Lemurian Scrolls


Emulating Our Original State

स्वस्वरूप स्पर्दन

Chapter 9

113 ¶In our many Lemurian monasteries there are several different groups of us. Those of us who are in our original bodies are known by the lineage of the particular planet whence we came, and due to the nature of the substance of our body, we are able to still contact our associates there; and even still others of us have a manifested body on that planet, which when we project ourselves to it is there to be used. The other group within our monasteries, that is increasing—and our prophets tell us that during the Dvāpara Yuga the monasteries will be totally made up of this group of souls—are those living in the body from animal lineage. We call all of these in this group “the Lemurians.” Great effort at this time is being employed to set patterns so that the Lemurians themselves can hold the force of cosmic rays and emanations from the Central Sun of our galaxy without our aid. For as we move into the Dvāpara Yuga, and especially toward its end, all of us who are now in our original bodies will be a cosmic essence of intelligence or inhabit a Lemurian form to travel and communicate in on this planet.§

Ākāśic Books For Future Lemurians§

114 ¶These books, in fact, are being written by me now for our library and carefully sealed in the ākāśa for the Lemurians to read and be guided by many thousands of cycles hence. Formulas for living on this planet have been developed by us, and when adhered to enable even some of the Lemurians to recontact their ancestors on the planets they once inhabited, even though their abilities to traverse space have been inhibited by the density of the organism in which their soul resides.§

Designing Patterns Of Living §

115 ¶Our laboratories set the pattern for all forms of living, fueling the form, and designate relationships between the groups of us here on Earth. These laboratories are the emanating intelligence put into manifest action by us and the Lemurians as a result of communication with the devas and Deities. Some of us will become powerful, as the devas are, when we step out of this original body, for we are only here to help on an extended stay, having fulfilled our destiny in realizing the totality of the Self long, long ago. When this occurs to us, we will have the ability to travel from planet to planet and communicate with the Lemurians, help and serve them through their temple-laboratory monasteries in a future time.§

Significant Cosmic Shifts§

116 ¶We who are not Lemurians form the senior group within each laboratory-monastery, and I must relate that as the Dvāpara Yuga approaches, we are becoming more and more in the minority. Our prophets tell us that at the beginning of the Dvāpara Yuga we will even be taking a few advanced Lemurians into our group to keep a certain balance of force among the peoples on this planet. This will be interesting to observe, for as yet the Lemurians have not been able to sustain the radiation from the core of the Central Sun. However, the laboratory experts prophesy that there will be a shift, slightly obscuring the Central Sun and its radiations, and even those of some of our planets will not be felt as strongly on this Earth at the beginning of the Dvāpara Yuga. This will greatly affect vegetation on this Earth, and most of it will mutate to half the size that it is, they predict.§

Galaxies And their Central Suns§

117 ¶Many galaxies are comprised of numerous solar systems within each one. Each galaxy has a Central Sun, which is an opposite force to each sun within each solar system. Therefore, there are many Central Suns also, each one slightly different than the other, depending on the age, nature and composition of the galaxy; yet, there is a great similarity between each galaxy in its composition, structure and force patterns, our knowledge tells us.§

Healing The Inner Body§

118 ¶Our Lemurians’ basic sādhana was to be as much like us as possible in their reaction patterns, speech, communication, perceptions, uses of the inner eyes; and through this tremendous effort some of them had to employ, the outer structure of the nerve system of their bodies was strengthened and reformed, and the inevitable damage healed which occurred as their soul tumbled and turned, rolled and churned through the births and deaths of the reentries and exits in and out of the bodies of flesh. We promised them that if they healed the subtle tentacles and refined their external form to be as much like ours as possible and dive deep into the Self, we would take them back to the planet whence we came and grant them divine office within the realms of this or another galaxy. The reward is great for serving well, and their service was well performed.§

Seeking Ways To Preserve Our Knowledge§

119 ¶Earth fulfilled its function for us very well. The pattern and the reason for our coming was first completed long ago and is fairly well routine now. Intense work is being done now in our laboratories to find the way in which we can sustain our knowledge on this planet during the Dvāpara Yuga and its succeeding counterpart, during which time cosmic radiations may lessen to the extent that all extraterrestrial perceptions may vanish and only the faculties that the roaming animals now have will exist for all mankind. All of our findings are carefully being sealed in the ākāśa, and copies placed in our libraries, as it is felt that man may forget his divine lineage during these impending eras.§

Playing and Making Gold Adornments §

120 ¶Now we shall view a day through a monastery courtyard of this place in which I inscribe these words. The Lemurians loved to wear the color yellow. Much gold was placed upon their body as a transmitter of cosmic rays. They enjoy playing games and running after one another: the chase, the catch. This is inherent in their nerve system, and during times of relaxation, when they are not being trained, these patterns manifest. As much as possible, we have them work with gold. They create the adornment for the bodies within the monastery and surrounding countryside. The designs come from those patterns they see adorning our great Deities as they stand in their temporary body upon the pedestal. Others, of course, are not quite as fortunate to work in gold, for it is mainly the Lemurians from the milk-producing mammals that work with the gold substance and are more able to sustain the cosmic radiation intensified by having it close to their bodies.§

As is our custom, when the visitor to the monastery comes with gifts of gold or other commodities, we keep for the monastery one third and, in some kind of preparation, return the other two thirds to him. §

The Custom Of Returning Two Thirds§

121 ¶As is our custom, when the visitor to the monastery comes with gifts of gold or other commodities, we keep for the monastery one third and, in some kind of preparation, return the other two thirds to him. Therefore, through the process of the preparation and his receiving it, carrying it back to his abode and his usage of it, he is in direct communication with the cosmic rays and emanations from the Central Sun. These rays are conducted through the temple, the pedestal and the monastic who molds them to the preparation of golden adornment that he creates, or combinations of food. The cosmic radiation then extends through this physical form, which is two thirds of their original gift, into the dwelling. The one third kept in the monastery is the original battery or conductor. If it is food, it is eaten by the sādhakas. Should it be gold, it is stacked against the walls. Hence the Lemurian in a far-off place has a direct physical link of cosmic communication to the temple and monastery and our laboratories of the mind in his own personal nest. The Deities, in pulling within these cosmic rays, draw the forces of his soul into strength and assist him in refining the flesh to be as close to our original bodies as possible. Thus all Lemurians in this way keep in touch with the central core of our universe. This sustains their treacherous climb of the refinement of the human form through the processes of flesh, bone and fear reactions.§

Giving to Conquer Selfishness§

122 ¶This custom of giving two thirds back to the giver is one of our most treasured. Our heritage from the high culture on the planets that we came here from has never left; whereas some of our other ways of proceeding, doing and acts of performance, while active and alive in the Sat Yuga, no longer quite apply, as this flesh-body unfoldment process of the soul now consumes most of the time for us, in seeing to the Lemurians’ needs and their seeing to their own. But this custom of the handling of a commodity persists among all beings on Earth and keeps a stability of our people, open and kindly toward each other, as one of the greatest aids in conquering the greed and selfishness of the animal instincts. This obligation of returning two thirds prepared in a slightly different form than received is the first learning absorbed by a soul in his first human body out of a series of animal births and deaths. This brings back into his conscious activity in his sleeping terrestrial nerve system the remembrance of his divine heritage and stimulates the abilities of striving to manifest an exterior form to match the interior elements of his solar being.§

Each one saw to the needs of all others. No one wants or desires. The animals take what they need. The Lemurians are trained, in emerging from the circumference of the fur, to give what is needed. §

Seeing to The Needs Of All Others§

123 ¶Through the many thousands of years since we first arrived, this two-directional giving custom saw to a stability of abundance among us all. Our devas and Deities also abide strictly by this custom, and when energies as well as commodities are given to them, they, too, prepare and transmit back two thirds. The one third is kept in the inner world. The storing up of the one third and the preparation for the return of the two thirds to the giver of the three thirds completely utilized the time and creatively occupied all of the inhabitants of the planet. Each one saw to the needs of all others. No one wants or desires. The animals take what they need. The Lemurians are trained, in emerging from the circumference of the fur, to give what is needed. Alas, this primal custom of living on this planet will also be lost in the blindness of the moment prior to the next Sat Yuga.§

The Colors Of Our Apparel§

124 ¶Those of us in our original bodies are mainly seen dressed in orange and red, representing to us and to all the Sun through which we passed on our journey to Earth. The natural color white was used by villagers, guests, visitors and those performing sādhana here under the direction of the guru for specific purpose and a given length of time. We are told by our prophets that nearly everything on Earth will be approximately a quarter the size that it is now toward the end of the Kali Yuga: the trees, the plants, the Lemurians, the animals.§

Age, Wisdom, Continuity Of Service§

125 ¶The longer we persist within these bodies, the wiser, more knowledgeable and content we become. Veneration for the aged Lemurian body and the original body was adhered to by all in the monastery, the temple and outside, for the body age indicated how long the intelligence of the soul resided without a break of continuity. Those of us in our original bodies—which are themselves orange in hue due to the nature of their construction—rarely leave the monastery. Our duties both inwardly and outwardly so consume us, and it would be a tremendous break in continuity were we to travel from monastery to monastery or carry the darshan to strengthen areas of the surrounding vicinity. So, we travel mentally and gain knowledge through visions.§

Moving Transparently In the World§

126 ¶When the Lemurian monastics left the monastery to carry the darshan of the cosmic rays, they would dress and move among the people and be as close to looking like them as they were able. They would never teach, simply keep themselves open channels for the emanations of divine energies. We would inwardly closely watch them in their journey so that no harm would come.§