Lemurian Scrolls



HONORABLY, WE LET THIS BOOK LIE ON THE SHELF FOR TWENTY-FOUR YEARS, WAITING TO SEE IF IT WOULD BE USEFUL AND APPROPRIATE TO EACH AND ALL WHO ARE MYSTICALLY INCLINED. NOW, WE CAN, WITH GOOD conscience, decree this a most excellent and mature revelation that has stood the test of time. Over the years these śāstras have matured my monastic order and close devotees who molded their lives according to the culture of the very ancient times described herein. These scrolls eventually became the legend of human origin in our own Holy Orders of Sannyāsa and Śaiva Dharma Śāstras, as do the Mayans have their stories of man’s origins, as do so many other religions. The basic teaching in this remarkable tome, that man came to Earth from other planets over four million years ago, seemed revolutionary when we first received it. §

Gracing the Release of These Scrolls §

In early days, there were many discussions among the āchāryas, swāmīs, yogīs and sādhakas of my order as to how, or even if, we should release these revelations. To settle their mind, they were instructed to research other cultures, religions and modern faiths as to their perceptions of the origins of man. They did, and that, too, was a revelation. They found that in recent times there has emerged a whole school of thought in modern science that understands and promotes the view of life’s coming from other planets, in juxtaposition to the Darwinian theory that life began as a microorganism and slowly evolved to what we now know as modern humans. In 1997, scientists examined meteorites, collected in Alaska two decades earlier, containing apparent fossilized evidence of simple life from Mars. During the months this book was being prepared for press, the world was viewing the Red Planet up close on TV, following the adventures of the first robot explorer as it studied the rock-strewn, rugged landscape and examined the composition of a small boulder called Yogi. Even more compellingly, as documented in our preface, man’s extraterrestrial origins echo through the great creation myths of several of Earth’s ancient cultures. According to a legend of Tibet’s pre-Buddhist Bon religion, the first Tibetans descended from the sky to the mountaintops on ladders of rainbow light. Hindu creation accounts, as in the millennia-old Vedas, speak of the creation of humanity as a sacrifice, a yajña, a mystic rite through which the Divine Being is divided to create man. The Australian Aborigines, among Earth’s oldest continuous cultures, preserves a perspective that it was the Gods in our ancient past who established life on Earth. Legends of North America’s Omaha tribe describe an early period in which souls, or spirits, sought a planet on which they could take physical form, a view exactly paralleling that of Lemurian Scrolls. “The hosts of the spirits descended and became flesh and blood. They fed on the seeds of the grasses and the fruits of the trees, and the land vibrated with their expressions of joy and gratitude to Wakonda, the maker of all things.” Theosophists also speak of Earth’s early non-physical inhabitants, and of the first group’s traveling here from the moon. Their third root race, the first to take physical form, were called the Lemurians. §

A Vision of Earth’s Early Inhabitants§

Indeed, this early time in Earth’s history was revealed to me in 1973 when I inwardly saw great intelligences that were totally one with space, who moved through space as a jellyfish moves through water, but much more refined than that comparison. These beings, it was conveyed to me psychically, were the first original-bodied people spoken of in the text, and they indicated they will become an essence of intelligence. I, like you who have now read this, had no knowledge of such happenings before the inner-world beings brought these texts before my astral vision. It was as revealed to me then as it is now to you. Yes, considering the insights of Earth’s ancient cultures, the findings of modern science and the revelations of these śāstras themselves, the idea of life from beyond the Earth has, as the millennium draws near, emerged as a very real, some say highly probable, possibility. Prior to this date, the Lemurian Scrolls were only allowed to be studied or read to others by lifetime renunciates at auspicious times. In late 1997 it was planned to release them to a select group of long-time initiates. Then, surprisingly, in the midst of final preparations for publication of what would have been only a few hundred copies of this vast wisdom, the divine thrust came to release them freely to the world at large. §

Karttikeya, Lord of the Pleiades§

It was our great Pleiadian God Muruga—known around the globe as Kārttikeya, Subramaniam, Sanatkumār, Skanda and Ku—who opened His most private library to us revealing these scrolls and personally helped through the years until now, the right time before His Tamil peoples experience the year 6000 of their Hindu calendar, which happened April, 13, 1998. This definitely marked a turning point in the destiny of this 60-million-strong Dravidian community. He is the multi-faced God of a variety of levels of intelligence. With his six faces, He sees all. No devotee who comes to His over 100,000 temples, which remain alive and vibrant in His worship today, is neglected. All who come feel a personal relationship with Him, as He channels the divine energies from the Pleiades into the depths of their souls. With His twelve arms, He embraces everyone and tends to the minutia and the magnified with equal eagerness. Such is this Pleiadian master, whose knowledge is broad, whose intelligence is penetrating and wisdom is as sharp and timely as His mighty vel. The research done by the maṭhavāsis into the views of Earth’s cultures on man’s origins and links with other planets showed a deep connection with the Pleiades. I thought you might enjoy a few of our findings. The Pleiades constellation is a star cluster, also known as M45, located in the zodiacal constellation Taurus, approximately 400 light years from our solar system, of which six or seven stars can be seen by the unaided eye. The Pleiades are central to stories from religions and cultures the world over. My dear friend, Manly P. Hall (1901–1990), the famous occultist, wrote in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, “The sacred Pleiades were famous to Freemasonry as the Seven Stars at the upper end of The Sacred Ladder.” An ancient Peruvian legend identifies them as the “arbiters of human destiny.” The Toraja people of Celebes, Indonesia, identify the Pleiades as the source of their ancestral heritage. They ceremoniously prepare their dead for the voyage back to the home of their predecessors in the not-too-distant stars and continue to this day to build their houses in the likeness of the starships that brought them here long ago. The Holy Koran of Islam states that the spirit who spoke to the Prophet Mohammed came from the Najm, the Pleiades. Numerous Egyptian cuneiform tablets were addressed to the Pleiades, as if thoughts to one’s mentors. Numerous ancient landmark edifices are said to orient toward this constellation, including the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops, several Greek temples and the Great Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. Many old calendars are based on the cycle of Pleiades, such as that of the Mayans and the Native American Hopis. Thus, we could say, our beloved six-faced Lord of the Pleiades, Kārttikeya, Skanda, Subramaniam, Saravaṇabhava, looks in all directions, simultaneously helping all, inspiring all, guiding all. §

The Way of Consensual Government§

In the twenty-five years that have followed these revelations, we as a monastic order have continued to mature in our adjustment to and implementation of the flows and procedures elucidated in Lemurian Scrolls, implied, stated between the lines, so subtle, so unimposing. In choosing to follow many of the cultured patterns of those earliest humans, we came into a marvelous system of transparent government by which we now joyously manage our several cloistered monasteries and numerous extended families individually and in mission groups in more than eight countries. The dire need for such a system was, after all, the impetus that caused me to go so deeply into meditation and prayer that the inner worlds burst forth in response and the doors of the inner plane library opened to my inner eye. It is a system of subtle guidance and mature training rather than overt correction, of seeing God in everyone rather than liking one person more than another, a selfless life in which all are dedicated to realization of a greater reality and therefore relinquish selfishness, cultivate generosity, appreciation, and bond together to create an environment in which a selfless, nonobtrusive government can preside.§

Various Forms of Management§

¶There are many forms of government and management of people that have evolved over the centuries in social and religious groups, businesses and institutions of every kind. History tells a story of evolution from autocracy, where one man or overpowering council of men rules, then to the familial control of the oligarchy, then to socialism’s state-centered style, and finally to democracy. There is another force that rules, which I call corporacracy, government by monetary might. The world has seen the impact of multi-national corporations, banks and more-than-wealthy individuals who use their corporate muscle to take over countries, intimidate and control their leaders and thus influence their citizens, all through the power of money, media, knowledge and privilege. Corporacracy is the contemporary power of money at work. Its organized materialism crosses all boundaries of all other forms of government. Lemurian Scrolls describe a higher form of government that we might call consensual governance. This is a style of rule that has neither a single person nor a majority as the controlling force, but which embraces all its peoples, needs and constituents in a special way at every meeting. Ironically, such a system could not evolve on its own, but only under the special circumstances of a spiritual leadership, provided by great beings of all three worlds, as described in these scrolls. Under this system, there is deference to seniority and special care and nurturing of the youngest. Under this system, there is no voting, no rule of the majority and thus submission of the unenfranchised or the out-numbered. All have a voice; all have an urge to sacrifice their needs to the greater good of all others. In this system, major decisions are ratified not by vote but by a consensual process that brings all parties together to find a unified agreement as to the best course of action for the highest good of all. Its process may be slow, even tedious when new members are involved who do not understand its subtle ways, yet in the long run it accrues a great power, the power of 100 percent heartfelt support of all members for all decisions. Inspiration flourishes. Consensual governance is a difficult form of governance, but worth the effort to achieve. Thus, we have government by chaos (anarchy), government that gives permission for guerrilla force (terrocracy). This is government that incites deadly acts of terrorism to gain its ends. Then we have government by one ruler’s force (autocracy), government by military force (dictatorship), government by social and financial force (oligarchy), government by statist force (socialism), government by numerical and emotional force (democracy), government by kings and queens (monarchy), government by religious leaders supported by the inner worlds (theocracy), and government by shared soul force (consensualocracy). This is a form of government based on Sanātana Dharma. It is a rule that values intelligent cooperation and is prāṇically binding on all concerned. It is the exact same way that divine souls in the Second World and highly evolved beings in the Third World get things done, by managing to keep the actinic prāṇas flowing in the right direction, first with impulse, the birth of an idea, then pulse, the development of a plan, and creation, the totality of the group vision and effort, leading to its manifestation into astral or physical reality. Thus, consensualocracy is what the Vedas record. It is how the great cultures existed. It is the method of government that large, joint and extended families and tribes have perpetuated for generations and use to this very day. Consensualocracy is indeed the method of government of a new age of peace, productivity and the perpetuation of intellectual cooperation in small and large groups and provincial governments. All involved are agreeably involved, all high minded, all unified, all of one mind, with no dissension, all working toward a common goal. Other forms of government provide for dissension and, therefore, open the door to disharmony, anarchy and potential dissolution. This is the vision of the future and, as we know, the future is now. Consensualocracy, begun within each home, will radiate out into the community as the sun rises and brightens, as it always does. High noon is the great day of the yuga we are now in, as these mystical scrolls predict. Consensualocracy is a most compassionate form of governance, well suited for spiritually dedicated groups, highly ethical and dedicated communities with a singular vision and purpose. In it, all concur as to the goals, the methods to be employed to achieve those goals and the day-to-day activities that implement those methods. It is, simply put, management by intelligent cooperation.§

May This Text Enhance Your Life§

¶We have taken great pleasure in offering Lemurian Scrolls to you to use in your wisdom. These scrolls and the knowledge contained within them are yours to pass on to the next generation, the next and the next. Proceed with confidence and learn of your divine origins, of the far-off home of your farther-most ancestors, of your own scintillating soul body of light and how it descended into a substratum of astral, prāṇic and physical encasements to catalyze your evolution under the guidance of the laws of āṇava, karma and māyā toward your ultimate attainment of Self Realization, through charyā, kriyā, yoga and jñāna, leading first to the release from the need to return to Earth, called moksha, and finally to merger in Śiva, called viśvagrāsa. We are pleased that you have perused these Lemurian Scrolls and do hope beyond hope that they have invested you with a new vision or outlook on life. It is the future that must be lived in its totality—the past is an overlay into it—being guided by the elders, seen or unseen, the wisdom is obvious. Take these scrolls in their totality and refrain from laboring over a sentence or paragraph. They were revealed to be a springboard into a broader view of life, a revelation that has built within it a vision that is truly livable, truly relevant in your life as it has been to ours. So, proceed with confidence and make the Lemurian Scrolls a living, vital reality in your life. §

An image to leave you now with. Late in 1997, during the time of preparing this text for publication, analyzing the many nuances of these akashic readings, I had a vision of the universal Cosmic Sun of all the galaxies. I saw all known and unknown galaxies converge or intersect, then burst out into a Cosmic Sun which connected each of their Central Suns. This then emanates out through each fire planet, earths, such as ours. This then emanates out through all beings, such as you and me. And in that vision—of the emanation of the Cosmic Sun of the universe through the Central Suns of all the galaxies and the connection of the entire inner universe and inner galaxies on the astral plane of nonphysical existence—I saw the inner, not the outer, not the physical but the subtle, as an interrelated one. §