Living with Śiva



imageURSTING FORTH ON THE POWER OF DIVINE INSPIRATION, LIVING WITH ŚIVA WAS WRITTEN FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HIGHEST ATTAINMENT, PARAŚIVA, FOR ALL OF ŚIVA’S FOLLOWERS. WE DEDICATE THIS PROCLAMATION OF CULTURE TO SATGURU SIVA YOGASWAMI (1872-1964) and to all who preceded him in the holy Kailāsa Paramparā. We have received the blessings and authorization from Lord Gaṇeśa to proceed at a very special time in a very special way. We have received the power, the lightning flash, from Lord Murugan and His permission to proceed. May all souls live in the Grace of our Supreme God Śiva—creator, preserver and destroyer of all that is good, bad, confused and indifferent, the source of grace, the author of dharma, the giver of all good things, the light and love of the world—who has always, does always, will always spread His goodness and glory everywhere. The spirit of Living with Śiva was succinctly conveyed 2,200 years ago by weaver saint Tiruvalluvar in the following verses from his famed ethical scripture, the Tirukural:§

Attach yourself to Him who is free from all attachments. Bind yourself to that bond so that all other bonds may be broken (350).§

It is said that all good things are natural to those who know their duty and walk the path of perfect goodness (981).§

Love, modesty, propriety, kindly look and truthfulness—these are the five pillars on which perfect goodness rests (983).§