most of us took to this planet was by first arriving on the Sun and then continuing on to this planet. One of the great amazements to the devas in the fleshy bodies was the feeling of the heat of the Sun and the inability of that body to cope with the rays of it. §

Why We Came to Earth§

37 ¶The mother principle was not recognized on Earth until the race came into human reproducing bodies in the Tretā Yuga. Souls in their perfect state were in cellular evolution. They were in a complete state, as complete as a cell, and evolved within their own strata of evolution. Some of the most highly evolved souls would grow another body within them and then divide themselves into two. These then would divide themselves and become four. They would just slide out from themselves and one would energize the new one. Another soul would then inhabit the new body. In this way, soul bodies duplicate themselves in the Third World. This occurred on the planet that we came from, and this is why we had reached a pinnacle of evolution and become as a flock of birds or school of fish, because we were so similar to our originators. It will be only through this cycle of yugas that we gain our own individuality and realization of the totality of the Self. Then, when we are granted permission to leave this planet, with access to other planets in the universe, we will be the first there to divide our celestial body into two, then the two into four. And we will in that way spawn a new devonic group, through this method, who will later have to inhabit a fire planet to gain their evolution and attain their individuality. Those who realize the Self fully are in three phases of evolution, depending upon the advancement of the soul’s evolution when they arrived on the planet. The śāstras explain that some are still here today by personal choice helping with the evolutionary process. Others of the second phase of evolution have since left this planet and are on other planets, and still others in the third group just became the Self. A soul’s evolution is long and vast. Therefore, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, the devonic kingdom are all seen through our wisdom as one and the same. The original intelligence is a cell, and many of those cells gathered together to make this celestial body which in turn divides itself. Our Mahādevas have several sets of arms, as they are always dividing themselves. The devas that surround them and serve them are of them.§

Our śāstras say that in the depth of the inner mind there is just a thin veil separating one planet from another—for space, time and mind are synonymous. In the external mind, created because of the animal kingdom, this thin veil is seen as billions of miles of empty space.§

Space, Time And Mind Are Synonymous§

38 ¶Our śāstras say that in the depth of the inner mind there is just a thin veil separating one planet from another—for space, time and mind are synonymous. In the external mind, created because of the animal kingdom, this thin veil is seen as billions of miles of empty space. Therefore, no one has ever really been separated, because in the inner mind the planets are not great distances apart. There is a yoga practice where one can go into the Self and come out at any point of time that he chose in the future “faster than you could blink your eye and be just as you were when you went in.” And the śāstras say that, being That, you would then have realized the Self at that point in time. One could decide to come back to Earth in the middle of the next Sat Yuga and go into samādhi, come out and be there. These time cycles will have nothing to do with the concept of time at the end of the Kali Yuga. The middle of the next Sat Yuga as well as the middle of the last Sat Yuga exist right now; as well as this current point in time exists right now.§

Ceremonies To Call the Deities§

39 ¶During the ceremonies in our temples in the Tretā Yuga, when bringing another celestial soul through to the fibrous body to begin the evolution on this planet, we would all come together and vibrate our inner body so that the outer one would become as transparent as possible so the Deity would come. The object was to get into the Self. This is what everyone was striving for. The Mahādeva from their planet would assist us. Some of the most evolved would become so transparent that it would be almost impossible to see them with any of the three eyes, so great was the power generated by us. They would become like a shadow. This is when the ceremony started. Rays would emanate from the brain and other chakras, which would make the one from whom these rays were emanating a God himself for a period, as he sent out power from himself.§

Releasing Souls from Animal Bodies§

40 ¶A similar kind of gathering was held to release a great deva from the bondage of an animal herd. Occasionally, and this happened rarely, he was able to manifest a second and, upon very rare occasions, even a third fibrous body, thus avoiding the reincarnation cycle. The Mahādevas came in full force to help this evolved deva create a second or third fibrous body. It was difficult, but they were very powerful and radiated all of their force through him, and he was evolved enough to contain it so that this could be accomplished after the advent into the animal nerve system. They will again perform a similar function through the Kali Yuga and into its successor, in helping these same universal spirits out of the bondages of the consciousness of flesh into the attunement to the universal core. §

Mahādevas Came to Bless And Instruct§

41 ¶There were many pagoda-shaped temples with a high, raised platform in the center of them for the divine Deity, the Mahādeva, to come and stand on while blessing and instructing people. We stood on all four sides looking up at the platform. Everyone in the temple attended these ceremonies, which occurred quite often. They were periodically timed, though the festival of entertaining a Mahādeva was very unstructured. The Mahādeva guided it all along. Many Mahādevas would come, one after another, to listen to the petitions that would be presented to them. The monastics would read the petitions and messages from the villagers who had sent them in to be read to the inner-plane beings who each did different things. As the Mahādeva heard something they could help with, they would just go and do it. The Mahādeva, upon leaving, would tell us when he was returning and what to have ready for him or who to have there. We would obey. This was the Mahādeva’s way of communicating with us, not our way of communicating with them, because they were in charge. These Mahādevas were our friends that we knew and loved. We approach them as a ten-year old child does his parents. They are so beautiful in their transparent bodies, so strong as their rays of light pierce out as darshan flows into our minds. These same Mahādevas led us to this planet and we respect them, their will, their guidance and obey. Some of them we divided off from on the planet they live on before we arrived here. However, we do not have any desire to attain to being a God, for since we have been on Earth we have found that we are already totally complete and simply fill a space of service at a point in time, performing our duty. We are their helpers, and they help the planet and everyone on it. Our goal is to dissolve the physical elements and ascend—go back to the source of it all. §

Helping Souls To Leave The Planet§

42 ¶During some of our ceremonies, the Gods would take one of us evolved enough to leave this planet onto the platform with Him and dissolve his elements so that he would not have to incarnate again, and have access to other planets in our universe, having totally completed his evolution on the fire planet. Once he became established in his new abode, he, too, would begin to duplicate his body there into forms similar to it, and he would visit us occasionally on the platform to administrate petitions and bring us news of his new evolutionary experiences there. When a Mahādeva appeared on our platform, He pulled the fourteen elements together and in doing so created a temporary body. Upon leaving this body, it dissolved and floated down to the floor into a small mound of sweet, airy substances which we divided up among ourselves and took into our bodies. Everyone present left after eating it, filled with divine energy, for it contained radiations from the Central Sun. The eating of this gave us the strength to pursue our duties with vigor, and it often contained valuable information or messages for one of us. This message would only go to the one to whom it was intended inwardly to help in his craft, skill or personal meditation. Our Lemurian monasteries were at their height when more than half of the population in each one dissolved their elements into the essence of Pure Being.§

All of us know everything that occurs. We have circular mental vision, and if some kind of out-of-the-ordinary experience happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. This is the way we evolve. §

Mankind’s Divine Guidance §

43 ¶Our Mahādevas were the divine beings from the Sat Yuga who because of their power did not go into the animal kingdom and remained still active on Earth through the Sat and Tretā Yugas these many hundreds and thousands of years. Now, toward the end of the Tretā Yuga, the most prominent of them are the ones who were the leaders of major groups of us to this planet then. And they tell us they will incarnate into flesh-and-bone bodies during the Kali Yuga to help the celestial souls at that time, as contact from another planet or the inner mind of this one will be almost totally impossible. It is hard for us to conceive that this light will not remain in the minds of all of us as the Dvāpara Yuga begins. But our Mahādevas kept admonishing us to prepare and taught us how. They said that getting the physical body with the three lower chakras was our way to realizing the Self. They told us they would help us adjust and learn how to use our physical bodies in order to anticipate events and coordinate our lives. Toward the end of the Dvāpara Yuga, new magnetic forces will begin to develop so very strongly on the planet, as the gravity on the Earth gets stronger and stronger and nothing floats in the air anymore. These forces will be new to the people, and they will not quite understand them soon enough to protect themselves and will become vulnerable to the magnetic pulls and begin to become confused, one of our Mahādevas carefully explained to us from the platform. We listen but we do not understand all that we hear. Now the mental communication is excellent. All of us know everything that occurs. We have circular mental vision, and if some kind of out-of-the-ordinary experience happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. This is the way we evolve. §

Changes During the Tretā Yuga§

44 ¶During this time, all of our body structures, along with the Earth atmosphere, are undergoing a rapid change. So, in this yuga our basic challenge is to hold the vibration that existed through the Sat Yuga within a core group of us so that the others could continue their peaceful existence without experiencing drastic changes. We, one-third of the entire population, lived separately from all the others, as all but a few of us were in the original, fibrous bodies. The other two-thirds have now come up through the animal kingdom in this yuga, and we don’t want the race to keep getting back into it. That’s why we are trying to hold the vibration. Different races are forming at this time, coming back through the animal kingdom. They mate as the animals do, on a cyclic pattern through the year. We lived behind great walls to protect these bodies from the imposing forces, and within these encasements performed our function. In this way we held the full impact of the vibration of the Sat Yuga through the entirety of the Tretā Yuga. §

Carrying Cosmic Darshan §

45 ¶When the Mahādeva sent one of us on a pilgrimage away from our accustomed surroundings, we were commissioned to carry a ray that He brought from the Central Sun with us to a place that was obscured from these kinds of radiations because of the Dvāpara Yuga vibration that was imposing itself upon us. When a pilgrimage of this kind is initiated, we are told of our exact destinations and method of travel. When on these kinds of pilgrimage, we draped our bodies in white and were recognized and cared for along the way, as this was the sign of the pilgrim. The Mahādeva Himself, from the inner world of our planet, could easily distinguish one of us draped in white and assist us along the way. We carried the rays of the Universal Sun that He prismed. This was His way of giving power through us to the celestial beings in their various and varied kinds of Earth bodies we met along the way. As one of the “carriers of the darshan,“ on a pilgrimage we all were charged with the responsibility to begin the darshan streams that began to run like a river close to the ground. This helped our Gods send their power through these channels. When our temples had festivals, the Mahādeva’s power flowed through the established streamers, keeping all of us invigorated and stable on Earth in our desire for Self. §

The purpose of these Lemurian monasteries was to keep the total vibration of the Deity and the religion alive and vibrant through the cells of the people who lived in the vicinity. §

About Our Monastery Cloisters§

46 ¶Surrounding our pagoda-like temples are places where we live. These vast homes, in which we were alone and apart from the other two-thirds of the population of this planet, were monastic in nature and protocol. It was here that we set the pattern for the next million circles to come, the pattern of the gathering together in aloneness. The only company we keep is with those who live without the grosser bodies that we hold, live in, express through and carry the rays given to us by our Mahādevas, who gathered them together from the Central Sun, limiting them to the velocity of our capability and usage. We have divided ourselves into many of these monasteries, situated adroitly at various important areas around the planet. Monasteries were always located where they were needed most, and always within walking distance of another monastery. The reason for this was that our large monastery would hold a vibration of darshan for the surrounding area extending out for a radius of some fifty to 100 miles. The purpose of these Lemurian monasteries was to keep the total vibration of the Deity and the religion alive and vibrant through the cells of the people who lived in the vicinity. The monastics living together in these monasteries, totally devoted to their sādhana and religious practices, held this strong darshan vibration of the Deity steady, and it radiated out in a circle in a radius of fifty to 100 miles. The next monastery would be placed on the perimeter of the emanating darshan of the one nearest to it. In this way there was no break in continuity, and therefore they were always within walking or flying distance of each other as they spread out across the land. The preceptors who guided groups of us here a yuga ago are our teachers, our prophets, our gurus, and they are responsible for many of us who gather apart from all others in these monastic groups. §