Lemurian Scrolls


The Great God, Siva

महादॆवः शिवः

Chapter 12

154 ¶As the planet becomes older, forces equalize themselves and new innovations in cultural procedures are absent. Systems remain status quo. Our śāstras predict that a million years after the beginning of the next Sat Yuga there will be great research into science and planetary travel as the fire deepens beneath the Earth’s crust. Nothing new is created, everything is preserved and nothing is destroyed. There is no fire. It is just a big space station here. Nothing is growing. One of the biggest space stations in the universe. It will be like a nation that gets to the point where it fulfills its purpose and goes away and others move in. But now in the Dvāpara Yuga in which we live and have been living for thousands and thousands of years, the vibrations of the next are imminent, and slight adjustments of the cosmic rays are even now being felt. The onrush of the fulfillment of purpose has culminated, and change is imminent. It is only with a great upheaval of the status quo of this yuga will the next begin. Hence, in retrospect, some of the important manifestations of the preservation of the culture recorded and preserved in the ākāśic ether of the inner mind will lay a foundation for the continuity of the culture during the wane of the Kali Yuga many thousands of years from now, when cosmic rays once again pierce the veiling darkness and the Sat Yuga dawns.§

Diminution Of the Central Sun’s Rays§

155 ¶From the Third World our great Mahādevas tell us that they see time as a circle persisting through millions of years and that now, as we are coming to the end of the Dvāpara Yuga, the forces will begin to change so drastically as the configuration of the galaxy diminish the rays of the Central Sun through our solar system and on this planet. These rays affect vegetation, animals and the inhabitants on the Earth much more than the basic functions of the planet itself.§

Compensating For Loss Of Vision§

156 ¶During this period inhabitants are beginning to lose the power of this inner eyesight, the single eye; and many are seeking solutions within the laboratories of the mind, our temples and monasteries, in order to adjust the thinking patterns of the population so that the instinctive forces of fear become inhibited from welling up and consuming their intelligence. And so, with every loss of the faculty inherited from the Tretā Yuga, knowledge of how to compensate for this loss must replace it. That is the work the core of us in our many monasteries and temples must perform, through keeping in constant touch with the hierarchical Mahādevas who arrived on the planet during the Sat Yuga.§

It was at the end of the Tretā Yuga that we became aware of the greatest Mahādeva of them all along with a band of celestial helpers, here to guardian and guide our galaxy through these trying times inherited by us through the Dvāpara, Kali and into the next Sat Yuga. §

Śiva: Greatest Mahādeva of Them All§

157 ¶It was at the end of the Tretā Yuga that we became aware of the greatest Mahādeva of them all along with a band of celestial helpers, here to guardian and guide our galaxy through these trying times inherited by us through the Dvāpara, Kali and into the next Sat Yuga. Thus, Śiva, God, who guides us all into His essence, tramples ‘round our globe, initiating, destroying, consuming, ignoring and rallying around the force comparable to sustain the population of this and many planets. By His law do we abide, and our temples dedicate their usage to His wisdom as He leads us through the Kali darkness into the Sat Śiva Yuga. This deva of the crescent moon that will be seen in the darkest night of the Kali Yuga, this God of sleep, guides all remnants of the inhabitants from the yugas of light out of the night into the morning rains. We trust Him. We love Him. Our Mahādeva reigns supreme. It is His darshan alone that consumes all others. Through channeling the Śiva darshan, which is of the same velocity, consistency and radiation as the darshan from the Central Sun, which is now waning, this Deva of all devas, Śiva, supplements our loss with His grace to sustain us through the night.§

Prophecies Of the Next Kali Yuga§

158 ¶Our prophets tell us that toward the end of the Kali Yuga the inhabitants of the planet will begin to lose the sight of their two eyes, and that it will be a similar time as what is being experienced now as the powers of the center eye diminish and go dark. Our great books have been recorded through the passage of time and stored tightly away in the ākāśic ether of the libraries of the son of Śiva, who led us all here during the Sat Yuga for our realization of the eminence of his Father and to meet the transgressions of our status quo on the planets which spawned each one of us now wandering to and fro. It won’t be long that we will not be able to read these books en masse, and translations must be stepped down to the two-eye level of those who live surrounding our monastery-temples through the land; for it is in these force-field hubs our culture is preserved and new tactics to embrace and stand up to the dimness of the coming hours that are foreseen accrue.§

Sustenance From Lord Śiva And His Son§

159 ¶We read that during the Tretā Yuga universal planetary forces enveloped the fire planet. It flourished. But through the shifting cycles of our galaxy and solar system, this envelopment of cosmic rays which penetrated and permeated the Earth will subside. As the first ray was inhibited from touching the fire planet, we began to feel His influence. As we have come to better know Him and find him to be as a Universal Sun Himself within the veiling light of the Third World, the immenseness of His wisdom is now fully understood. Through the Sat and Tretā Yugas, the Mahādeva Subramaniam sustained, and through its wane and into the Dvāpara and Kali Yugas the Mahādeva Subramaniam works, and Śiva sustains. Thus our records tell of this imminent conclusion and harnessing of the sustenance of mind emanating out of the Central Sun.§

Śiva: Central Sun and Form, Self and Mind§

160 ¶In all aspects of vibration, causing multitudes of form—existent when perceived by any of the eyes possessed by the fragments of or those closest to the same vibration of this Central Sun, who when mature enough in their elements realize It as their Self—Śiva is both the Central Sun and form, the Self and mind; and being the essence of the spirit of the universe, has the power to sustain this and other planets in the circumference of the vibration of His hand of grace through these darker millenniums of the yugas. Therefore, in the Tretā Yuga, the innovation to the polarization of the rays of the Central Sun was brought through great monasteries. We now use these same areas on Earth to bring through the rays of our Central Sun, Śiva, and in doing so sustain the culture and mind flows through the darshan, in the same way the Lemurians did eons and eons ago. This continuity of the dissemination of the emanations of the Central Sun, as persisting for many, many yugas on this planet, we are vowed to keep ever flowing, as this yuga wanes and man stumbles through the next, guided only by the ray, well established in him since he’s been on Earth, of Śiva.§

Holding His Ray through Darker Times§

161 ¶There will be times, our prophets say, in the Kali Yuga that this ray of Śiva will be all but lost, so black the days of externalization and blindness; but it will persist in Him, though at times unseen, unfelt, to the glory of the doorway that the Sat Śiva Yuga opens as the eye within the middle of the head begins to see again. This solar system is but His toy, and when the Sat Śiva Yuga again radiates and basks because of the natural rays of the Central Sun, He will give His toy to the Lord Subramaniam, His son, who will take His office as He dances through the universe.§

Now a new world is forming in between the world of devas, Deities and lords alike. This world surrounds this planet in congested force, claiming inhabitants who cannot find a body or a birth; so they live in this world. At this time we now have three worlds.§

Other Lords And Other Worlds§

162 ¶Lord Śiva has another son that becomes active in the intricacies of the mind of all the inhabitants of this planet through the Kali Yuga. He is vastness itself and understands the intrinsic values and balances, impending dangers and avenues toward success for the Lemurians, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe itself, so vast is His knowledge. What Śiva tramples upon as He dances through the universe, around the Cosmic Sun as the sun itself, this Lord understands. Our recorded knowledge tells us these working together with their Father through the dusk and darkness of our solar system will actually hasten our travels into their Father, our Father, through Him into the core of our universe, the Self, the Cosmic Sun, the reverse of all form that can be seen in each of the three worlds. For now a new world is forming in between the world of devas, Deities and lords alike. This world surrounds this planet in congested force, claiming inhabitants who cannot find a body or a birth; so they live in this world. At this time we now have three worlds. §

Kali Yuga’s Beginning And End§

163 ¶Our volumes say that during the Kali Yuga the Second World will become so strong that even animals that live there will persist in antagonizing the inhabitants of the Earth into forces that they employ when on the kill, and that man, celestial souls, will actually kill and devour one another. This Second World will form a barrier between the First and Third Worlds through the Kali Yuga. These books prophesied that when one of the first inhabitants of the fire planet is so antagonized by the building of these forces in the Second World that he destroys the body of another inhabitant, that will mark the point in time and space when the Kali Yuga will begin; and that when the inhabitants of the Earth are able to light the night with their own devices, this and this alone will mark the time that Śiva is felt in all His might by a predominantly large group of souls able to pierce through the Second into the Third World with their inner vision, and the Sat Śiva Yuga will begin through this one advent in time and space. They further state that the dimming of the one eye marks the wane of our day, and we should, too, record our history and our inspirations in great records for the ākāśic library of our Lord Subramaniam so that at the end of the Kali Yuga the clear patterns that have persisted since our arrival in the Sat Yuga can persist and be adhered to by those who will read these books at that time. These śāstras are called the Dravidian Śāstras, stemming from the oldest race on the fire planet.§

Dravidians: Formerly the Lemurians§

164 ¶Due to planetary changes, bodies of atmosphere have now congested, forming great bodies of water that divide the lands, and there are several groups of inhabitants who live only in touch with one another through telepathic means. With the fading of these faculties this, too, will become impossible. The race called Dravidian are those Lemurians that inhabited the monasteries and lived close to them through the Tretā Yuga. The Lemurians that became divided from the others through the formation of vast bodies of water, so great they were unable to go around them through the thousands of circles, took on other ways of living. The Dravidians, formerly Lemurians, formerly the first priestly inhabitants, the leaders, the guardians of the primal race, have never had a break in continuity. Hence, now we shall report knowledge of temple, our monasteries and ways of performing our function at this time.§