Lemurian Scrolls



THESE PAGES ARE TRULY MYSTIC IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. THE SIDDHI THAT WAS USED TO READ THESE REVEALING MANUSCRIPTS IN TWO ANCIENT LANGUAGES WAS IMPREGNATED IN ME BY MY SATGURU DURING SANNYĀSA INITIATION. It is a very special siddhi that is only activated by the great ones on “the other side”—not unlike a real vision, which one does not attain at will but which comes as a grace—an opening allowed by the inner plane masters when they want to be seen or have their message heard by mankind. Lemurian Scrolls is sincerely dedicated, with full prapatti, a total surrender, to my satguru, Siva Yogaswami, born 126 years ago, on May 29, 1872. It is his darshan’s śakti that is doing it all, it truly is, then as now. It was a wonderfully rewarding experience to have this momentary window open in the ākāśa, enabling me to read these epistles as easily as one would read the credits on television after the performance. The writing was clear, the language, though foreign to my external mind, was immediately translated through the superconscious intelligence. There are no words to convey the feelings of appreciation for these revelations being made available by the kind souls within the inner worlds wanting to make our history known to Earthlings. ¶Satguru Yogaswami had developed the powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience while seated under an olive tree night and day for four years. His was an incomparable life as satguru, spiritual leader of over a million in the island country of Sri Lanka. He saw into the future with extreme, even uncanny, accuracy. He knew of happenings in his devotees’ lives, though they may have been hundreds or thousands of miles away. He appeared to them in his subtle body in times of danger to give warning, in times of temptation to give strength, in times of uncertainty to give faith’s gifts. His visions anticipated the present-day ethnic war in Sri Lanka, which he described to devotees decades before it happened, of his painful sight into their future, of their future anguish and suffering, of their dispersal and their despairing fate. Such was the profound insight of this Great One whose ability to see in subtle ways is still legendary. ¶Appreciate Lemurian Scrolls as a treasure upon which your life and perceptions of life are reformed. They were for twenty-five years entrusted only to the resident monks of my monasteries, the maṭhavāsis. Now, from me to you, dear one. Read them, absorb them, honor them as we have all these many, many years. Jai! Satguru Siva Yogaswami, Jai!§