Path to Siva: A Catechism for Youth

26 Who Is Lord Ganesha?§


Lord Ganesha, most popular of Hindu Deities, is always worshiped first. Here He rests on a giant cobra, which is curled three times beneath Him. His hands hold a broken tusk, trishula, lotus bud & a bowl of sweets.§


Lord Ganesha is the elephant-faced Patron of Art and Science, the Lord of Obstacles and Guardian of Dharma. First son of Siva, He is worshiped before any of the other Gods, including Siva Himself. His vahana, or mount, is Mushika, the mouse, symbol of this God’s ability to access all places in the mind. Gurudeva taught, “Wherever His devotees are—in the home, the factories, the offices, the hospitals, the marketplace, orbiting in space or tilling the soil on the farm—Lord Ganesha is ever there.” We worship Him before beginning a new project, taking an exam, or making a major decision, such as where to go to college. When we feel the need for Ganesha’s blessings, we attend puja to Him in the temple or pray to Him at our home shrine. You can get to know Him as a good friend. To contact Him, hold His elephant image in your mind. Look into His eyes. Speak your questions and problems into His right ear. When you are finished, open your eyes. Ganesha’s guidance will come in a subtle, indirect manner. Over the next several days, watch for signs, perhaps a suggestion or even a casual comment from a teacher, parent or friend that suddenly makes it clear what you should do. The shakti of Lord Ganesha is a gentle, soothing force. Even a subtle encounter has the power to bring us into the secure consciousness of the muladhara chakra, the force center of memory where Ganesha resides. This blessing keeps us above the seven lower chakras, home of the base emotions such as jealousy, fear and anger. Lord Siva, the Supreme God, created Lord Ganesha, Murugan and all the other Hindu Gods. They are souls like us, but of a higher evolution, destined to enjoy union with Him. They are very old and mature souls, mighty beings who live in the Sivaloka. Though commonly depicted as male or female, they are actually beyond gender.§


GURUDEVA: Lord Ganesha was created as a governor and interplanetary, intergalactic Lord. His knowledge is infinite, His judgment is just.…This Lord of Obstacles prevents us from hurting ourselves through living under an incomplete concept or making a request unneeded or beginning an endeavor not well thought out.§