Lemurian Scrolls


The God of Gods,

known as Siva, came to be recognized at the end of the Treta Yuga, as the intensity of the darker yugas caused the mind to see the form of God more so than the formless. Though all-pervasive at every moment in time, at every point in space, He was invoked here in His etheric body, drawn by the need of humans living on this planet through the impending trying times. Through the darshan of this Supreme One, which is of the same velocity as the emanations of the Central Sun, we abide within, shepherded by Him from darkness and blindness of fading faculties into the all-knowing light. Now that we are aware He is here and near, we dance with Him as we live with Him, ever looking forward in the far off, yet not-too-distant future of the many futures to come, to merge with Him, into Him as He Himself. Aum.§