Lemurian Scrolls


Divine Qualities Of Foods

आहाराणां दिव्यगुणाः

Chapter 24

309 ¶We are told that at the end of the Tretā Yuga all life on this planet—humans, animals, trees, plants, flowers—was twice the size that they are now. It has changed so much, and it is predicted that by the end of the Kali Yuga all will be half again as small. §

Seeds, Milk, Vegetables And Fruit§

310 ¶Seeds and their oils protect the body, for the life in the seed is condensed from the sun, so the seed itself must be ground and applied to the body or consumed. The immediate usage is the key to effective healing. Milk from the goat, provided it’s taken alone at the same time it is taken from the animal, frees the spirit from attachments to external life by releasing actinicity within the cells upon the digestion of it. It is as a vegetable and should be taken with fruit, nuts and seeds in a ratio of one-third milk to two-thirds of the other for proper digestion and assimilation. §

Qualities of Cow’s and Goat’s Milk §

311 ¶Milk that is taken one hour after being taken from the cow or goat produces a strong physical body, whereas intellectual nerve currents are strengthened with prepared butter, aged cheeses and the possession of possessions in the media of exchange. Seeds battery the sun’s power and become self-producing sun, therefore, life the body. It is our custom to take care of milk-producing animals better than we take care of ourselves. These devas in the sky come to serve in this way. It is the energies within the milk that allow us to soar within ourselves, and if it is not taken with fruit, it should be taken alone, on an empty stomach, allowed to digest before other kinds of nourishment are entered into the body. §

The Origins Of Cows, Goats Bees, Fruit§

312 ¶Our śāstras tell us that goat’s milk is best for bodies with bones, and in ancient times, in the original body, they were soft and pliable, easily bendable; and for these bodies cow’s milk was most suitable. In these more flexible bodies, that did not come out of the animal kingdom, the inhabitants could fly. The cow has been on this planet since before the Sat Yuga. We brought the goat with us, along with the bees, herbs and various kinds of fruit, when we arrived to begin our cycle of yugas. Therefore, we carefully nurture these species that are designed to give health and sustenance through the trying times of the Kali Yuga. To herd a group of goat devas clears instinctive patterns of the past and lays the foundation for avoidance of trouble and problems for the future. Thus, good dharma is accrued through the care of goat and bee, raising herbs and nurturing the tree that bears fruit. The cow, the sustainer of life on the planet for many yugas, was brought here another cycle of yugas ago, our śāstras tell us. §

Milk as a Channel for Darshan§

313 ¶Our Deity puts His darshan through the goat, into its milk, to hasten its psychic power. Through His darshan, delivered in this way, He gives inner knowledge and stimulates extraterrestrial experiences. It has to be taken immediately to capture the darshan. Our Lord Skanda’s darshan comes through the goat, and Lord Śiva’s through the cow. Much milk from the goat will be used at the end of the Kali Yuga by the souls to make the transfer into the Sat Śiva Yuga in the same body. Through the Kali Yuga, we are told, the cow will be killed and eaten, but the goat will be left in peace, his nerve system not disturbed by brutal slaughter of his race, a perfect channel for Lord Skanda’s darshan. §

Our Attitude Toward these Divine Beings§

314 ¶Those sādhakas in white drink the milk of the cow, and monastics in yellow and orange the milk of the goat. In this way, the Deities reach each one directly through his chosen animal, conveying knowledge, psychic power and clearing conditions of past and future. In the families in our surrounding communities, it is Lord Gaṇeśa who sends His power through both goat and cow to bind tight the family, so that the reincarnation process can occur within the family, thus refining the bodies more like they were when we originally arrived. The families treat both goat and cow as they do our Deity. Within the goat a devonic soul is resting. The consciousness is partially asleep. His body in the Second World is dozing, resting. We are told to be kind and not disturb the goat, so that the deva who may have been tremendously upset in his nerve system before this birth can rest peacefully through it. §

In our gardens, Lord Umāgaṇeśa sends His power through fruits and vegetables, the ones that grow above the ground, to permeate our nerve system with wisdom, clearing obstacles in our path when eaten.§

Gardens Of Herbs & Vegetables d Gardens O§

315 ¶In our gardens, Lord Umāgaṇeśa sends His power through fruits and vegetables, the ones that grow above the ground, to permeate our nerve system with wisdom, clearing obstacles in our path when eaten. The growers of them treat it like they would care for Gaṇeśa in His physical form. It is Lord Murugan that sends His darshan, with power, through the herb garden, which is always kept separate from Gaṇeśa’s garden. Some of them should be taken alone for their efficacy to best persist and be allowed to pass through the entire physical system, and the radiation of that one particular darshan be placed into it, before anything else is eaten. §

Observing Nature’s Responses§

316 ¶As the cow and goat, as well as the herb, the tree and the vegetation, can read the thoughts of us all, chanting and singing should occur while tending to their needs. This is carefully taught by the senior minority group to the sādhakas of the south wind and the brāhmins of the north wind so that the instinctive areas of the sādhaka do not dominate the devas working within these plants and animals, thus blocking and nullifying this efficiency through the uncontrolled thinking and emotionalism of the monastic tending to their needs. Our gurus always judged, they say, the abilities of Śaivite monastics according to the responses of the plants, animals and bees to them. They had but to ask the fruit tree and the bee, the cow or the goat and the herb as to whether they went out to or recoiled from a particular monastic. For there are two basic qualities of the instinctive mind: to recoil from or bloom to. These responses of animal and plant alike to a monastic were closely watched by the senior minority group so that no indwelling traits that would hurt a plant or an animal would grow and develop within the monastic and later hurt another monastic or inhibit the darshan flow. §

Our Friend, The Regal Peacock§

317 ¶It is the peacock, our largest of birds, the most intelligent of all, that warns and protects our monasteries from all intrusion of the other developing species of animals that eat other animals. Through thought transference we speak to the peacock and understand his sounds and make sounds like his to him. At this time we have a happy balance between the animal world and the human world. But we are told that during the Kali Yuga these two worlds will pull far apart and be unable to communicate with or know each other, so great is the darkness of that time. §

Partaking Of Specific Energies§

318 ¶One must always be careful to let an entire darshan flow pass entirely through the system before the next darshan is taken. Through this method our Deities can solve all problems. It is the darshan from cow’s milk that will clear up subconscious conditions. Seeds should be ground and used immediately, for their oils are most effective if applied in this way. The oil from the seed, when applied to the external body and taken within simultaneously, will aid in connecting and strengthening inner bodies to the physical so that they can shine through. Otherwise, there is a tendency for them to hang in the Second World above it. §

Physical, Spiritual Nourishment§

319 ¶It was the new sādhakas entering the monastery who were given special attention as to their intake of nourishment until they learned to intuit it for themselves. When visitors came to receive teaching and counsel, they were always given the appropriate milk, fruit or herb, impregnated with the darshan they needed to stimulate and to further the responsibilities they held beyond our walls. The core and essence of Śaivism poured out in this way, as the darshan penetrated the food. Upon occasion, a divine power to perform magical arts was given to some of us through the milk of the goat or the cow or hidden in a fruit on a tree. §

Honey’s Extraordinary Qualities §

320 ¶The bee that produces honey is of great value, for contained within the honey is the knowledge of planets whence we all came, and the health of all kinds of bodies that have ever existed on this planet. The bee gives us knowledge in the preservation of its culture, as to how the great devas work and serve in the Third World in developing and disseminating darshan, and keeps alive in our memory how we all lived in the vast caves on the great planets we came here from. §

Powers Imparted by Nutrition §

321 ¶All knowledge of Śaivism can be imparted by our Lord Śiva when the milk of the cow is taken in the correct way. The knowledge of interplanetary travel through mental means is imparted by our Lord Skanda through goat’s milk and honey, if taken according to the śāstric rules—when the body is empty, and allowed to pass completely through before something else is eaten. Similarly, vegetables, seeds and nuts grown according to the dictates of Lord Umāgaṇeśa, as well as fruit, give the physical power and perfect timing and abundance to our monasteries, along with the power to disseminate darshan and knowledge in a lasting way, removing obstacles effortlessly for others and having their worldly matters abundantly adjusted according to the highest measure of their dharma. §

It is an art and an acquired ability of some of us to distinguish between different kinds of darshan and know the meaning, purpose and to whom they are directed through the different vehicles I have been describing by our Deities. §

Discerning Varieties of Darshan§

322 ¶It is an art and an acquired ability of some of us to distinguish between different kinds of darshan and know the meaning, purpose and to whom they are directed through the different vehicles I have been describing by our Deities. The darshan flooding out from our temple from Lord Śiva Himself may at times be directed to a certain individual and not apply to others, who would simply feel blissful and uplifted because of it. This power comes to us from Lord Umāgaṇeśa. It is the ability to read the waves of darshan from inner planes of being. §

Herbs Fortify The Inner Bodies§

323 ¶Herbs are the strengthening power of the fibers in the bodies that connect the physical to the body of the Second World. The consumer of herb potions can go through physical changes life after life without difficulty, for he carries the fiber developed by eating an herb with him in the body of the Second World from one physical body to another, thus refining that physical body to be punctual and alert to his bidding. §

The Many Faces of Kuṇḍalinī §

324 ¶The fibrous bodies that we lived in when first arriving here were structured as a leaf is on a tree, and the liquid energy of the tree ran through its veins. The core of the body, which is, in these animal bodies, known as bones, was of the same or similar construction as branches on a tree. This kind of body, produced out of the central force of our being, kuṇḍalinī, and the intake of herbal essence, fruits and flowers, was able to fly in the atmosphere, as is still done now in the Second and Third World. At this time, in these animal constructed bodies, we are left with the kuṇḍalinī force, and that is all. When the kuṇḍalinī is well balanced in its ebb and flow, the entire nature becomes smooth and transformed. Through the night of the Kali Yuga, the kuṇḍalinī will no longer be the flying peacock, but will appear as a sleeping serpent in a cave, only lifting its head in a few, keeping some semblance of inner knowledge alive so that all is not forgotten in the great dream of the darkness. §

Kali Yuga: Problems, Solutions§

325 ¶When most problems will arise in the nerve system of the animal instincts of man, at the end of the Kali Yuga, as the merger comes into the Sat Śiva Yuga, the kuṇḍalinī force awakens again in everyone simultaneously, some apparently sooner than others, depending on how lost they allowed themselves to become in their sleep and whether or not they applied certain kinds of discipline and formulas to awaken this primal force prematurely. As the Sat Śiva Yuga dawns, we are told, mankind will become friendly one to another again, because they will see more deeply into each other. Calm, creative, strong and full of love they will be, full of insight and understanding, as en masse they awaken out of the sleep of the Kali Yuga. Each one who awakens first will speak out the same message to all. §

As the Kali Yuga Repeats§

326 ¶Toward the end of the Kali Yuga will be the same as it is now. Now at the time in the Dvāpara Yuga of entering the Kali Yuga it is a similar time, with the exception that in our time we see the dark clouds in the future, and sleep is imminent. But as this cycle repeats, at the same time, similar things will occur and be occurring as they are now when the Kali Yuga wanes—with one exception, the luminous sun is seen and awakening is imminent. But during the Kali Yuga, when the primal force sleeps, each one will be in his own dream and not be able to meet in harmony with another, so deep is his turmoil and confusion.§