Lemurian Scrolls


Diet and Destiny

आहारः प्रयॊजनं च

Chapter 6

74 ¶The animals that ate the vegetables and gave forth milk were valuable to us. We recognize them to be one of us, caught in the animal kingdom on his way back to human form. We take this milk and with it fruit, seeds and nuts, the honey from the bee, mix it all together as our daily potion for the maintenance of the outer form. In large vats this mixture was made and each one of us had a gourd to hold it while it passed into our bodies, absorbing the energy from our hands.§

Our Four Sources of Nourishment§

75 ¶Our nourishment is divided into four areas similar to the four great forces of this planet. The first area is the vegetable kingdom, consumed by the cow and other milk-producing animals. This provided the muscular structure with great strength. The next area is the life-giving seeds and nuts and tiny kernels within seeds that provided nerve strength and vigor to our bodies. The third area is the milk of the bee, derived from the subtle pollen of our flowers. This protects our bodies, as well as the entire combination within our nourishment, from deteriorating forces. This excretion of the bee protects against astral forces promulgated from the animal kingdom indigenous to this planet. The fourth area within our nourishment is the outgrowth of trees and bushes which can be picked without destroying the plant. Thus, fruit, seeds, nuts, honey and milk mixed together in proper combination compose our nourishment.§

Variations According to Weather§

76 ¶The proper combination is as follows: when the wind blows from the north, more milk is used than amounts of honey, seeds or fruit. When the wind blows from the south, more fruit is used to enhance the combination. When the wind blows from the east, the sweetness of honey overpowers; and the west wind brings in an overabundance of seeds and nuts. Wind does not mean simply a breeze. Wind would be that which made waves upon our lake. When the air is cool, milk, seeds and nuts dominate, and extra honey is added to neutralize this combination. When the air is warm, fruit and honey, seeds and nuts and milk occur in equal amounts, none standing out over the other, complementing the temperature—the nuts appearing two to three inches apart, or measured out as a small handful for each of those of us partaking of this nourishment. On hot days, fruit, honey and little seeds; milk and nuts are few.§

Food Is Taken at High Noon§

77 ¶Though we eat when the sun is high and fill up fully our bodies with this nourishment, we take time and eat long. Should it at any time occur that later in the day or as the sun is setting our nourishment is taken, the combination is more of a liquid nature, light and easy to digest, for pure water and spice have been added to the leftovers from the noonday. Nourishment is never taken after dark, when you cannot see to move around and perform your chores, nor before the rising of the sun.§

Herbal Remedies For Illness§

78 ¶When the body becomes frail or ill, various herbs that were brought with us from the planet we came from and strong spice were added to the nourishment and taken before nightfall. This did its work within the body during the night as we left the body for these herbs and spices to work upon without interference from the inner bodies living in the outer one. If the healing did not occur, no nourishment was taken at noon except for absorbing the rays of the noonday sun; and only the leftover nourishment—with pure water added, herbs and hot spices to stimulate the currents of the body—was taken at night until full health returned. These herbs are prepared in a similar way as the cow digests the vegetables and grasses. They are mashed and heated and boiled and brewed and presented to the evening nourishment in such a way that they blend right with it like a milk. Oils, too, were added for certain types of malcontent of the outer form.§

We always use what is available to us to nourish these bodies. The residents within the surrounding area around our temple bring to us out of their abundance. We usually find what we have is the perfect combination and use it according to the formula. §

Everything Needed Is At Hand§

79 ¶Our nourishment is a similar duplication of the manufactured external body the Deity leaves behind upon the pedestal. The combination of the four types of nourishment builds the body to withstand heat and cold and all types of atmospheric pressures from the outer world and makes it convenient to live in. We always use what is available to us to nourish these bodies. The residents within the surrounding area around our temple bring to us out of their abundance. We usually find what we have is the perfect combination and use it according to the formula, the blowing of the wind and the temperature of the day. On this we thrive and live and do our work. When we found a fruit or nut or seed not tasty and delicious to complement this combination, though nourishing in itself and vital to our health, we fed it to our milk-producing animals, and they made the necessary adjustment for us.§

How Milk Is Prepared And Stored§

80 ¶The liquid from the animal was prepared in various ways. It was hardened, made to be thick, or more liquid by adding water to it. The juices were crushed and molded into it, and all of this was always kept cool in our caves and clay and stone vats. Our nourishment was always served cool, as the natural heat of the body responded to this coolness and flamed up to warm it up. This aids in assimilation through our cells. Some of the temples are quite inventive and others simple. In the colder climates, the fruit is dried and taken there, as are the nuts and seeds. The milk is hardened to preserve it, and it is mixed together with warm water to melt the milk and moisten the fruit and then chilled just below body temperature a few degrees. Herbs were also dried and oils were taken to these mountainous places. However, a consistency of our nourishment persists through all of our people in all of the temples, except for those who are just emerging out of the animal kingdom. Their instinctive nerve system causes them to eat, like the animals themselves, grasses and leaves, roots and plants and the outgrowths of these organisms. In training a young monastic to prepare our nourishment, any handful of it that he would take and place in fertile soil should begin to grow. In this way it was assured that the balance of life-giving seeds existed throughout the entirety of the mixture. The seed hidden in the nourishment that will fertilize the soil to aid in its growth as it decomposed would sprout and soon become more nourishment.§

A Simple Exercise for Health§

81 ¶Apart from our daily activity, we would perform an exercise. This exercise was performed three times a day: at sunrise, high noon and sunset. We would hold the physical body immovable in certain difficult positions and breathe it strenuously. Breath pulsing through the lungs while facing the sun’s rays, consciously absorbing them into every cell of the body, kept it flexible, healthy and easy to live in. Some of these positions in which we stand are: legs far apart, hands and arms stretched up high while breathing strenuously and very deeply until a tiredness comes to the body and leaves the body because of the new energy infused into it from the sun’s rays and the breath. One leg outstretched and opposite arm, both raised, is another position we assumed. Still another position: standing erect, arms to the side, heals touching, head thrown back as far as possible, facing the noonday sun.§

Letting the Body Assume a Remedial Pose§

82 ¶If the body ails or does not function properly, stand in the rays of the morning, noon or evening sun, we are told, and move it vigorously to the count of three. On the third move, stop and hold the body in whatever position it naturally assumes, as long as possible. It will of itself learn to assume the complementary position that will cure the discomfort through vigorous breathing and the rays of the sun. The forces of the body itself will be more inclined to appreciate the morning sun as it rises, opposed to noonday or sunset, or the other way around, as the case may be. This natural method of exercise, along with our nourishment and normal movement of the body through the day and night, is enough to keep all of its counterparts in harmony, one with another. Our only nourishment taken in the morning was fresh spring water in any quantity, large or small, or the juice of a tart or sour fruit.§

We are preparing this planet for human life during the next several million years. Vital rays from other planets have to be polarized here, hooked into this planet at various spots, so that the planetary balance will persist for mankind, of physical and mental equilibrium. §

Preparing Earth for Future Yugas§

83 ¶We work with vibration more than physical things, for we are preparing this planet for human life during the next several million years. Vital rays from other planets have to be polarized here, hooked into this planet at various spots, so that the planetary balance will persist for mankind, of physical and mental equilibrium. This is our main purpose and activity during this yuga, and our laboratories in which we work within our minds provide this function. Nearly everything that we do is done with our mind, moving things, lifting things. This, too, we are told, we will lose during the next yuga.§

Dismantling Entire Monasteries §

84 ¶When a monastery-temple completely fulfilled its purpose, the darshan rays channeled there from the other planets became so strong that it became inconvenient to live comfortably within it. And, when the time is right, the Deity or our guru would tell us to dismantle the entire monastery and seal up the caves, leaving no trace that it ever existed. We would then form a lake where the monastery once was, to polarize the cosmic darshan rays, knowing full well that in another yuga the vibration would be felt and the monastery and temple that was there in the ākāśa would form again on Earth. In this way these sacred spots were generated here and there over the surface of the Earth to sustain the coming trials and tribulations of mankind so that he would not, in the future, be completely lost for all time in the ravaging emotion of the animal kingdom.§

Power Places of The Future§

85 ¶It will be in the future, a million years from now, that, on the shores of the body of water that this monastery in which I write will eventually become, souls such as myself, perhaps, will perform austerity in preparation for service to mankind. These areas, vast or small, in which we have been generating cosmic power since we came to this planet in the Sat Yuga, are beginning to become extremely strong. We have dismantled many of our monasteries, and we never will return, in our physical bodies, to the place in which they existed. We utilized the force field as training laboratories in the inner planes in helping new souls from other planets become prepared for a physical birth or a manifested body.§

Monastic Redistribution; Devonic Guards§

86 ¶When we were given the order to dismantle the monastery, seal up the caves and prepare the flow of water to form a lake through detouring a river, a series of streams—or often the Deity would graciously help us by causing underground streams to occur—a portion of our population would be distributed into other monasteries, as when the work was complete the remaining monastics also divided into small groups and begged entrance into other temples. When the lake was formed where the monastery existed, polarizing the darshan to that spot through the nature of the substance water, we would plant trees around its shore to serve as homes for visiting devas who did not manifest in earthly bodies but could live in the fibers of the trunks and larger branches of the trees, feed from the leaves and communicate through the tree itself. Some were permanently stationed there as guards of this sacred place. These devas can move from tree to tree, and sometimes two or three would be found living in one tree. We were careful that no relic or article was left to be found before we left the area, never to return. The animals themselves would bypass these sanctified areas rather than walk through them, and through the power of our mesmerism, the animals would see the entire area surrounded by a sheath of fire. In this way, too, we protected our monasteries and temples before a wall was built.§

Continuity Of Monastic Duties§

87 ¶In entering a new monastery-temple, we were always given to do the same task that we were given before. What each one of us did was on the level of what we were able to do. We performed our daily routine with great care and precision, each one of us a specialist performing some particular part in the whole activity. If perchance we were to perform a different task, our guru or the Deity Himself would give the instructions through one of the senior members of the monastery. And so, when one monastery was dismantled and we moved on to assist in another, we offered all the skills and talents we employed in the previous monastery to the next one. It was in this way that we preserved our heritage without allowing too much earthly knowledge to jeopardize our purpose for serving the Deity under the guidance of our guru.§