Lemurian Scrolls


Kundalini, The Primal Force

कुण्डलिनी प्रधानशक्ति

Chapter 25

327 ¶The kuṇḍalinī force during the transition of the Kali Yuga to the Sat Śiva Yuga appears in the Second World as a great massive oil, slowly permeating body and mind, trees and foliage, in a great mass awakening, as did happen before on this planet when the Sat Yuga began. In the beginning of the Sat Siva Yuga the advancement will be rapid. As this begins to happen, the population will come to know the laws of life, transition and reincarnation and have mental facility to quickly adjust to the rapid changes, externally and internally, of one age fading into the other, giving new stability, peace, security and contentment.§

Killing and Nonkilling Among Man§

328 ¶The sense of separateness will begin to fade as man is able to travel and communicate one with another once again. People will become more friendly one to another because they will see more deeply into one another. People will be calm, strong and full of love and understanding as a result of this mass awakening of the kuṇḍalinī force. No one culture or system will try to impose itself on another again. A common desire for peace among beings will persist, and man’s wants will be few, for his fulfillment will come from the inside. It is predicted that the Kali Yuga will begin when the first human kills another and will actually end in its fullness when this process of killing one another ceases, as the power of the Sat Śiva Yuga is felt more eminently through the even distribution of kuṇḍalinī primal force pervading all beings. The veiling between the three worlds will fade. Transcendental beings will occasionally be seen, and then the turmoil that is beginning now in the Second World will cease. Those who first emerge, in groups small but strong, here and there around the planet, will be extremely careful in their dealings one with another, so that no traces of Kali Yuga habit patterns are allowed to persist among them. The first signs of this awakening will be a religious revival of the different religions. The religions will eventually merge into one, as the people will be one, due to the same existing awakening.§

During the Kali Yuga, the primal force of the planet, as well as man, rests, withdrawn into itself, and regenerates as this Sat Śiva Yuga arrives. §

Global Kuṇḍalinī Awakening§

329 ¶There will be shocking new discoveries in science, as the scientists turn inward, that will give quiet security during this time to those who still slumber in the outer world. Each stratum of mind, represented by inhabitants of the planet, thus oiled, will not conflict one with another. The intellectual will no longer conflict with the instinctive man, nor deny the existence of transcendental worlds. Each being will be free to serve and experience, without conflict, in his chosen strata of mind. Man will patiently make his planet a pleasant place in which to live as he moves into this new era. This new force awakening will give him light, insight and knowledge to handle each challenge in cleaning up and releasing old patterns from the Kali Yuga. This will not be so, however, through the Kali Yuga, when kuṇḍalinī sleeps and mind strata rub one upon the other as one branch does upon another on a tree when great gushes of air pass by. But when this primal force rises simultaneously in all beings, they will forget and forgive the past and work diligently in harmony, enjoying the present to solve the problems of the future, listening again to the advanced knowledge from the Deities governing this planet and our universe. It will be in this age that the leader who brought the people in the Sat Yuga will naturally be seen by the people of the world and be recognized when the kuṇḍalinī reaches a certain intensity. This primal force, when it reaches a certain level of intensity, would cause all beings on this planet again to realize the one major thing they will have forgotten by that time, that they are not of this planet but have come to this planet, and they will begin to think and see alike on every inner issue. No mystery will persist when the Sat Śiva Yuga is in full power. The Second World will fade in the glory of it all. A one darshan will permeate the entire planet and everything will double and triple its size, as it used to be, our old books tell us. The same darshan will permeate temples of all religions, because all of the people’s kuṇḍalinī will be awakened and they will draw on the one darshan that existed in the last Sat Yuga. Finally that one darshan or feel will permeate the entire planet. The plants will grow better, and the animals will begin to talk. They will fly again as individuals and collective groups and travel from one planet to the next with ease even more actively than in the last Sat Yuga. The use of electronics and communication devices will be advanced to a very high degree as we go further into the yuga. The fire planet is cooling and there is a kuṇḍalinī force that comes from the inner part of it, deep within its Second and Third World—a very refined, primal force of which man’s primal force on this planet is an extension. This force is what makes gravity. During the Kali Yuga, the primal force of the planet, as well as man, rests, withdrawn into itself, and regenerates as this Sat Śiva Yuga arrives. A systematic awakening, first of the planet and other planets and man, will come. §

Kuṇḍalinī’s Sections and Intersections§

330 ¶The kuṇḍalinī of this planet is in two sections. One is an extension of the kuṇḍalinī of other planets, and the second lower section is an extension of the being of this planet. This creates gravity or anti-gravity, depending on where the pull is coming from. Depending upon where man situates his power within himself is how he tunes into and is affected by either one section or another of this planet’s primal spiritual force. And in this way he will learn to fly once again. There are other kinds of rays from other planets that, when intersecting each other, form a planet such as this one. This is what occurs in the inner working of this universe.§

Competition, Inspiration, Creativity§

331 ¶Through the Kali Yuga, great competition between individuals, groups and masses will occur to make it possible to live through the darkness. The excitement of fear will persist. But as it wanes, inspiration, creativity and divine energy will dislodge the spirit of competition; and the sense of one rising above another, because of his ability to do this, will also fade. Each one will be noted according to the age of his deepest inner body. Even now, we find among the people a sense of wanting to be better than another, and this is strictly handled within our Śaivite monasteries by the self-effacement of tapas, so that our original nature can shine forth in our awakened state. Each tapas given is clearly outlined. Sometimes it will take a monastic two or three days to prepare for it, clearly understanding each aspect of what was expected of him as he performed his tapas. The goals are clearly outlined. §

Transition Into the Sat Śiva Yuga§

332 ¶Even now, we find that only certain ones have use of the third eye, and the two eyes in some are becoming dimmed. Through the Kali Yuga, they say that some will not see, hear or be able to speak, so deep will be their slumber. But as the Sat Śiva Yuga’s great inner power and kuṇḍalinī force again equalizes all memories of the fading dream, seasonal mating will be inclined to occur, and the generations will adjust themselves into being born under certain kinds of astrological signs. There will be a new influx of visitors from certain neighboring planets, and the Deities will appoint carriers of their darshan to sustain it and disseminate it into places and to beings that it would not normally penetrate to spark them into the awakening, thus enlivening the kuṇḍalinī force in others through monastics of orders such as ours that will begin to appear. Some will enliven this force through the power of sight and sound; others will, inwardly, by being channels of an unseen force. The pattern will be the same as it is now. For we send carriers of the darshan forth from this monastery in which I write. §

Rays through Earth and the Spine of Man§

333 ¶The kuṇḍalinī force comes as a ray directly through the Earth. And as these rays intersect, a tremendous fire and light is created within the center of the Earth. The ray goes directly through the spine of man. These rays, in the Sat Śiva Yuga, will be intensified and alive. In the Kali Yuga, they are dormant and sleep. Some of them are beginning to sleep now. And as a result, different sections of our population begin to lose the fullness of some of their faculties. These are unseen rays to the physical eye, but are similar to those that are felt from the Sun of our solar system that penetrate the nerve system and pass through the body. §

Yoga Practices To Align the Kuṇḍalinī§

334 ¶Through the Kali Yuga, there will be certain kinds of practices to keep certain advanced souls on the planet aligned with the kuṇḍalinī ray. These practices will not be necessary during the Sat Śiva Yuga. The wise being will meditate on this kuṇḍalinī ray as an extension of his spine which penetrates totally through the Earth and on infinitely to the star or planet of its origin. Man is as a little knot in the ray or a bead on a single string, moving on the surface of this Earth. Wherever he goes, the ray goes with him. Meditating on the kuṇḍalinī in this way will bring infinite knowledge as to the nature of this universe and the next, our śāstras tell us. And they further say that the kuṇḍalinī ray is fibrous in nature, and as man awakens in the Sat Śiva Yuga he goes deep into the ray, or various depths of the ray penetrate out through the chakras.§

Our Original Bodies§

335 ¶It was in the Sat Yuga that the physical body was made out of this ray and did not have many of the animal organs that we have acquired, though it looked similar to the ones that we have now, for our memory patterns have molded the animal bodies into looking like our original body. The original body had the chakras, the nerve ganglia and a few of the basic organs, such as the stomach, through which everything was absorbed into the body such as plants absorbed their nutrition. §

Originally this body was twice the size that we are now, with a large forehead and eyes. During times of deep meditation, it took on a transparency, so the chakras could be seen through it, especially the one that was most highly activated. §

Fibers of Kuṇḍalinī Force§

336 ¶Originally this body was twice the size that we are now, with a large forehead and eyes. During times of deep meditation, it took on a transparency, so the chakras could be seen through it, especially the one that was most highly activated. This body, made out of the kuṇḍalinī force, was fibrous in nature and very durable, created by flowing awareness through the fibers of the kuṇḍalinī when they were in their deep inner body, slowly spinning these fibers round and through that inner body, while simultaneously absorbing the essences of nutritious substances of this planet. However, deep in the Kali Yuga the vehicles that we will live in will be ninety percent more frail, brittle and less durable. But when the Sat Śiva Yuga equalizes the forces again, we will be able to weave a new body in the way we once did, for living here and interplanetary travel. This knowledge will come quite naturally to the older souls first and then be known by the others.§

Signs of The Sat Yuga’s Dawn§

337 ¶As the Sat Śiva Yuga comes into power, all of the many trillion rays which, when meeting, penetrate and actually make up the Earth become stronger and stronger. Every form again, on the planet, will become proportionately larger, and when light is seen at night, produced as a creation of man himself, and he flies and communicates into all areas of the planet, it is the dawn of the Sat Śiva Yuga. The new yuga will be heralded by people that think big, feel big and do big things. §

Violence at The Initial Awakening§

338 ¶It is when this primal kuṇḍalinī force of this planet first awakens, at this time, that much of the population will become wild as animals, with high sex intensities, bursting anger and violence upon one another, and tremendous energies will be employed in doing things of no consequence. Startled by this first awakening, later on they will come into the mind power of great universal laws and live peacefully together and discover interplanetary travel with ease, and many wonderful things will be done. At this time things will begin to grow large again. Our śāstras do not give any time when this is going to occur, but they say it is in layers. One group of people will be in violence, another in the next stage, and the next stage and finally all will be in the same stage like waves. §

Teachers Will Help in the Transition§

339 ¶Great teachers from other planets will come to Earth to help in this transition, inhabiting large population centers equally spaced on the planet. These souls will be from the same planet we came from long ago and they will begin to arrive at the time of electricity. The only way they will be recognized is through their extreme clarity of mind. They will never get confused. Physically one would tell by the clarity of their eyes, because these great souls move into an already developed body of any age or race three circles prior to the inhabitant’s destined time to leave it, similar to taking a candle and placing it on top of a candle already lit and burned down. The transition takes three circles and is imperceptible. They will be found anywhere, in every walk of life. They would be the ones to settle disputes, the subtle leaders out of the darkness, and could be called “keepers of the clarity.“ They will be welded into every odic force group and known by their great adjustability, flexibility and lack of personal ego, and would not necessarily know who they are, because of the slow transition into physical elements of the meat-and-bone body, which will block out these memories and knowledge, unlike when souls lived in their fibrous bodies, having complete knowledge of themselves, present, past and future, and could converse about happenings that occurred millions of years ago like we speak of what occurred yesterday.§