(Verses 2122-2648)


2122 Body Bag and Maya Bag

The body is a bag

Many the ingredients it holds;

There is yet another bag within;

It is the Maya bag;

When the Thief (Jiva)

The body bag leaves,

The Maya bag

Unto dust becomes.

2123 Subtle Body

Of the body thus God shaped,

In parts two,

Sukshma (Subtle) is One;

That a body of constituents eight is;

--Sound, touch, shape, taste and smell

Buddhi (Intellect), Man (Mind) and Ahankhara (Egoity)

That the Puriashta body is (subtle).

2124 Five Indriyas and Three Karanas

Of the organs eight thus stated,

First Five are Indriyas (External Sense Organs)

The rest three are Karanas (Internal Sense Organs)

To these attached is primordial Pasa's sentience,

Thus He binds them

And unbinds them,

He, the Lord of Forehead-Eye.

2125 Gross Body

Lymph, blood, flesh, skin, and tendons,

Bones, marrow, fat, brain and semen,

--Of these into one shape made

Is the body gross,

By sorrow harassed.

2126 God is Within the Body

Who knows the greatness of His Holy Feet

Who knows

There within the body He stood!

Who knows this body

Of Tattvas six and ten and eight!

Who knows that

He is its Yeoman Guard!

2127 Twenty-Four Bodily Tattvas (Universals)

The body eight spans* measures

With eyes, legs and hands

That serve to cover it;

In that body of pores and sores

He conjoins Tattvas twenty and four

In love divine;

Thus this body He fashions,

That has four more to speak of.

2128 Jiva Has Five Experiences

The Jiva that as experient spirit stood (in Avastas)

In all bodies, this and four rest (Jagra, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya and Turiyatita)

Will in Para merge;

Who knows the way it merges

Into Param that pervades all

As unto space in every pot,

Inside and out!

2129 Kala Body Holds Life

If through Adharas six

You unite through central Sushumna,

The nine orifices tightly controlled will be;

The body within of Kalas eighteen formed* will be;

That the body of Jiva will be.

2130 Bodies--Gross, Subtle and Causal Merge In Para

The Gross body with presence prominent,

The Subtle body that invisible takes shape,

And the Causal body that by inference is,

--All these bodies are

That in Lord's Feet merge.

2131 Jiva Incarnates in Many Bodies

As unto the prancing steed

That forward leaps

The Jiva, too, traverses near and far;

As unto those who doff one garment

And another

The Jiva, too, from one to the other body moves.

2132 In the Waking State Dreams are Forgotten;

So it is Through Successive Lives

Even as the snake sloughs off its skin

And another assumes;

Even as the bird its shell leaves

And another life pursues;

In its waking state the Jiva forgets

Happenings of the dream state;

Thus does Jiva from one body to another migrate;

Until with Grace of Hara

It reaches where it is destined to be;

And there experiences

The Karmas two, good and evil.

2133 Cycle of Births and Deaths

Having experienced hell and heaven,

Jiva leaves Subtle body;

Entering Causal body its course continues;

And unto the Yogi that transmigrates

Enters yet another body;

Thus entangled in cycle of birth and death.

2134 The Birth Cycle ends only when Jiva Unites in God

The Jiva that realized

"I" and "You" are one,

Is in Tatpara state;

Its course inherent diverting

Will reach Param;

The rest of Jivas

Reaching their destined abodes

In heaven and earth

Will in sorrow wallow.

2135 Body Substrates of Evolved Beings

Siva is the ground (Dhanu) of Jnani's body,

Jnani's body is Siva's body,

Yogi's body is Nada and Bindu,

Mauni's body is Mukti

Beyond Voids Three.

2136 Body Substrates of Jivas in Three Stages of Evolution

Anava (Egoity) is the (Dhanu) ground of Vijnanis

Maya is the ground of Pralayakalas

Karma is the ground of Sakalas

Siva is the ground of Jnanis True.

2137 Lord is in Body, do not Despise it

Dumb fools are they

Who as Mala (Impurity) despise the body;

Other places as holy

They go about seeking;

They who consider "Good this is"

And in it seek the Lord,

Shall experience macrocosm entire,

In their body tenacious

(That microcosm is.)

2138 God Rejoices in the Body of the Good

Those who are

Of goodly speech, deed and thought,

In their hearts

The Pure One gently sports;

Those who are

Of evil ears, speech, and mind

Emaciated they live, their faces in hunger drawn.


2139 Sublimate Speech and Thought Godward

The sweet speech, love intones

The loud sound, airy prana articulates

The mind within fleshly body dwells

--All these you upward course (in Yogic way),

No more, the thoughts of body be.

2140 When Body Perishes, Nothing There Is

The body perishes;

With it, ears and eyes;

Speech and pulse;

Fasts and gifts;

Nothing left, for dying flesh to lean on.

2141 The Pure Will Reach God

The heart that lusts after

Slender-waisted damsels,

Will in distress immersed be;

They, with hearts pure,

Body glowing as lightning

And Will made of iron

Are for Siva's presence destined.


2142 Where Tattvas Stand in the Four States of Jiva Awareness

In the Waking State (Jagra)

The Tattvas twenty and five

In Eye-Brow Center their position take;

In the Dream State (Swapna)

Tattvas ten and four

In Throat Center their hold take;

In Deep Sleep state (Sushupti)

The Purusha (Soul) stands

Alone in Heart Center;

In Turiya State (Fourth)

He (Purusha) stands

In Center that is Navel.

2143 Siva the Beginning and End of Five Avastas

Of the Five Avastas Jagra commencing

That to Tattvas six and thirty pertain,

The Fourth is the luminous Turiya;

Passing beyond to Turiyatita

The Two in One inseparate merge

The Jiva himself Siva becoming;

This the Order do know,

The Siva that stands in the Beginning

Becomes verily in End of Experience all.

2144 Instruments of Experience

Indriyas ten (five sensory organs and five motor organs)

Their Tanmatras ten (Subtle potent elements of Indriyas)

The Vayus ten (winds) that secret work,

The Antakaranas four (inner seats of thought)

And Purusha, the Experient Jiva,

--All these (instruments of experience)

Are again and again entangled

In the cycle of life's awareness.

2145 The Five Elements Also Are Within Body

Earth is of color, gold pure;

Water is white;

Fire red;

Wind dark;

Space smoky;

Thus the five elements concealed stand within.

2146 Ninety-Six Tattvas

The elements five, too,

To sense organs additional function;

The five permeating each of Malas three,

Gunas three, and Adharas six;

Together with Tattvas thirty and six,

The organs of Avastas

Are six and ninety, in all.

2147 In Waking State Jiva is With Twenty-Four Tattvas

In Jagra State

The Jiva of Tattvas five and twenty

Its position takes

In Eye-Brow center;

With elephants Five, (sensory organs)

Infantry Five (motor organs)

Cavalry Five (internal sense potencies)

And Elements Five,

Inside Soldiery Four (the Antakaranas)

He with Tattvas twenty and four

Stands at the Gate of Waking (Jagra) state;

Thus, Tattvas stand in centers respective.

2148 Know the Relationship Between Body and Jiva

The bodies (Causal, Subtle and Gross) embrace one another,

But the Jiva within body stood,

They know not;

They who the kinship between body and Jiva

Understood not,

Are verily bewildered

Unto the dog that into a kitchen abrupt strays.

2149 Meet God in the Body By the Yoga Way

They know not how To-Be;

Poor are they in Spirit;

Those, who,

Course upward the vital Ajapa*

(Through breathing in Yoga way)

And sublimate the Bindu,

They meet the Lord

That destroyed Kama, the God of Love;

Comely their body becomes

And indestructible here remains.

2150 Lord Placed in Concealment the Sixteen Kalas

and the Fourteen Inner Tattvas

The Tattvas four and ten*

That in me lay concealed,

The Pure One appeared

And in bounty revealed;

The Kalas six and ten

That to me lend grace,

He placed, to none beknown,

My thoughts in Him to center.

2151 Conquer the Five Elements and the Four Karanas

The Earth and Water expanses;

The Fire that blazes in color gold,

The Wind and Space

The Mind, Will, Intellect and Egoity

On their quintessence,

You in succession contemplate;

Then victorious you stand, the elements vanquishing.

2152 Out of the Five Elements are Born the Five Senses

One the child for Space--Sound

Two for Wind--Sound and Touch

Three for Fire--Sound, Touch and Light

Four for Water--Sound, Touch, Light and Taste

Five for Earth--Sound, Touch, Light, Taste and Smell

This was not of yore there, before creation began

Before the Virgin Sakti (Spirit), the Virgin Maya (Matter) loved.

2153 Fourteen Tattvas in Dream State

In Dream State

The Senses Five experienced;

The Tanmatras Five too;

And Antakaranas Four as well;

Having experienced thus in Dream State

The Jiva returned to Jagra State to experience;

There he stood in full knowledge of world.

2154 But Only the Four Intelligence Organs are Involved in Dream Vision

Thus it is, Jiva with Tattvas four and ten

In Dream State stands;

But with the ten sense organs uninvolved

With Antahkaranas Four alone,

And aided by the memory

Of earthly life here below,

He (Jiva) in the Throat-Center,

Dreams visioned.

2155 Deep Sleep in Heart-Center

Leaving the Throat Center there,

Alone, he (Jiva) enters the Heart's-Center

There, Egoity (Ahamkara) lost, Intellect (Buddhi) lost,

Cognition (Mind) lost

In the State that discerns not world,

Consciousness of body bereft,

He (Jiva) reached the Deep Sleep State of Sushupti.

2156 Tattvas in Deep Sleep

Having reached Deep Sleep State of Sushupti,

He with three there remains;

--Chitta (Will), Prana (Vital Breath) and Sentience of Self,

Thus into the Herat-Center Jiva enters

There one with the Subtle Object he stands

(In the state of Sushupti Deep.)

2157 Nada Peaks in Turiya or Fourth State

From Sushupti Center,

He further moves continuing,

Into Turiya Expanse

Leaving thoughts of world below;

On to peaks of Nada (in navel center) he ascends;

There rid of primordial ignorance,

He remains in Mauna (Silentless).

2158 Turiyatita Experience

When with silent letter "M"

The articulate letters "A" and "U" conjoins,

The Five Senses are withdrawn,

As limbs within the tortoise;

Then Jiva is by "Aum" pervaded;

The light Divine beams from within;

The Self its sentience loses;

--This we know not.

2159 State Beyond Turiya--(Turiyatita)

Turiya is in Jagrat experienced;

The foxes fourteen* (Indriyas etc.) of themselves die;

The swiftly steed of Prana flees,

How that State beyond Turiya (Turiyatita) is,

Impossible to state, indeed.

2160 All Jivas Experience These States of Awareness

Contaminated by Primordial Mala (Impurities) Five,

Jivas, all, the Five States of Awareness experience;

Endless indeed are the bodies and organs

That Maya endows;

All Souls, caught in birth and death,

Are by Karma alike struck.

2161 Maya Gives States of Experience For God's Grace to Attain;

Jnanis Reach Mukti Direct

Maya feeds Jiva with Avasta experiences unbroken,

For the Jiva by Lord's Grace

To attain Mukti;

But the Jivas in Jnana born

Them Maya nears not;

And contemplating in Jnana

They direct attain Mukti.

2162 Consciousness Begins With Egoity

In the Primordial Slumber State of Jivas (Kevala State)

Devoid of Awareness,

Egoity is activated;

Then Consciousness springs,

And actions diverse Jiva pursues;

From the State of Kevala

Thus passing out,

He the Five States (Avastas) experiences,

Until he becomes Para Supreme.

2163 Maya Awakens Soul From Primordial (Kevala) Slumber

As with his staff the teacher rouses the pupil

Who in his presence slumbers,

Even unto it,

The benevolent Lord with Maya awakens

The Soul that in prolonged Egoity slumbers.

2164 Life After Death Is

They who say: "After death nothing left;

The Jiva the five states experienced

Forever fled;"

They are verily unenlightened surpassing;

They might as well say:

"The heavenly Ganga Mandakini

That from clouds aloft streams forth

Ends as an empty pot."

2165 In Turiyatita State Tattvas Remain Behind In Body

When the Earthly King, that is Jiva,

Mounting the steeds swift (of consciousness),

At the Lovely City (of Turiyatita) arrives,

The Senses Five

And Tattvas rest that remained behind,

But slept in the body,

That vibrant once was.

2166 Be Freed of Malas to Reach God

In the States Five,

In purity, vision Malas Five

That pure are not;

See, in the Waking State

They trouble you not;

Straight confront them;

Then shall you with Para direct,

Forever and ever be.


2167 Maya's Manifestations in the Four States of Consciousness

In the Waking State--

Within the Waking State

Is Tirodayi (obfuscation Sakti) active;

In the Dream State--

Within the Waking State

Is Mamaya (Impure);

In the State of Deep Sleep--

Within the Waking State

Is Kamya (of self delusion);

In the Fourth Turiya State

Within the Waking State

Is Maya (Pure).

2168 In Turiya, Kalas and Raga Arise

In that Turiya State

Within the Waking State (of Jiva)

Maya rouses the Kalas and Ragas,

Then passing back through the States

Of Sushupti, Dream and Waking

The Jiva to Sakala State returns.


2169 Jivas Grope Their Way Back to Sakala Jagra State

The blind one,

Eyes he has; but vision none;

And so gropes for the steps,

He made of yore;

Having found them,

He seizes a stick

And with its aid

Finds the Way;

Even unto it

Do the Jivas with avastas three

Seek to march back their way.

2170 Seated in the Body, Jiva Experiences

The Spider

Standing at the web's center,

Catches prey and feeds;

Even unto it,

The Jiva standing within the body stage,

Where the senses in merriment dance

Experiences the sensations five,

Sound and the rest four.

2171 God Placed the Twenty-Five Tattvas for Jiva

One there is,

Who placed Tattvas five and twenty,

With them in my body I abide;

"Mad is He, Great is He, Birthless is He"

--Thus in endearment I sought Him;

And by the Grace He granted,

Redeemed am I.

2172 Vedanta School Reckons Tattvas Differently As Twenty-Eight

With Tattvas four and twenty,

And Purusha Tattva to add,

Thus are Tattvas five and twenty;

Differently reckoned as five and twenty,

And with Purusha

And the Void (Vyoma) which is not Para,

And Para

Are Tattvas as eight and twenty reckoned,

In the school of Vedanta.

2173 Practise Yoga

Course the breath in ways appropriate

Through Nadis, Idakala and Pingala,

Seat yourself in Asanas (postures) comely,

And agreeably direct the breath within;

Through Muladhara, that is triangle shaped

Upward ascend;

Verily may you see the Feet

Of Lord, that is Timeless Eternity.

2174 Yoga Brings Rapture

The ten Nadis (pulsating nerves invisible)

And the ten Vayus (winds)

Will in ascending breath subside;

Rapturous your state shall be;

Agreeable your taste shall be;

Perfect your mind shall be;

In the your goodly body.

2175 Nandi Guides and Witnesses All

Let them be that are to be;

Let them die that are to die;

Let them leave that are to leave;

Let them enter that are to enter;

The Kingly Nandi makes us see all

And Himself, witnesses all;

All things appropriate He does;

He, of tender love.

2176 Tattvas Are Reckoned As Twenty-Eight In Yet Another Way

The sense organs ten and ten,

The intellectual organs one and three,

The Turiya State,

Time subjectively cognised,

The undifferentiated Void

And the Turiyatita above

--Thus it is as eight and twenty, too

The Tattvas reckoned are.

2177 Breath Control For Ridding Malas

If ten times three hundred and thirty

The breath twelve finger-length

As Prana ascends upward,

The Malas Five subdued are;

So do the Tattvas, according.

2178 By Breath Control Tattvas Subside Within Body

If breath appropriate spirated

Times, four crores and forty eight thousand five hundred,*

Then cessation there shall be for Prana's movement;

It in the ninety-six (Tattvas) subsides;

The ninety-six in turn

In Tattvas five and twenty merge.

2179 Tattvas Differently Counted By Different Schools of Philosophy

Tattvas six and ninety are the over-all;

Out of them, six and thirty are the Tattvas for Saivas;

Eight and twenty for Vedantins;

Four and twenty for Vainavas;

Five and twenty for Mayavadins.

2180 Letter-Sound "A" is Primal Tattva (Truth)

If Jiva can make Tattvas function his way,

He a wise one shall be;

Illumined in Knowledge Divine,

False devotion no more shall be;

The Tattva Supreme is the primal letter-sound.*

2181 Jiva Alone is the Sentient Being

Tattvas Thirty and Six

Are insentient verily (devoid of knowledge)

I am the sentient one;

Yet I knew not Myself;

"You shall know yourself"

--Thus in Grace, Nandi declared;

That I am the Knower,

I have now known.

2182 Transcend Five States of Consciousness and Thirty-Six Tattvas;

Beyond is Union in God

In the Waking State

Are States of experiences five

Malas create;

Disentangling from these states five,

And from Tattvas unreal, thirty and six,

In the holy way Jiva stood,

And one with Him union attained.

2183 Number of Malas for the Five Gods

Five are the Malas

For Brahma on the Lotus Bloom,

Anava (Egoity) and the rest; (Anava, Maya, Karma, Mayeyam and Tirodayi)

Four are the Malas for Vishnu;

Anava and others (Mayeyam devoid)

Three for Rudra,

Anava and Others (Mayeyam and Tirodayi devoid);

Two for Mahesa

Anava and Karma;

One alone for Sadasiva--Anava.


2184 The Six Higher Steps

Six times six are the Tattvas;

Seven Crores are the Mantras;

Fifty and one are the Varnas (letter-sounds);

Two hundred and twenty four are the Bhuvanas; global constellations;

Eighty and one are the Padas Primal,

Five, the Kalas rare.

2185 Ascend Beyond the Three Spheres

The three Spheres within (Sun, Moon, and Fire)

They ascend and traverse, (in yogic way)

Having traversed,

They with Tattvas five and twenty

In one unite;

Further coursing the breath

Upward through Sushumna

They search;

And having sought,

Self-Consciousness lost,

They there remain.

2186 The Fifth State of Turiyatita

Waking within the Waking State,

And experiencing the rest of States,

The body and breath appropriate trained,

They reach the Turiyatita;

There they witness the felicitous Dance of Lord;

Drinking the fill of bliss

They Siva Become;

All these five, the Grace-fruits of Siva are.


2187 Bindu Power Permeates Tattvas

The gross body of Waking State,

The subtle body of Dream State,

Together of Tattvas five and twenty

Are of Bindu's Power verily;

That Power permeating Jiva

Penetrates, the Waking and Dream States.

2188 Progression of the States of Consciousness Towards Siva-Goal

They who reach the Turiyatita

Within the Waking State

Actionless lie;

They who reach the Turiya

Within the Waking State

Crawl (towards the Goal);

They who experience the Sushupti (Deep Sleep)

Within the Waking State

Are Jivas yet developing;

They who dream

Within the Waking State

Are Jivas hastening towards goodly Goal.

2189 Chariya, Kriya, Yoga and Jnana--Where They Lead To

The acts of Kriya lead to Siva Tattva;

The practice of prolonged Yoga

Leads to Divine Grace and Knowledge;

Contemplation of Lord's Form, (in Chariya)

Confers blessings many;

In Jnana is comprehended

All Cosmic creation at once.

2190 Devolutes of Paraparam

The Beginningless Param

Thus the order brought about:

Siva, Sakti, and Sadasiva,

The Isa Pure, and the goodly Vidya Tattvas

Bodha, Kalas, Time, Niyati and Mamaya (Impure Maya)

--These devolutes in gradation appropriate

He established,

In wonder surpassing indeed!

2191 Jiva Ascends These Devolutes to Reach Paraparam

The luminous Siva, Sakti and Sadasivam,

The Maheswara, the Pure Vidya, and Ragas,

Kalas, Time (Kala), Knowledge (Bodha), Niyati, and Mahamaya

The Purusha (soul),

Together these twelve

(Art for the Jiva to ascend.)

2192*36Malas Inherent to Jiva

Anava (Egoity), Maya (Ignorance) and Karma (Action)

These the Malas (Impurities) are;

They are like the embryo, the bran and the husk

Are unto the grain of rice;

They touch not the Lord, but apart stand;

Be rid of your Pasas one by one,

And adore the Lord.

2193 Lord is the Cow-Herd (Pasupati); Jiva the Cow (Pasu)

Many the color of cows,

But one the color of milk;

And of peerless hue

Is Lord, the cowherd;

When the cowherd

Who tends the cows

His guiding staff shows,

The cows will not their Master leave.

2194 Jiva a Prey to Tattvas and Pasas

The body, indriyas, mind

The intellect, will, egoity and ignorance

To these the Soul a prey falls;

If the Pasas further sprout in him,

To hell, he speeds fast.

2195 Limitations of Experiences in the Five States of Awareness

In Turiyatita State

The Consciousness of the Self is not;

In Turiya State

The Consciousness of the Self

Through spoken word comprehended

Still burns;

In the Sushupti State that is Maya bound,

The Desire-potency to speak afterward exists;

In the Waking State and the Dream State

Experiences in ways diverse.

2196 Turiyatita State Inner Divisions--Jagra and Sushupti;

But No Dream State

In the five states of Consciousness,

In the Waking State of Turiyatita no dream,

The Subtle body sees;

In the Sushupti State there,

The self experiences the Self (Consciousness withdrawn);

In the Jagra State of Turiyatita

Maya still is.

2197 Tattvas Acting in Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep States

In the Waking State within the Waking State

Are Tattvas, five times five

Out of six times six;

When six out of Tattvas in Waking State leave,

Then is Dream State in Waking;

When further beyond five Tattvas leave,

Then ensues Sushupti

Where the Maya functions.

2198 In Turiya Maya Leaves and Jiva Merges in Bindu

The Purusha (Experient Soul) of Sushupti

When reaches Turiya State

The Maya too leaves,

And if one with Kevala (Primordial) Bindu comes;

Then no more the body its uses has.

2199 In Turiyatita Jiva Becomes Knower and Passes Beyond

to Luminous Siva Turiya State

In that Turiyatita State,

The Soul is the Knower verily;

When he passes beyond

From that Turiyatita State

Where Jiva the Knower is

He merges into Luminous Turiya (Siva Turiya)

That the ultimate state is.

2200 Tattvas and Their Centers of Action

During the Five States of Consciousness

Tattvas five and twenty and ten to add,

Are the instruments thirty and five

In Jagra;

With instruments five and twenty

In the Throat-Center

Is Dream State;

With three

The Purusha is in Sushupti;

When the two (Purusha and Prana)

The Navel-Center reaches

Then is the Turiya State true.

2201 Tattvas of the Subtle Body in the Five States of Consciousness

In Jagra State

All the eight Tattvas

Of the Puriyashta (Subtle) body are;

In Dream State

The three Tattvas

Of the Subtle Body are;

In Sushupti State,

Two of the Subtle Body remain;

In Turiya State,

Only one is behind left,

With Purusha.

2202 Experiences in the Five States of Consciousness Within Jagra

Jagra in Jagra

Pertains to Senses;

Svapna in Jagra

Is of thinking and forgetting;

Sushupti in Jagra

Is seeking inward;

Turiya in Jagra

Is abstaining from seeking;

In the state of Turiyatita

Is Nandi verily.

2203 Four Inner States of the Dream State

To vision in dream

As in Jagra,

Is Jagra-in-Dream State;

To vision and forget

In Dream

Is Dream-in-Dream State.

To vision and non-vision

Is Sushupti-in-Dream State

To infer events

Is Turiya in Dream State.

2204 Sushupti and Its Inner Divisions


Is to vision it as non-vision;


Is to know it as dream;


Is to know that there is no knowledge of it;

Turiya in Sushupti

Is inexplicable Void.

2205 Turiya and Its Inner Divisions7Jagra-in-Turiya

Is (God) Consciousness, external;


Is (God) Consciousness internal;


Is Void inexplicable;


Is to vision Param Supreme.

2206 Jiva-Knowledge in Relation to Para-Knowledge in the Four States

Jiva-knowledge cognising Para-Knowledge is Jagrat

Jiva-knowledge cognising-ceasing is Dream;

Jiva-knowledge cognising,

Yet knowing it not, is Sushupti;

Jiva-knowledge merging in Para-Knowledge

Is Turiya verily.

2207 Jiva's Experiences in Turiya State

He (Jiva) then pervasive becomes;

Shedding Malas five,

He takes the Form of Jnana;

Experiencing that,

Abandoning his pervasiveness,

He ascends higher,

The Subtle Form of Pranava (Aum)

To assume.

2208 Tattvas in the Inner Divisions of Turiya State

Thirty and Six are Tattvas

In Jagra-in-Turiya;

In Svapna in that Turiya;

And in Sushupti-in-Turiya

In Turiya-in-Turiya

The Body Gross and the Body Subtle

To the Suddha Maya belong;

He who that Turiya-in-Turiya State attains

Master, indeed, Becomes.

2209 New Knowledge

This I knew not,

All these days;

This when I know,

Nothing else I knew;

When I knew,

This the Truth

Then I Knew I am It.

2210 Immanence of Sakti and Siva

As Life of Life,

As Form and Formless,

As Jiva-Sentience and Knowledge-Divine

All pervasive, He stands;

If Sakti and Siva

In world immanent are not,

Verily, verily, all is inert darkness,

In ignorance entire steeped.

2211 Raison D'Etre of Creation

In endearment wondrous

The Lord moved Sakti into Creative activity;

And to primordial Pasas five,

Conjoined Tattvas thirty and six

And fashioned the body organs too,

--That your Malas sundered be.

2212 Jagrat-atita State Leads to Turiya-In-Turiya (Para Turiya)

In Jagrat-atita State

Anava (Egoity), forsooth, is;

Even when the Soul enters

The Turiya state in Jagrat-atita (Turiya-in-Turiya State)

Anava still is of Jagrat-atita state;

Jagrat-atita is,

Where Truth of Para is.

2213 Mala-Contamination is Root of All Evil

By Mala-Contamination

Was Sakti obscured;

By Mala-Contamination

Was Jnana obscured;

By Mala-Contamination

Was Param obscured;

He who is freed

Of Mala-Contamination

Is verily the Enlightened One.

2214 Enemies of Thought For God

In their bewildered thoughts

Are the lions three (lust, anger and ignorance);

In their bouncing thoughts

Are the jackals four (mind, intellect, will and egoity)

In their sensory thoughts

Are the elephants five (taste, sight, touch, sound, smell)

These the foes (internal and external)

Of the contending mind.

2215 Give Up Distractions and Take to the True Way

With streaming eyes eighteen

Your thoughts in distraction wander;

Before you tremble in death,

Take to the True Way;

You shall indeed meet

The mighty Lord of your soul.

2216 Jiva Devoid of Thought in Sushupti

Of the Tattvas in Waking State

Four times five are behind left;

The Tattvas four that Antahkaranas form

In Dream State are;

--These you shake off

And into yourself enter;

Then thoughts devoid

The Soul in Sushupti Stands.

2217 Evolution of Jiva to Para State

The Soul who thus stood

Has verily a Master become;

He enters the Turiya State

And remains in the Eight-fold Yoga;

He then attains Turiyatita State;

And further a while after

He becomes Para the Pure.

2218 Further Evolution to Primal Light

He who thus Isa Became

Reaching Turiyatita State,

As Pure Jnana comprehends worlds all;

Then He further attains the Five Forms,

Sadasiva, Mahesvara, Rudra, Hari and Brahma;

Having experienced those stages,

Jiva becomes Siva;

Then, further attaining Mauna (Divine Silentless) State,

He merges in the Primal Light.

2219 Lord is Within

He is the Lord of Maya Land,

Where the Spheres Three within are;

He is the One whom I see within

And pine incessant for;

He is the Lotus that blooms in the cranium,

With its stalk stemming deep in my heart.

2220 The Dawn of Light Within in Yoga

The birds (Malas) shrilled

Unaware of the shimmering dawn;

Bewildered were they,

Their mother (Sakti) unrecognising;

Beyond Vedas stood He my Lord;

They who knew the Mystic Way (of Yoga)

Reached to Him inside their very head.

2221 I Saw Him Within In the Nine Centres

In contemplation deep I sought

The Lord of worlds all,

In the Nine Centres within;

Distinct I saw Him,

He, the Lord of Celestials all;

Intense I sought Him,

And He in my thoughts unfailing stood.

2222 Kundalini Yoga Experience

As one that kindles the lamp's flame,

So do you,

The Lamp's Flame in Muladhara kindle;

That Lamp in Muladhara lighted,

Encompassing the Sphere of Moon, glows.

2223 God is Inward Where the Five Sense Controlled Meet

If you ask,

How the Heavenly Space within the cranium is,

Where the inward looking Five abide,

Verily it is,

Unto gazing upward into a mirror

(Seeing the self-reflected in crystal purity)

At a junction

Where the Five, in control, meet.

2224 Lord is the Knower; He makes the Jiva Experience

the Five States of Awareness

The knower he is,

Who things unknown knows;

The knower,

Who the Self knows not,

Is knower none;

The Jiva the Five Avastas knows not;

He, Lord, makes him know

To none beknown;

Who indeed does Him know?

2225 Turiya in Turiya is Para Turiya; Beyond is Turiyatita

The visioning of Turiya State

We thus far spoke of;

The Void of Turiya State

Is state rare;

Unimportant indeed,

Are the states Jagra and the rest;

Great, great, by far

Is the Timeless Para Turiya;

Transcending it is Turiyatita;

Rarer even far that State is.

2226 Seek Para Turiya and Reach Siva's State

The World of Maya (Prakriti)

Belongs to Jiva;

To leave that Maya

Is to reach Kevala Maya State;

To be born again and again

As diverse life forms,

Is the State--Sakala;

In Para Turiya is Siva State.


2227 Sat, Asat and Sat-Asat Nature of Suddha, Kevala, Sakala States

He who cognises the Self

Is in Suddha State;

He who is not

Is in Kevala;

He who cognises in distracting differences

Is in Sakala;

In Sat (Real), Asat (Unreal) and Sat-Asat (Real-Unreal)

They respective conjoin;

Each according to his cognising state.

2228 Importance of Self-Cognition-Suddha State

Himself unto himself

Is foe and friend;

Himself unto himself

Is the here and hereafter;

Himself his Karmas

He experiences;

Himself unto himself

His master be.

2229 Evolution of the Sakala State of the Soul

The Soul in Kevala State

Inert reposes;

On it the Mamaya (Asuddha Maya) acts;

By the action

The Soul receives powers of cognition;

And then mixing with Desire (Kamiyam)

And the Objects of Desire (Mayeyam)

In Pasa it full enters;

That the State of Sakala is.

2230 Who Are the Sakalas?

Sakalas are those

Who in Sakala State are;

Steeped they are in Pasas three;

The peerless Brahma, Hari,

The Celestials numerous,

The humans here below

And all lives unto the tiny worm,

All, all, are Sakalas verily.

2231 Who Are the Pralayakalas

Pralayakalas in Maya (Asuddha) world abide;

Of Maya their bodies are in main;

Of comeliness eternal are they;

The Srikanta

And the eight and hundred Rudras;

--(These the Pralayakalas are.)

2232 Who Are the Vijnanakalas

Vijnanakalas are souls, other numerous,

They reside in the State of Kevala;

They are possessed of Anava (mala)--alone;

The eight Vidyesvaras beginning with Ananta

The (Maha) Mantraresvaras that seven crore number,

--(These the Vijnanakalas are.)

2233 Suddha or Pure State

Of them,

Those who receive Siva's Grace

From Anava mala get liberated;

Transcending the states of Bindu (light) and Nada (sound)

As Aum (Pranava) they become;

And in Siva Pure they merge;

That verily is the Suddha (Pure) State (Avasta).

2234 Four Divisions of Vijnanakalas

When you think of it,

Of these Souls in gradation three,

Vijnanakalas have divisions four.

They are shrouded in Kevala (Asuddha) Maya;

Inclined are they to be gripped by Desire,

Yet, of themselves they leave all;

When the Lord His Grace bestows;

And together the Malas sunders.

2235 When is Suddha State Reached?

Abandoning the illusory Tattvas

Six times six;

Rid of ignorance

The Jiva becomes Siva Himself;

And pervading all Creation

He enters the Void true;

This the Suddha State,

That of himself the Jiva reaches.

2236 How Suddha State is Reached

Eternal is he, Jiva; pervasive too is he;

Immersing him in Eternal Malas five,

The Lord lifts him

From the Primordial Kevala State

And consigns to Sakala State;


Freed from unceasing whirl of birth

The Jiva, Suddha State reaches.

2237 Knowledge of Self in Turiya Leads to Suddha State

The Suddha State is the ultimate;

The Jiva that passes through Kevala

When it reachs Turiya

Receives knowledge of Tatpara,

--Who beyond States, Kevala and Suddha, exists--

Thus realizing the Self within.

2238 Involution of Tattvas After Jiva Reaches Suddha State

The Tattvas five times five

Will into the Soul involute;

The Soul, having realized Suddha State,

Will in Suddha Vidya Tattva merge;

The first three of this category

(Suddha Vidya, Isvaram and Sadakyam)

Will in Sakti involute;

Beyond the Sakti is Siva

(Of the Siva Tattva)

Thus involuting, the Soul returns to the Beginning;

This the order (in reverse) of evoluting too.

2239 Involution of Tattvas Further Explained

The Tattvvas five times five of Purusha

Into the Six (Vidya Tattvas) involute;

They into the three Siva Tattvas higher above involute,

Who in turn merges into Sakti Bindu

Who with Siva (Nada) stands;

--Thus is the ultimate of involution reached

Into Tattvas four and seven.

2240 Souls are Ranked as Vijnanakalas, Pralayakalas, and Sakalas

According to the Number of Malas They Possess

The Kevalas (Vijnanakalas) are inert

With Anava alone possessed;

The Pralayakalas have Maya

In addition;

They see with form unseen;

The Sakalas are Souls

In all three Malas steeped.

2241 Further explained

The Vijnanakalas possess Anava mala alone;

The Pralayakalas have Maya too;

Anava, Maya, and Karma

--All three the Sakalas have

These their Malas are.

2242 Sakalas in Vijnanakalas

The Vijnanakalas

Who stand in Kevala (inert State)

By the power of Bindu,

That in Kevala is,

Become activated as Sakalas within Kevala;

And so attain the truth of Mamaya

Who the power of Mantra holds.

2243 Pralayakalas--108 Rudras

The Pralayakalas in Maya (Suddha) reside;

Yet that Maya affects them not;

They stand with Anava;

With Mamaya's (Asuddha) Kamya desires that Sakalas possess;

They verily are the Rudras One Hundred and Eight.

2244 Sakalas Have All Three Malas

They who in Malas three enveloped

In worldly life wallow,

Are the Sakalas per se;

Thus are the Devas, the humans,

And the rest of Brahma's creation numerous

Unto the very worm

That life's womb enters;

--All these are Sakalas that crowd the world.

2245 Rid of Malas, Souls Become Suddhas

They who Suddha State reach,

By luminous Grace of Siva

Stand dispelled of Malas triple,

That Sat-Asat are;

And of dark Pasas, one by one;

Having thus rid them entire,

They become Suddhas ever.

2246 Gradations of Suddha States--Suddha-Kevala, Suddha-Sakala,

Suddha-Jagra, and Suddha-Suddha

In Suddha-Kevala-Mukti State

The Jiva stands alone;

When afterward

The Kalas leave,

Then is Suddha-Sakala-Mukti;

When in sound Aum

The Soul as one stands,

Then is Suddha (Kevala) Jagra Mukti;

Still beyond,

The Soul Itself within Itself stands

Then is Suddha-within-Suddha-Mukti State.

2247 Suddha-Kevala-Mukti State Described

Inert without knowledge,

Unaffected by desires,

Goal-less, everlasting,

Unattached to Kalas,


Incapable of daily experiences,

By Malas deceitful infused,

--Thus is Jiva in Kevala-Mukti State.

2248 Pralayakalas That Are Suddhas Among Sakalas

Bindu, Maya and Kriya

They possess;

The power of interminable Jnana Sakti

Is their substrate (Dhanu);

In Bindu they attain Divine Knowledge;

Thus are the Pralayakalas of this world;

Albeit Sakalas,

They are Suddhas here below.

2249 Nine Subtle Divisions For the Soul in the Three States Kevala, Sakala and Suddha

To speak of the subtle divisions

In the three States--Kevala, Sakala and Suddha

It is like this:

Kevala-Kevala, Kevala-Sakala, and Kevala-Suddha,

Sakala-Kevala, Sakala-Sakala, and Sakala-Suddha,

Suddha-Kevala, Suddha-Sakala, and Suddha-Suddha

--Thus are the combinations nine in all

For those in depth see.

2250 Kevala State Subdivisions for Jiva

Kevala-in-Kevala is atita-atita state,

Kevala-Sakala is the Vaindava manifestations in Suddha Maya State;

Kevala-Suddha is the State of holy Vijanankalas,

That State leads Soul to Grace Embodied.

2251 Sakala State Subdivisions for Jiva

Sakala-Kevala is the Jagrat-atita State;

Sakala-Sakala is the Jagrat-within-Jagrat State

Sakala-Suddha is the State of Tat-para (self-illumined)

All these in the state of Sakala occur.

2252 Suddha State Subdivisions for Jiva

Suddha-Kevala is State of Upasantha

Suddha-Sakala is Turiya expansive state;

Suddha-Suddha is State of Siva-Becoming;

These three belong to Suddha State.

2253 Bliss of Jagratatita State

Jagrat-In-Jagrat, Dream-in-Jagrat;

Sushupti-in-Jagrat and the Turiya-in-Jagrat,

Transcending these states all,

Is Jagratatita that confers Bliss Divine;

The Malas primordial that five are,

Away vanish ever and ever.

2254 In Jagratatita State is Upasantha

In the state of Jagratatita

Anava is rooted entire;

Jagratatita, Para-Avasta (Siva) state is not;

But sure it confers Upasantha

That by Para caused;

Will Jiva, thereafter,

Ever look at Malas and Gunas?

2255 All Higher Experiences Come to Jiva By God's Grace

The states of Bondage (Boddha), of Liberation (Mukti)

Of Turiya, and Suddha-atita

--All these, the Jiva will subtle experience;

By Lord's Grace they come;

And when that knowledge by Grace dawns,

Neither thought nor action

The Jiva any more has.

2256 Lord's Play Takes Jiva To God-Knowledge

The states of Bondage and Liberation

Of Hara's Grace, they come

It is His play

To take Jiva to Suddha goal;

That it might God-Knowledge receive.

2257 Sakalas Can Attain God-Knowledge

They of Five Malas are Sakalas,

They of Five Malas are Pasa bound

They of Five Malas rule

The Celestial world of Svarga

They of Five Malas can (ultimate) attain God-Knowledge.

2258 Experiences in the Five States of Consciousness

In Jiva's Atita State

Anava is;

In Turiya State

Maya permeates;

In Sushupti State,

Are desires for Maya experiences planted;

In Dream State

Functions the Subtle Body with Tattvas eight;

In the Waking State

Activated is the Body Gross.

2259 Malas for Jiva in Different States of Consciousness

In (Kevala) Atita State

Anava is;

In Turiya State

Maya too is;

In Sushupti State

Seed of Karma,

Kamya; an addition is;

In Dream State

Mamaya (Illusory perception) also is;

In Waking State

Tirodayi joins (Obfuscations);

Thus are the Five Malas

To Jiva in Sakala State attached.

2260 Malas Restated

The Jiva in Atita State,

Realizes Primal Para;

The Jiva in Turiya stands in Maya (Suddha),

That has its beginning in Hara;

In Sushupti Karma Mala comes in;

In Dream State Mamaya (Asuddha) envelops,

In Waking State comes Tirodayi, that obfuscates

Thus the Jiva in Sakala State stands.

2261 Condition of Sakala State

They get body-form

And experience enjoyments diverse;

They are by elements pervaded

And conjoined to Mind and rest of cognitive organs;

They get attached to Karmas

They abide in Tanmatras

Thus are they born

--These Jivas in Sakala State.

2262 Sakala Jiva'a Journey to Suddha State

They reach the State

When deeds good and bad

Equable become (Iruvinai Oppu);

When Sakti's Grace

On them descends (Sathini Padam);

When on the pedestal of Grace

They thus get seated,

Then with the aid of Guru Holy

They reach the Presence of Sakti's Grace;

Finally rid of the Primordial Mala (Anava)

They reach the State of Suddha

That no birth thereafter gives.

2263 Turiyatita is the State Ultimate

With Tattvas six times six

And Avastas of ten states

He, Jiva, enters the final state

Of Turiyatita,

Then will the Divine Gift be (Mukti);

And Jiva merges into the Light Resplendent;

Which the Five Gods reach;

There, the Siva of Holy Ashes,

Jiva's Refuge Final are.

2264 Self-Realization Only in Turiya State--It Is Not Ultimate

Knowing not the Self,

Jiva deemed body as the Self;

When he saw the Real Self;

He attained Turiya State;

But even in that Turiya State,

If he, Jiva, with Lord united not,

He will again born be, here below.

2265 Only With Turiyatita State Birth Cycle Ends

If in Waking State

The Jiva realizes the Atita State

The Vaindavas (the Tattvas) that Maya caused

Will their malevolence shed;

The birth's whirl will cease;

Goodly Mukti and Siddhi then attained;

Speech and thought cease to be.

2266 Beyond Turiyatita is Void

In the void beyond the Atita State,

Sakti (Water) and Siva (Fire) will appear,

Water and Fire do not together in space appear,

How then does Water and Fire in Void appear?

That way are they mingled

Sakti (Water) and Siva (Fire), there.

2267 36 Tattvas Reckoned as (5) Pure, (7) Pure-Impure and (24) Impure

Of Tattvas,

Six times four are Asuddha (Impure)

Seven are Suddha-Asuddha (Misra or Pure-Impure)

Five with Pure Maya are Suddha (Pure)

These in three divisions are thus parted

As Suddha (Pure), Suddha-Asuddha (Pure-Impure), and Asuddha (Impure)

All these with Jiva at appropriate stages stand.

22683*6The Journey from Kevala to Suddha Through Sakala States Helped by

Siva as Father, Maya (Pure) as Mother and Mamaya (Impure) as Nurse

Parasiva for father;

Maya (Pure) for mother;

Mamaya (Impure) for nurse;

Thus does Jiva

Its birth take,

And journeying the states of Kevala, and Sakala

Final reaches the Suddha State.


2269 Mystery of Parting Life From Body

The Lord is the Para;

He is beginningless;

He is beyond five states of experience,

He is the Pure One,

Seated within the heart;

He is birthless;

Why this lovely body and life

He parts--

That mystery, I knew.

2270*36Saktis are Dynamic Aspects of Static Parapara

Sakti in Parapara is Para Sakti;

Sakti in Santhi is Chit Sakti;

Sakti in Paranand is Icca Sakti;

Sakti in luminous Bindu is Jnana Sakti;

Sakti in Maya is Kriya Sakti;

When Jiva these Saktis receive,

Then it reposes integral in the Divine.

2271 Beyond Tattvas is Divine Bliss

They who know Him

Beyond the Tattvas six times six

Truly know Him;

Beyond the Tattvas six times six

They receive His Grace;

They who have Knowledge True

Beyond the Tattvas six times six

Only to them, is He the Divine Bliss;

He the Hara

That is beyond the Tattvas,

Six times six.

2272 When Jiva is Rid of Malas by Siva-Sakti

Transcending the organs five (external)

And the four (internal),

In the (union) within of five (states) avastas,

The Jiva slumbers;

Then does the wondrous Lord

Appearing with Sakti of slender Form

Rid the Jiva of its poisons (Malas),

Forever to rejoice.

2273 Beyond Turiya is Turiya-Turiya or Para Turiya; and Para-atita Turiya

is Further Beyond

In Jagra-Turiya State

The Jiva realizes Self;

Then beyond are States

Turiya-Jagrat, Turiya Svapna, Turiya Sushupti, and Turiya-Turiya

In that Para Turiya State the Jiva is Para;

In the Turiya State still beyond, (Para-Turiya-atita)

Jiva becomes Siva.

2274 In Para-atita Turiya State Jiva Becomes Beyond-Param

In desire bereft of desires,

As Jiva aspires to Para-atita-turiya State

And steadfast perseveres in it,

He becomes Beyond-Param (Siva);

The tapasvins who practise not

Will never Param become;

They are forever fettered

In Pasas several.

2275 Freed of Maya, Jnana Dawns and Bliss Ensues

The Maya we seek to understand

Envelops Soul, inside and out;

The hypnosis it creates baffles thought and word;

When you are freed from it,

Your knowledge becomes purified;

It is transmuted into Sivananda

And becomes a protective roof over you.

2276 From Turiya to Turiyatita

The Jiva was in Turiya State;

Unto a swift steed

Was into the Turiyatita Jagra State led;

The Master

Thus had the (Karmic) jackals chased away;

And the Karmas stood howling,

Disappointed sore.

2277 In Turiyatita State Jiva Becomes Siva

In this Turiyatita Jagrat State

The Lord of Dance with Jiva in union stands

When that union takes place

Maya vanishes away;

That very day Jiva attains Siva Form.

2278 Maya Lights the Path to Turiyya and There Remains

If in Jagra State

Where Jiva is,

He upward, ascends,

Well may Maya serve

A lamp to light his path;

Then, when he reaches Turiya State,

He his Self realizes;

Albeit in that Turiya State

Maya will still be.

(The Soul should further ascend to the Turiyatita State.)

2279 Self-Realization in Turiya State is not the End

Knowing not your Self

You deemed body as Self;

When in Turiya you entered,

You realized the Self;

Even though you realized Self,

Birth's cycle will leave you not;

(Therefore, ascend further upward

Into the Turiyatita State)

And unite in Lord,

Pervasive and Pure.

2280 Beyond Turiya State is Union in Siva7This body is to birth subject,

Turiya State belongs to body and Jiva alike;

These subject to birth and death are;

When on them Grace of Holy Guru descends,

Two there is none,

Jiva in Siva unites one.

2281 Beyond Four States in Turiya is Para Turiya

If Jiva in Turiya State

Having experienced in succession

Jagra, Svapna, Sushupti states within,

Perseveres further,

Then he enters Para Turiya;

There verily Jiva becomes Para.

2282 End of Para Turiya is Siva Turiya

Succeeding Para Turiya Jagra State

Is the Para Turiya Svapna State

That engrosses the universe entire;

Then is Para Turiya Sushupti State

Where Upasantha (Peace beyond understanding) is;

That transcending, Jiva reaches Siva Turiya State.

2283 *End of Para Turiya is Siva Turiya

Succeeding Para Turiya Jagra State

Is the Para Turiya Svapna State

That engrosses the universe entire;

Then is Para Turiya Sushupti State

Where Upasantha (Peace beyond understanding) is;

That transcending, Jiva reaches Siva Turiya State.

2284 Beyond the Ten Avastas in Jiva Turiya, Para Turiya and

Siva Turiya is the Eleventh State of Consciousness of Para Nandi (Siva)

Thus Jiva, who has Para become,

From Jiva Turiya onward

Up to Siva Turiya,

Ten avastas (States) experiences;

Then enters the State Eleventh

Where he merges into Truth of Para Nandi (Siva)

And finally goes beyond,

All eleven States thus ensured.

2285 Further Beyond Para Siva State is Paramam (Brahmam),

Paramparam and Para Maha Sivam

Beyond Para Siva is Paramam (Brahmam);

Beyond Paramam is Paramparam (Para Brahmam);

Thus are states ascending;

From Para Siva Jagra, to Para Siva Svapna, and to Para Siva Sushupti

The Jiva that has Para Siva become reaches

The Finite Truth that is Para Nandi.

2286 Nine Manifestations of Para Siva

Pertaining to Para Siva

Are the (Para) Sakti,

Para Nada and Para Bindu;

And Sadasiva, Brahma, and Hari;

Rudra the Lord of Devas,

And Mahesvara to count.

2287 True Knowledge

Knowing that not

They rule not the (Spiritual) Kingdom;

In pomp and vanity they indulge;

That indeed is sorrow;

They know not, He pervades all;

They know not

The sea-girt seven Worlds

Will a shamble be;

They know not

That Siva with Jiva and Body

Commingling stands.

2288 End Ego-Awareness; Self is Realized;

Perform penances true

That your Future holds;

Know thyself,

And the merciful Lord

His Grace confers;

When my ego awareness ended,

Then I knew my Self;

And bliss am I.

2289 Way of Self-Realization Through Thought Process

Think of gold jewellery,

Thought of gold metal is not;

Think of gold metal

Thought of jewellery is not;

Think of sense organs, Self is not;

Think of Self, sense organs are not.

2290 Sublimation of Thought

Think of wood

Image of toy-elephant recedes;

Think of toy-elephant

Image of wood recedes;

Think of elements five

Thought of Param recedes

Think of Param,

Thought of elements recedes.

2291 Knowledge of Siva, Sakti and Jiva (Si-Va-Ya) is Liberation

Transcending Tattvas

Six times six,


The letters "Na" and "Ma"

Knowledge Becoming,

Jiva thus liberated rises,

As letter "Ya;"

Merging in letter "Va" denoting Sakti

And in letter "Si" denoting Siva

Jiva ("Ya") becomes Si Va Ya

That Mukti is.

2292 Experiences in Para Turiya

The Turiya State holds

The Letters-Five (Panchakshara);

In the Para Turiya Jagra State

Are the letters Fifty and One;

In the Para Turiya Svapna State

Is Nada;

In the Para Turiya Sushupti State

Is Bodha;

Beyond appears Paramam (Brahmam).

In Para Turiya-Turiya State.

2293 Pure (Suddha) Experience and Supreme (Para) Experience Beyond Jiva Experiences

In Sakala condition of Jiva,

These five experiences are by Grace attained;

Then follows the Suddha Avasta (Pure Experience) State;

That in intensity experiencing,

The Para Avasta (Supreme Experience) of Nandi is attained;

Then, as before light darkness flees;

The Five Malas for ever vanish.

2294 State of Suddha Avasta (Pure Experience)

The limited sphere of Tattvas

Five times Five,

And Maya Impure,

--Unreal are they;

Leaving them,

Let Jiva ascend

Into the Sphere of Mamaya (Pure-Impure);

Penetrating it,

Further beyond

In the State of Para-Avasta, (Pure Experience)

That is Pure (Suddha);

There the Soul is All-Existence

And Non-Existence at once.

2295 Lord As Guru Guides the Soul's Journey

As Grace, He stood

As Param, He stood

As Love, He stood;

As one Form merged,

He stood;

He transcended experiences all,

But abandoned me not

He, the Lordly Guru, the Natha,

Of Divine Jnana.


2296 Gunas experiences in States of Consciousness

Sattvic is Guna in the Waking State,

Rajas in Dream State,

Tamas in Deep Sleep State,

Nirguna, that other three Gunas destroys,

Is attribute of Turiya State Pure.


2297 Cosmic Space is God's Seat of Throne

In the vast spaces of Cosmos

Are universes numberless

That evolved and separated;

Countless are they

Unto the sands that are

On the shores of seven seas;

Sparkling as a jewel of gold

That dazzles

They form His Seat of Throne

--For Him, the Lord of Celestials.

2298 God is Principle of Bliss Beyond Tattvas

On that Seat of Throne

He sits as Bliss-Principle (Tattva)

Five, His Forms

Thirty-six the Tattvas He pervades;


The Tattvas He pervades

Are eight times by far as numerous

As universes in spaces Vast,

Himself beyond Tattvas' end.


2299 Attainments in Higher Experience (Para Avasta)

In the Fifth State (Jiva Turiyatita) is Ambrosia;

In the Seventh State (ParaTuriya-Jagrat) is Bliss;

Above in Ninth State (ParaTuriya-Sushupti) is Aum;

In the Eleventh State (Siva Turiya)

Illumined the Jiva standeth;

Abiding there He the (Divine) Body, attains;

Listen damsel that is red-mouthed as parrot!

--These the attainments of the Higher States (of Jiva) are.

2300 Tattvas Fade in the Finite Stage

Even in the Atita Turiya State

Six Tattvas formless abide

--The Purusha cum Chitta, and Five formless Tattvas;

In the Sushupti State of Atita Turiya,

The rest eight are;

Only in the Eleventh State, nothing of Tattvas is.

2301 There Nandi Alone Is

When the eleven States are thus cognised,

And the Jiva fixes firm in the Jnana Body

There is none but Nandi;

That Being Immutable

Contemplate in order;

Sure believe, you can the Goal reach.


2302 Beyond Kevala, Sakala and Self-Realization States is Suddha Avasta

The Jiva in its primal condition

Is in the Kevala State;

When it mixes with Tattvas

It departs and enters the Sakala State;

Released from there,

It realizes the Self;

When it transcends all the states three,

It enters the Jagratatita State;

There it is Pure (Suddha).

2303 Vision of Void

Give up anger (Egoity)

As far as you can;

Direct your thoughts (Godward)

As far as it goes;

If with Lord's Grace

You slumber (in contemplation)

Day and night,

Even mountains will break;

And you shall vision the Void interminable.


2304 Merge in Silentness, Senses Withdrawn

Deep in the Well of Silentness (Mauna)

Is a turtle--Jiva--(with Malas Five withdrawn)

If from Truth you deviate not,

And in (It) merge entire,

You shall indeed live

A thousand years beyond the turtle.

2305 Experience of Higher States Brings Immortality

Air, fire, water, earth and space,

Hari, Rudra, Mahesvara, Brahma and Sadasiva,

They who transcend these elements and Gods five

And into Higher States enter,

Will never death see;

Thoughts none other will they have

Except be of God.

2306 Jiva Son of Siva

Jiva is the son,

All the hoary scriptures thus say;

That they know not

The Jiva indeed is the Son of Hara;

For, without Jiva,

None the Tattvas five times five be.

2307 In Turiya is bliss Exceeding

Unto being born, living, and dying

Are the experiences three

Of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States;

When Jiva reaches Turiya State,

And there abides,

Exceeding Pure he becomes,

And infinite bliss he enjoys.

2308 From Turiya State No Return to Tattvas

All within him (Jiva),

And he in all without;

Thus if Jiva

The Turiya State experiences,

No more shall it return

To Tattvas six times six;

Divine Knowledge (Bodha)

It will attain;

And so reach Siva-State.

2309 Yet in Turiya, Karmic Effects Are

Well may you iron

From fire remove;

The iron still retains

The effect of fire (experience);

So too,

Even if sense organs

Are in Turiya State extinguished

The impure effect of Karmic acts

Will still there be.

2310 In Turiyatita State All Malas Disappear Entire

In the burning state of Jagra avasta

Diverse are the (Jiva's) experiences;

Give them up, give them up entire;

And with Grace of Nandi

That is Veda embodied,

You shall reach the Atita State

Bereft of Malas;

Then shall you the very Para be.

2311 Relapse Into Sakala State and Redemption by Grace

Those who have reached

The Suddha Atita-State

If to the Sakala State relapse,

Lord's Grace, them leave not;

Still standing close to Lord,

They enjoy not pleasures of world;

And at the end, Samadhi entering,

They in Lord as one unite;

--All these by Grace ultimate.

2312 All Are Acts of Grace

He parted Himself

In halves two;

He created the cluster of Tattvas

That to body pertain;

He let me be into births and places several;

He took me into inert Arul Kevala State,

And there left me,

The Lord in me uniting.

2313 Power of Grace

The toy whirl of leaves made

The fire wheel of torches made,

The billowy waves of the blue sea,

The curd that stands with the churn

--All these are by some other force moved;

So too, the Jiva pushed by Malas,

Enter hell, heaven and earth

And stand sore troubled;

--All these away vanished

When Grace does descend.

2314 In Jiva-Siva Union All Fade

When that State is attained,

Where the Self becomes Siva,

The Malas, the Pasas diverse,

Gunas and experiences

That arose for the estranged Jiva,

Will all, all, fade,

Even as does the beams of the moon

In the presence of the rising sun.

2315 When Jiva Becomes Pervasive as Siva

Within them,

(Who have attained Siva-State,)

There is fire, water and air;

The sun and the moon are there seated;

Hari, Brahma and Rudra

Are also in their heart.

2316 Attain Jnana and Enter Heavenly Home

He who, the elephants of senses five subdues,

Lights the lamp of Jnana

And entering its radiance,

Drives the darkness within;

For him

It is easy

To ascend the Heavenly Home (Siva Loka).

2317 Dance of Siva Seen Within

The moving breeze

That the Dancing Feet wafts;

The vibrant sound

That the Damaruka drum emitts;

The celestial music,

That the chanting Vedas and Agamas produces;

All these in nadis within I experienced.

2318 Self-Knowledge is True Knowledge

The effect of goodly tapas

In past performed,

Can with knowledge

In present be discerned;

Self-knowledge is knowledge true,

The rest is but knowledge demented.

2319 In Actionless Contemplation Divine Message Comes

To be actionless is Siva's bliss;

They who are actionless

Seek not Siva Yoga;

They who are actionless

Will not in world merge;

Only to them who are actionless

Is the Divine message to be.

2320 In Samadhi Jiva Unites in Siva

They who attain Samadhi

They and He one become;

Sundered will be Malas,

Vanished the Jiva-State;

Their body (as Divine Light)

Will in Siva's World be;

They in Siva unite

Devoid of blemishes eight.

2321*36Pedda or Jiva Mukti

At the eternal Feet of Hara,

The Sakti appears;

And as it appears

The interminable darkness

Of Jiva disappears,

And Light dawns;

And Jiva perserveres incessant

In the way of time-honoured Jnana

And thus reaches the State of Pedda (Jiva) Mukti.

2322 Jiva Knowledge is Doubt-Tossed; Siva Knowledge is Light Divine

As the Sakti aids the Jiva

In Boddha as well as Mukti

Jiva that is doubt-tossed in the first,

Becomes doubt-free in the second;

And in that condition

Sakti grants its divine instrument

Of Jnana to Jiva;

That verily is the abiding Light

That transcends Jiva's flickering light.

2323 By Grace Jiva Becomes Knower

Devoid of knowledge

Are Tattvas thirty and six;

The Self that knows

I know not;

"You shall know"

Thus blessed Nandi;

Then I knew

That I am the Knower.

2324 Jnana Siva and Jnana Sakti Appeared

He who transformed me into Himself,

He, the Lord of Jnana,

The First of Celestials,

The peerless gem's

Light Resplendent;

And She, Sakti-Grace

Of Jnana Pure,

She, the Immaculate

--Them I saw in this fleshly body.

2325 Love, Jnana, and Bliss of Siva-Sakti

Light and Darkness

Are Parai (Sakti), and the Love within Parai;

Transcend the Self;

Beyond is Love that is Grace,

Transcend the Mala Darkness

Beyond is Light that is Jnana;

Transcend them too;

Then is the Gift that is Siva's-Bliss.

2326 Mahavakyam--Samadhi Jnana Finite7In the Bliss of Grace

That Siva-Sakti confers,

Let Jiva

In final Samadhi enter;

If thus as the end of fleshly body

Jiva realizes the inner awareness,

It shall attain the finite Lordly (Siva) State;

--This, the Word Exalted (Mahavakyam).

2327 Tell Them, Who Know and Yet Know Not

No use telling

Those who are in ignorance steeped;

No use telling

Those who are in Jnana filled;

Tell only them

Who know and yet know not;

Then will they know

And Self-realize.

2328 Suddhas Reach Mauna State


The Sat, Asat, and Sat-Asat,

The Jiva becomes

The Chit, Achit, and Siva-Chit;

Those that reach that Turiya State

Where neither Suddha (Pure) or Asuddha (Impure) Maya is,

They verily are the Suddhas (Pure ones);

Transcending the States three,

(Sat, Asat and Sat-Asat)

They reach Silentness, surpassing.

2329 Higher Knowledge is Beyond Self-Knowledge

By himself Jiva knows not;

Yet is he not without (Higher) knowledge;

The knowledge he himself has

Is Sat-Asat;

When the two as Grace descend

Then he knows himself,

And with Siva one becomes.

2330 Master Tattva-Knowledge and Attain God-Knowledge

Only for them who master

The knowledge of Tattvas, (Tattva-Jnana)

Will the Higher Knowledge (God-Knowledge) be;

In that Higher Knowledge,

The Self with Siva one becomes;

Then has begun the Bliss of God-Knowledge.

2331 Self-Knowledge Leads to Jnana-Mudra

When Jiva attains Self-Knowledge,

Then he one with Siva becomes;

The Malas perish;

Birth's cycle ends;

Then will goodly Mukti be;

The lustrous light of Jnana;

And the Impress of Divine Knowledge too (Chin Mudra).

2332 Maunis Receive Jnana Mudra

Jnana (Knowledge) is His Form;

Kriya (Action) is His middle part;

Ichcha (Desire) is His life beat;

--Thus is His Aspect

Of the Uncreated Being (Tatpara);

He is as the seed of

The five acts He performs

(Of creation, preservation, dissolution, obfuscation and redemption)

And so,

The Maunis (in silentness seated) received

The Mudra (Impress of God-Knowledge) that is Jnana.

2333 Lord Acts From Within Jiva

For Jiva,

Jnana Sakti gives Knowledge

Ichcha Sakti gives Desire

Kriya Sakti gives Action

All these are subtle;

He who grants these to Jiva

Is Lord Himself,

And not Jiva;

It is Lord that acts from within Jiva.

2334 Siva Acting Through Mayas is Eternal and Beyond

Action, Desire and Jnana of Jivas

With Siva acting within

Are work of Mamaya and Maya (Impure and Pure);

But beyond the Void of Cause-Effect,

Is Siva,

Eternal and of Peace Exceeding (Santa-atita).

2335 Lord Who is Beyond-Beyond is Yet Life of Life

Immanent is He

In Real, the Unreal and all;

He is Lord

That is the Real, Unreal and Real-Unreal;

Beyond, beyond speech is He;

Hasten and realize,

He will be the Life of your life.

2336 Scorch Desires Worldly

Sakti (Ichcha) infuses desires

And haresses Jiva;

Jnana (Sakti) scorches them

And destroys them;

As She who infuses desires into Jiva

Is within,

Do you scorch your worldly desires,

And attain the State Exalted.

2337 Rid of Malas

They who with Siva unite

Are of Malas Five rid;

They who do not unite thus

Are of dark Malas Five possessed;

Destined are they to be born

On Earth, Heaven and Hell;

None know,

All these from His Grace results.

2338 All Acts Are of Lord's Grace

They who are caught

By forces of Maya twine (Pure and Impure)

Do things according;

They who are caught

By forces of Jnana

Act appropriate;

They who are caught

By forces of world desires

Behave that way;

--All these they do

Are acts of Lord's Grace.

2339 Wealth of Holiness Leads to Union in Siva

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Are not for dark Hell destined;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Are not for delicious heaven too;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Depart from Mala's huddle;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Depart from all things unworthy;

And so Siva become.

2340 Knowledge of What is God's, What is World's Comes from Grace

Ignorant are they

Who do not know

What is God's

And what is World's;

Only they are wise

Who both these know;

When both these they know,

By His Grace,

They shall of His Grace know;

Both these are.

2341 Grace of Sakti Leads to Siva

As fire and heat

Are Siva and Sakti;

With Him as Substance

She, Jiva's awareness espouses;

Darkness and Light She is;

She pervades too Malas Three;

And then by Light of Grace

She makes Jiva the very Siva.

2342 States of Grace-Receiving Differ7As the sun rises,

The lotuses wake;

But some bloom,

And some do not;

That happens

As their differing conditions are;

Even though sun's beams

Alike strike them,

The differing effects

Are result of

Differing states of Grace.

2343 All Forms of Knowledge Proceed From Grace

Bheda (Difference), Abheda (Non-difference)

And Bheda-Abheda (Difference-Non-difference),

Knowledge native,

Knowledge that comes of learning,

And God-Knowledge;

Nada, (Sound)

And the Nada-Beyond-Nada, (the Nadanta that is Beyond-Beyond Sound)

All these come by Grace of the Holy One.

2344 Play of Hara's Grace

Unto the artificial elephant

On stilt played,

Is the play of Hara's Grace;

With the aid of elements (Tattvas), it sways Jiva,

And makes it dance this way and that,

And consigning it to life and worldly ways,

Infuses the Light of Jnana

And finally plants it (Jiva) in Life of Grace;

All, all, the work of Grace.

2345 When Tattvas Are Transcended, Grace Descends and Union in Siva Takes Place

He, Jiva,

Abandoning Tattvas six times six

Realized the Self;

He the Finite became

And pervaded,

He (Jiva) in them (Tattvas) and they in him;

Yet transcending them

He passed into the Beyond;

And as Grace descends on him

He doubt-free Jnana attained

And Siva became.

2346 Mount the Steed of Sivajnana and Reach God

The love of Holy Feet

That is beyond reach,

By Grace he reaches;

Then by way appropriate journeying,

He rouses the mighty steed of Sivajnana

And mounting it passes beyond,

And so reaching Siva Himself.

2347 The Evolved Souls Who Reached Siva's Grace

Those who reached Siva

Are the Charanars, Siddhas, and Samadhi Yogis

The Jnanis who in God-Truth stood,

The Anandas who in love adored,

And Nathas--all, blessed of Grace Divine.

2348 Suddha State Knows No "I" and "He" Difference

They speak of States two,

"I" and "He"

But there is a State

Where "I" and "He" are undifferentiated;

Those who are in the Higher Kevala (inert) State

Will not the difference cognise;

Effacing Self,

And He and Self as one uniting,

Is the State of Suddha (Pure).

2349 Seek Siva Within the Self

The Great souls that realize Siva

That is Self within,

Will seek forth Siva in the Self;

They who do not reach Siva in the Self,

Will reach Siva never.

2350 Go and Seek Siva in the Proper Way

Lament not

That you know Him not;

Go the proper way

And you shall meet Him;

He who as Lights twine (Sakti and Siva)

Creates all,

As one Light in my heart is united.

2351 God is Immanent and Yet Jiva Sees not

One the clay,

Many the pots made of it;

One the Lord,

Immanent in Creation all;

The eyes see things diverse,

But they see not the eyes;

So too is Lord to Jiva.

2352 Think of Siva and Draw Unto Him

Standing within,

He protects the worlds seven;

The goodly one who in love praises Him,

Close upon Him;

They who think not of Siva

Loud sob in distress;

How can those

Who center not their thoughts in Him

Ever, ever reach Him?

2353 Divine Swan Becoming

They who see not the Self within

Will see not the Goal without;

They who see not the Self within

Will incarnate bodies several;

Unite in Lord, the Self effacing;

And in knowledge undifferentiated

You the "Divine Swan" (I-and-He united) became.

2354 Limits of Human Knowledge

When the Lady of Celestials (Sakti)

In Maya stands,

Is it body or soul

That joys in the bliss?

The men who think they know all,

Know not why they are born, and why they die.


2355 Importance of Self-Knowledge

With knowledge of Self

No harm there be;

Without knowledge of Self

Himself His (Jiva) harm be;

When knowledge

That knows the Self dawns,

Yourself Siva becomes,

Worshipped high.

2356 Lord on His Celestial Throne

There on the Throne leonine,

Adored by the mighty Celestials,

Was Siva Seated;

And the Lady of tresses exuberant,

With bangles of conch-shell

And anklets resounding

Sang "Hail My Lord."

2357 Siva's Form is Jnana

I knew not,

Siva's Form is Jnana;

Nandi by His Grace taught me

Siva's Form is Jnana,

I sought Jnana's Form

And in that knowledge

I remained.

2358 Jnana Alone Knows Jnana

Jnana has no death, nor birth;

Jnana has ground none but Jnana;

It is Jnana that knows Jnana

Thus they conclude, in the ultimate, Vedas all.



Jnana has ground none but Jnana;

It is Jnana tha

2359: Seat of Jnana Within

Above the flower of the heart, (Visuddha Adhara)

Is a flower of petal sixteen,

There is Jnana Pure,

Sivananda (Siva-Bliss) it is;

When jnana of Self

In it merged

Jiva united in Siva

And as one remained.

2360: Lord Blessed Me

To them that firm-fixed Him in thought

As Grace of Sakti

He hastened;

I praised Him;

The Lord too appeared

His Golden Form revealing;

I held fast to Him knowing Jiva Jnana,

Then are Anima and other Siddhis (eight);

Nandi thus knew

Jiva Jnana as Siva Jnana.

2362 Dividing Line Between Knowledge and Ignorance

"Jnana, Jnana," thus laments this world,

They know not,

Jnana of Jiva is Jnana none; but ignorance;

When Divine Jnana overlays Jiva Jnana,

They both Pure Jnana are;

Thus much is it after all,

Between Knowledge and Ignorance.

2363 Transcend Knowledge and Ignorance and Reach Siva Jnana

Knowledge and Ignorance

Both transcending,

Abandoning senses five,

And immanent becoming,

Himself as Jnana,

And Jnana's pervasiveness

Jiva stands.

2364 Heart of Jnani

The heart of Jnani is Expanse Vast;

The heart of Jnani is Tapas rare;

The heart of Jnani is Lord's abode;

There He stood, in the heart of Jnanis.

2365 Siva Stands Close to Jiva

The Lord He is

Hari, Brahma and Rudra;

He is the Seed

Of the corporeal world;

Distant, and near is He;

He is sugar cane-sweet and ambrosia divine;

Thus He stands close to Jiva.

2366*36Know Self and Be With God

All these days,

I knew not the Self;

When I knew the Self,

Nothing else I knew;

When I knew the Self,

He left me not

And within me He enquires

Of my welfare in loving care.

2367 Seek Pure Lamp

The Maya's Lamp is flickering,

It burns and dies;

The Pure Lamp steadily burning;

The body's Lamp within heats;

The Distant Lamp I seek.

2368 Seek God

I seek in directions eight and two,

I seek, in goodness, the Feet of Lord

I sing, "Param is my Refuge"

I unite in Him, in mind's fulness.

2369 Jiva's Journey to Liberation is Lord's Play

In the Primal Play of Lord

Were Jivas created;

Enveloped in mighty Malas were they;

Discarding them,

They realized the Self,

And besought the Feet

Of their hoary Lord;

Thus, they Siva became

With birth no more to be.


2370 Six Ends Ultimate

The End of Veda (Vedanta)

The End of Siddhanta Exalted,

The End of Nada (Nadanta),

The End of Bodha (Bodhanta)

The End of Yoga (Yoganta)

Of branches eight,

The End of Kalas (Kalanta)

--These the Ends Six, the Ultimates Finale.

2371 Souls Rid of Malas Will Know the Six Ends

The Pure ones of Malas rid

Will the Ends six know;

The Impure ones in Malas bound

Will the Ends Six know not;

They who know not the Ends Six

Will not know Lord,

He that is End and Beginning.

2372 Ends of Vedanta and Siddhanta

"I am the Supreme One," says Vedanta,

"I shall become the Supreme One," says Siddhanta;

In Turiya State they realize the Self

And in Siva Yoga they unite in Parapara Sweet;

Rid of Malas

They the Rare Goal attain.

2373 Truth of Siddhanta

Daily living in Para's thought,

Freed from Tattvas

Beginning with the Five (Sound, taste, smell, touch and sight);

Contemplating beyond

Where the Suddha and Asuddha (Mayas) pursue not,

Reaching thus Para that is Lord,

That, verily, is the Truth of Siddhanta.

2374 The Ultimate State in Jiva's Journey

Beyond Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra,

Beyond Maheswara and Sadasiva,

Beyond Para Bindu and Para Nada,

Beyond Tattvas Thirty and Six,

When all these are transcended,

The Jiva is left alone with Siva.

2375 Nadanta Bodhanta States

Jiva transcending

The tribulations of Tattvas

Six times six,

Reaches the Nadanta;

Ascending still beyond,

It encounters darkness of Anava;

When that is dispelled,

The peerless Divine Jnana dawns;

That indeed is Jnana (Bodha)

That Nadanta beyond reached.

2376 Yoganta State

Seeking Iyama and Niyama

And then going beyond

Enter into Samadhi;

There Jiva reaches Para Siva;

And Param becoming

All desires abandoned,

Realizes Upasantha

That verily is the Truth of Yoganta.

2377 Kalanta State

When the goal is Truth of Kalanta,

This then is the way:

Ascend Kalas (five) Nivritti, and the rest

And Medha and the rest ten and six;

There encounter Bindu;

In it do merge and vivid know

The Truth of Kalanta.

2378 Five Other Ways Dear to Siva

These paths apart,

There are five other,

That lead to the Light

For them who seek;

Dear unto Siva are the Five

--Mantra, Tantra, Serenity (Samadhi Yoga), Upadesa and Jnana.

2379 Tantra, Mantra Upadesa

Beginningless are AgamaVedas

Tantra is to act their way,

Mantras are of the mind and beyond the body;

Upadesa is the teaching of Siva-Jnana.

2380 Jnana

The way of Self-Jnana

Is to be one with Siva;

In the Kalanta

Devotional love disappears;

Sans speech, sans sentience

Jiva becomes Being Great

Unto Nandi Himself,

That is beyond speech and thought.

2381 Serenity in Samadhi

In Samadhi Jiva with Siva

One becomes;

In Kalanta, in Nadanta, in Yoganta

And in Bodhanta and Siddhanta

Is Jnana reached

Of Knowledge, the Known and the Knower

One uniting.

2382 The Six Ends Merge in Jnana

In that Jnana, (Divine Knowledge)

The Six Antas (ends) merge;

That Jnana (Knowledge) in the Knower (Jnani) merges;

When Knowledge in the Knower merges;

Then dawns Mauna (Divine Silentness)

That is Siva-Bliss.

2383 Of the Kalai Sixteen

Unmanai Kala ends in the Sixteenth,

Unmanai Kalanta ends beyond in the Seventeenth;

When Unmanai Kala is reached

Then is Nadanta;

Unmanai Kala is verily a goal great.

2384 Lord Revealed Truth of Vedanta-Siddhanta

Having been blessed by Grace of Sakti,

That Siva espoused,

The Holy Nandi, that is Lord of Celestials,

Granted His Feet;

Beckoning me to Him

He revealed the Truth Exalted

Of Vedanta-Siddhanta,

--Him, the Lord, meditate on.

2385 The Truth of Vedanta-Siddhanta is the Truth of Agamas

To each according to his understanding

The Lord reveals Truth of His Agamas;

Beyond and penetrating

The Prakriti Maya (impure) and Mamaya (pure-impure)

--Is the doctrinal Truth of Vedanta-Siddhanta.

2386 Vedanta and Siddhanta Know No Differences

In the imprint of Vedanta and Siddhanta,

There is difference none;

Bodhanta is Jnana (Divine Knowledge);

Yoganta is Jneya (the Known)

Nadanta is Dawning of Bliss

The finale imprint

Is in Silentness (Mauna) Immersed-to-be.

2387 Tvampada, Tatpada, Asipada Goals

Vedanta goal transcends

The seven Upathis (experiences)

(That are the Caused (Kariya);)

Nadanta goal rids of Pasa

And reaches to Thompatha State (Tvam-Pada);

Beyond are Causal (Karana) Upathis seven;

Above which is Tatpada of Para Real,

That Bodha leads to;

Beyond still is Asipada.

2388 Transcendental Nature of Siva

Transcending Universes Seven

And the Beyond

Is the Great Light;

Lord is Light of that Light,

Of yore, He with Parasakti stood;

There He stands lofty, all by Himself,

He, Our Lord.

2389 Lord Engrosses All Existence

Center on Kundalini in Muladhara

That Guru by his power taught,

Perform acts

That lead to God,

Sing in full His holy praise,

Thus worship Him,

Then shall you meet the Being One

Who, existence interminable, engrosses.

2390 God is One Formless Being

They think not of the Being One,

They think not of the Jiva,

They think not of Karmas two, (Good and Bad)

They think not of Mayas two, (Pure and Impure)

The One Being within

Stands as Sentience and fosters,

Formless is He,

He supports all.

2391 Siva's Concern For His Devotees

In His devotees is Siva seated

Into them He brings in

The Saktis that are of Siva

Then in His mighty Presence they (Saktis) act;

There the devotees remain ever

Immersed in Siva Bliss.

2392 Tvam Pada, Tat Pada, Asi Pada (Sayujya)

In the Vedanta Way

The Jiva (Pasu) reaches Tvam Pada State

(The Two--I and He--together are)

Then follows Nadanta the goodly State

Where Pasa is rid;

Then follows Bodhanta that reaches to Tatpada State

Where I and He in one union is;

Siva Sayujya is the Goal Beyond

That follows.

2393 Of the Six Ends Vedanta and Siddhanta Alone Show the Path to Siva-Becoming


Is the goal of Vedanta and Siddhanta

The rest four Ends lead not to Siva-Becoming,

--Siva that is Sadasiva--

And so it is that Vedanta and Siddhanta

Are wondrous Ways indeed.

2394 Jivan Mukti in Siddhanta

In Siddhanta is attained

Jivan Mukti (Liberation in this body);

Those who stood in Siddhanta

Have verily reached the Mukti State;

As Siddhanta-Vedanta

Leads to the Goal of Siva-Becoming,


Is the Path Exalted.

2395 Beyond Jiva Turiya and Para Turiya is Siva Turiya

In the Vedanta-Siddhanta Way

Beyond Siva aspects in Param and in Jiva

Arises the Jnana

In Pure State of Experience (Turiyatita)

That verily is Siva State ultimate

Only those who in Tapas stood

Realized Siva Truth (Tattva).

2396 All States Are Tattvas or Steps Only to Siva-Sayujya

The Form and Formless States

Are alike Tattvas;

The Bindu, Nada and Sadasiva too

Are Tattvas verily;

So too is Jiva's (Tvam Pada and Tat Pada);

Tattva truly is where Tatpara is in Siva-Sayujya.

2397 Veda and Agama Alike Revealed by God

Veda and Agama alike

Are revelations of God,

That is Truth;

The one is general

The other special;

Their goals two, they say;

Search them both,

For the truly learned,

There is difference none.

2398 Beyond Bliss of Voids is the Bliss of Siva Dance

All transcendental states of bliss

That Jiva experiences

Are, alike, Siva-bliss (Sivanandam);

The Three Higher States of Transcendental Bliss

Are States that come out of the three Voids;

The Bliss that comes of Mudras appropriate

Is the Bliss of Siva's Dance within;

It is the State that fills Soul in rapture.

2399 Kalanta Leads to Siva as Panchantaka

Kalanta and Nadanta

Are Ends (goals) two;

As they are reached

The five Kalas (of Siva Tattva) are attained;

So the Lord that arises there

Is as Panchantaka known

Thus He spake in Vedas and Agamas.

2400 Beyond Kalanta Vedanta-Siddhanta Leads to Yoganta and to Dance-Bliss

Wait not for the day

To vision the Five Kalantas;

Take to the Way of

Vedanta-Siddhanta, that one are;

Then will you reach the Yoganta,

And there will you envision the Feet

Of the Eternal Dancer,

That is Siva.

2401 Truth of Vedanta is Jiva Mingling in Siva

Jiva that is eternal

Freed of Malas Five

Passes beyond Tattvas;

There it realizes the Self Eternal;

Then the Primal Mala of Anava

Withers away,

And with that the Tattva-atita State ensues

There one with Siva becoming is

Like water with milk indistinguishably intermingled;

That, verily, is the Truth of Vedanta.

2402 Tvam-Tat-Asi State is Goal of Vedanta-Siddhanta

Jiva, Para and Siva--the States Exalted

Continuous know;

You then reach the State, Tvam-Tat-Asi;

There, actionless are you;

All Jnana are you;

Thus be merged;

--So says Vedanta-Siddhanta.

2403 Siddhanta Agamas Are Filled With Vedic Wisdom

The mantram "Soham"

That Vedantins intone

Is but Siva Yoga

That is exalted;

Thus said Siddhanta;

Verily is it apparent

That Agamas are scriptures

With Vedic Wisdom filled.

2404 Out of Vedas and Agamas Evolved Vedanta-Siddhanta

Two are the scriptures

That Lord Siva

In the Beginning revealed,

--The Primal Vedas and the Perfect Agamas;

The Vedas and Agamas,

In gradualness appropriate

Evolved Vedanta-Siddhanta

That is great, great indeed.


2405 Pati, Pasu, and Pasam--All Three Eternal

Beginningless is Jiva that of Knowledge speak

Beginningless is Lord, the source of all Knowledge,

Beginningless is Pasam, that binds knowledge

When God-Knowledge dawns,

No more will birth be.

2406 When Pasas Leave

Countless are Jivas (Pasu)

From Brahma downward;

Three are the Pasas (bonds)

That bind Jivas;

When bonds of Pasa are sundered,

And Jiva-nature altered,

Jivas will cling to Lord

And never leave Him.

2407 Prayer Takes Jiva to States Beyond Three Pasas

Even with Pasas (three),

Attainments three can be;

Daily contemplate on Jnana

That moves you to the goal ultimate,

Unintermittent do pray;

Praying thus,

Yours will be a Light that shall beam

As from a hill-top high.

2408 Why Pasas--To Seek God

He who the bonds made (you bind),

He, Nandi, of spreading matted locks,

In love endearing they (Jnanis) think of;

Thinking, they shrink from Pasas

And Godward seek;

Lo! for this it is why

He placed them (Jivas) in Pasas.

2409 After Pasas Atita Plane

As the poison that has been extracted

No longer ascends the body,

He who the truth of Pasu-Pasa saw and shed them

Will not in them again be,

He stands apart;

He scorches them

In the states of Primal Kevala (inertness)

And living Sakala;

Then enters the Atita Jagrat plane.

2410 To Freedom Eternal From Bondage Eternal

The Lord you seek is Eternal

So too is Jiva and Pasa;

None know the nature of Lord Eternal;

He it is, Nandi,

That granted knowledge

Of Freedom Eternal

From Bondage Eternal

To Saiva Siddhantins that seek Him true.

2411 Pati-Pasu-Pasam Relationship Symbolised in Temple

The Pati (Lord) is the blessed Siva Linga,

The Pasu (Jiva) is the mighty bull in front stands,

The Pasa (Bond) is the altar;

Thus in the temple

The Lord stands

For them that searching see.

2412 Lord Teaches Truth of Pasu-Pasam

The Lord daily teaches you

The truth of Pasu-Pasam;

The Lord leads the Way;

To those who realize truth of Pasu-Pasam

The Lord removes entire

The bonds of Pasu-Pasam,

--But Himself stands untouched by Pasu-Pasam.

2413 Lord Placed Pati-Pasu-Pasam Truth in Suddha Saiva Thought

The truth of

Pati, Pasu and Pasam,

The beatitude of Mukti,

The Way of Liberation

From bonds of Pasu-Pasam,

--All these the Great Nandi of Bliss

That wears the crescent moon

Placed in Suddha Saiva thought,

In praise worthiness surpassing.

2414 The Three Classes of Jivas Created According to Degrees of Knowledge

Everywhere are the three Jivas,

Of knowledge possessed;

The timeless Lord of Divine Knowledge, too,

Is everywhere,

Pervading Jivas three;

And so to each according to his desert,

He created them, three.

2415 How Pasas Arise in the Order of Creation

This the way

The Primal Creation was;


Acting on Siva-Sakti

Puts Jivas to Kevala Slumber

Then, the Unborn Being

Acting on Sukshma (Subtle) Maya

Rouses them to activity;

Finally, the Para

Acting on Pure Maya

Conjoins Malas to Jivas.

2416 Creation Continues

The act of Creation continues;

With the Suksma Maya that from Para arose

The Five High;

Bindu, Nada, Sakti, and Siva

In the Sukshma also arose the five-faced God

That the Five Acts perform,

(Creation, Preservation, Dissolution, Obfuscation and Redemption)

--He, the Isanan Pure.

2417 Creation Further Continued

Para Siva, Sakti and Nada

Para Bindu, the Five-faced Sadasiva

And Mahesa

And Rudra, Mal and Brahma

--Thus in order were they created,

All by Hara.

2418 Five Acts Eternal

Creation, Preservation, and Dissolution,

(That for Jivas grant rest from birth-and-death whirl)

Obfuscation and Grace

(That redeem Jiva after life below)

These, for Sakala souls He filled;

All these acts Five,

Beginningless His are.

2419 Creation of Tattvas7Tattvas six into six,

He placed in Kundalini

And divided the Maya into categories three

And with the last of them (Prakriti Maya)

Forged the (Tattvic) instruments;

Then were let in the Pasas to Jiva belong

He, the Pati (Lord), who apart is.

2420 Creation of Experiences for Jiva

The Pasu-Pasam thus released,

When it overcomes Jiva

Pati works out his redemption;

And receives him into His Grace,

Having made him experience Karmas two,

He consigns him into hell and heaven;

And as days pass,

Jiva acquires love of God--(Pati-Pasam)

In which am I steeped.

2421 Anava Gives Longing for Pleasures and Maya Supplies Them

In Pasam that binds,

Anava is I-ness;

And possessed of it,

The Jiva longs for Mayaic pleasure experiences;

Then on him descends heavenly Grace;

That indeed the Way

His Holy Feet to reach.

2422 Grace Works Out Purity

Not only is Grace

The means to Lord's Feet,

It is the source too

For desires to end,

And purification to attain;

Even as the cloth's dirt is removed

By earth-dirt (saline earth),

Pati-Pasam Grace works out

Jiva's purity.

2423 Pati-Pasam Leads to Pasu-Pati

Jivas that in Pati-Pasam (Arul Pasam) stand,

Reaches the Para State;

Jivas that in Pasu-Pasam stand,

Are but Pasus (in worldly ways);

As Jivas in Pati-Pasam stand,

Attain Para State,

Jivas in Pati-Pasam continous standing

Verily become Pasu-Pati (Lord of Jivas).

2424 Siva-Guru Teaches the Four Rishis

The Tapasvins (four) sought of yore

The Way (of Truth) from the Lord;

He, the Gracious One,

Gave them answer by Divine Gesture (Chin mudra);

And as with their hands they held fast to His feet,

They reached the Way of Truth, their Self-realizing.


2425 Feet are Grace; Head is Jnana

Neither head nor foot they know

Miscreants they are;

The Feet the Holy say

Are the Grace of Sakti;

The Head the Holy say

Is Jnana

That with First Cause unites;

When to Jiva the Feet of Grace

Shows the Head of Jnana

Then shall Liberation be.

2426 Head and Feet Are Within

They know not

The Head and Foot (of Lord) is within body,

The Head is in Sahasrara (Cranium)

The Foot in Muladhara;

Those who visioned thus in the Yogic way,

Remained in Prayer

Their heads bowed at Lord's feet.

2427 Greatness of Feet

He stood, heaven and earth encompassing,

That the mighty Asuras and Devas

May redemption know;

He who created this world

Is the Great Nandi;

His Feet, on my head, I bore.

2428 Only By God's Grace Jiva Can Know Him

Within my thoughts

Are my Father's Holy Feet;

At my Father's Holy Feet;

Are my thoughts centered

If my Father knows me not,

Neither will I my Father know.

2429 Lord Gave Jnana and Mantra

Beyond, beyond the Light

That defies description,

Is the place where

My loving Lord abides;

He showed me the Light (Jnana)

That is beyond thought;

He taught me the Mantra

That is beyond words;

His Holy Feet, adoring I stood.

2430 Wait and Pray; Lord Will Come to You

The Lord's Holy Feet

In your thoughts hold;

His flower-like Feet

In wisdom adore;

The Lord who carries Sakti on His body

With Ganga muffled in his russet matted locks

Will in time your salvation grant;

Do wait and pray.

2431 Grace is Granted According to Degree of Devotion

In the thoughts of those

Who hold Him steadfast,

Firm He stood, His Feet planted;

--He, the Lord of Celestials;

Those who thought not of Him,

He shunned;

To each according to his devotion

He His Grace grants.

2432 Go the Intense Way and Behold Lord's Feet Even Today

One the heart's lotus

Three the radiant flowers

Two the Father's Feet within;

Those who can discipline the body

In Yogic Kundalini Way

May well behold Him,

Even this day.

2433 Grace Leads to Holy State

Firm He planted His Feet on my head;

My fetters into fragments broke;

My heart's impurities were entire cleansed;

Milky-white pure it became;

The Lord then sought

To take me into His Fold;

What more can I say

Of my Holy State?

2434 God's Love For Man7The Lord loves Jivas as His children;

Well may they wallow in dirt and blemish;

He removes them and mends their ways;

Thus is God's love for Man;

To each according to his deeds

In compassion He bestows His care.


2435 The Truly Liberated

Three the blemishes

That harass Jiva alike,

And in darkness enveloped

He lies in stupor;

They who are from them liberated

Are the truly liberated;

Others, entangled in them,

Surely perish.

2436 Experiences in Liberation

Lust, anger and ignorance

I subdued;

And I waxed strong;

An ethereal bliss suffused me;

As though I was within the sound of "Aum"

Of a chiming bell, swinging struck.


2437 The Three States Lead to Siva-Becoming

Tvam-Padam, Tat-Padam and Asi-Padam

He who has these three states of liberation attained,

Has verily become Para-Para Himself;

No more birth shall be for him;

And when he departs

He shall indeed Siva be.

2438 Tvam-Pada is Beyond Nadanta State

Aim at Bodha State;

Discard elements and their diversities

(That Tattvas are composed of;)

And the ninety and six instruments of experience;

Transcend Nadanta State of glory;

Ascend beyond;

There indeed is the Tvam-Pada State,

The Truth Vedas speak of.

2439 Siva is Beyond the Three Padas

Beyond the States of Tvam-Pada and Tat-Pada

In the state of Asipada, Sakti wondrous stands;

But Siva remains still beyond,

Beyond the reach of speech

In unimaginable immanence

In all, in all.

2440 Asi-Pada Experience

When Jiva and Para

Reach Asi-Pada State

And in pervasive Siva merge,

Then as sweetness compounded

Of milk, honey, and ambrosia

Will He in the Silentness agreeable appear.

2441 Tvam-Tat-Asi

In States, Tvam-Pada, Tat-Pada and Asi-Pada

Jiva stands as Jiva, Para and Siva

In order respective;

Beyond them is the Svarupa Mahavakya (Supreme Word Manifest)


Revealing that Truth,

Nandi accepted me in His Grace.

2442 Yoga Way Also Leads to the Three States

Even some who know not the letters Fifty

Reach the States three above said;

They did by (directing) their breath in Yogic Way

Into Para;

Thus with Siva they one became.

2443 Turiyatita Experience

Transcending even thought of God

Is Atita State;

The sense organs (Indriyas) no more cognise

The Sound and the rest;

Pervasive Jiva becomes;

The Malas three, the Karmas two, the Jiva one,

The experiences (Avasthais) Five,

All these subside;

Thus subsiding, the Beginningless One wakes

Into the Turiyatita Jagra State.

2444 Experiences in Para Turiya

Beyond the Jagra (waking) in Paraturiya State

Is the Dream State within

That leads to Upasantha;

In the Sushupti State (of Para Turiya)

And in Turiya within Para Turiya

Is Siva reached;

Then indeed is Asi-Pada attained.


2445 Parallel Yoga Way

In the encircling Spheres Three within me,

The Primal Lord appears;

I reached Him and was in bliss immersed;

I clung to the tender vine of Kundalini Sakti

That she, Her Grace may shower.

2446 Lord Appears in love in Para Turiya

The Expanse vast of Para

As divine dance arena extended

Nandi there appeared

And stood and filled;

When He came in tender love

As cow that yearns for calf,

Beaming was Jiva,

As lamp upon hill-top placed.

2447 Beyond Para is Parasiva

Beyond Tattvas six times six

Is that Para;

When the unarticulated mantra

Is in Silentness chanted,

Then appears Siva Para,

That is still above;

He is the God

Of whom Vedas speak;

Then shall Divine Rapture well up in you;

Do foster it, and enlarge.

2448 Seek Lord in Intense Divine Desire and Become Siva

Shedding desires (worldly)

In intense (Divine) desire seek Him;

Yours shall be the Heavenly Kingdom of God (Param);

When you in intense (Divine) desire seek Him,

Shorn of desires (worldly),

Then shall the Knowledge of God be;

Only those who in intense (Divine) desire seek Him,

Bereft of desires (worldly),

Will (Param Param) Siva become.

2449 Pati-Pasam Leads to Para, Para Siva and Para Siva-Ananda

Cherish Pati-Pasam (God-love)

That is holy beyond holiness;

Then shall the transcendental Para be;

And then beyond Parasiva reached be;

Then shall the transcendental Siva Bliss (Parasivananda) be;

Jiva Becoming Siva is indeed Knowledge Divine.

2450 Beyond Kalanta is Tat-Para State (God-Union and Not God-Becoming Yet)

Transcend Kalas Five

In the Waking State (of Turiya) appear;

Reach the lonely State of Higher Kevala (inertness)

And there solitary be;

Bereft of sentience,

Ardent enter the (Turiya) atita State;

Then shall you the very Tat-Para be.

2451 In Tat-Para Union is Aum

The Purity State

That Self-Realization brought,

The Expansive State within it,

The Malas that affected Jiva before

All these passing,

Seek the Para-atita State

Where the Tatpara and the time-bound Jiva that Para became

Commingle into one letter

That with "A" begins; "Aum."


2452 Para Jiva that Had Become Tat-Para, Jiva, Now Merges in Siva Himself

He, Nandi, is within Atita

And Beyond it;

He, Jiva that had Para-Jiva become

Is within Atita

Yet Jnana (Full) without;

The Para Jiva attaining Jnana

And rid of dark Ignorance

Will with God (Pati) One be.

2453 Nature of Pati

The Pati (Lord) has

Neither Beginning nor End;

He is Divine Light Resplendent;

He is seen and yet unseen;

Those who attain Jnana

Of that Para

Are Holy indeed.

2454 He Dances in Void and Lurks Inside the Deep Well of Pranava

Transcending Turiya

And entering Turiyatita,

Is the endless Void;

There vision the mighty Lord

That dances eternal;

They who can peer

Into the deep well of Pranava (Aum) within,

And glimpse Him

Will no more birth have.

2455 Jiva's Purification

In contact with color red

White, too, becomes red;

Unto it it is,

When Jiva purified (white)

Reaches Siva (that is red);

In Jnana's Void

That absorbs universes so unreal,

Siva stands high aloft

As a flag planted on Meru Mountain top.

2456 Lord Accepts Jiva in His Grace

Faded have they,

Kalas and other Tattvas (below);

Sundered were they,

The Mayas two, left behind;

And after taking me into the baptismal font of Jnana,

He made me in Him unite;

Dispelling my fears

He accepted me in His Grace,

He, Nandi Holy.

2457 After Self-Realization is the Light Where No Self is

"Realize the Self,"

--So taught my Nandi;

When I realized the Self,

He placed me in place where the Self is unknown;

There the Light-Form arose,

And He granted me Himself,

Tat-Para I became.

2458 Siva's Immanence and Transcendence

Expanding and contracting,

Earth, water, space and wind,

Sun and Moon,

Pervasive and immanent,

Hara stood;

Supporting the firmament vast.

2459 Sakti Manifestations

From Sat (Siva) arose of Herself, Sakti,

In that State She as Tat-Parai stands;

In the Ichcha (Desire) State

She Para's Form materiality is;

Then Jnana Sakti and other forms

She assumes;

Thus acting in love surpassing

She daily, daily moves this world.

2460 Bindu Sakti Imparts Power to Cognitive Organs

From within Parai

Expanded Bindu Sakti;

From above descending, to here below,

It imparted sentience to the cognitive Organs four,

--This the story of Jivas,

That inherent no sentience has.

2461 Maya, Little Light Leading to Great Light

Then separate arose Maya from Parai

And the Caused Tattvas and experiences six

The body is an heir to;

Feeling, breathing, eating, and sleeping

Are all enjoyments that Maya gives;

She is the little light within,

That kindles the Great Light to reach.

2462 Lord is Splendorous Light in the Void Beyond

The Primal Lord that is Tat-Para

Is Light Resplendent

He is Chit-Para, (Divine Jnana filled)

He is the Divine Sentience

That engrosses universe;

Enter in the Splendorous Light,

In the Void that is beyond words,

No more is there anything to compare.

2463 Risk to Suddha State Even in Turiyatita

The hoary scriptures say,

The expanding Space is His Body;

He wears the crescent moon;

Even after reaching the Turiyatita State,

If Jiva a victim to Causal Experiences (of Suddha Maya) falls.

He will Suddha (Pure) per se not be,

When you ask me.

2464 Pervasive Sakti is Pervasive Siva's Form

Space, air, fire, water and earth

He pervasive fills

He is Tat-Para of love infinite;

Sakti that is manifested

In space, air, fire, water and earth

Is but of His Form Divine.

2465 Contemplate in Yogic Way

To the Yogis of intense Tapas,

Contemplating on Mystic Meru Mount

In the radiant Sphere within,

In their rare Tapas

Siva's Grace, of itself, appears;

Move not from this way;

There is none other too.


2466 Three Turiyas--Jiva, Para and Siva; and Their Respective Reaches

Tvam Pada, Tat Pada and Asi Pada

The Turiya beyond (in Jagrat)

Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States

Is Jiva Turiya;

The Turiya beyond

The Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States (in the Jiva Turiya State)

In Para Turiya;

The Turiya further beyond (in the Para Turiya State)

Is Siva Turiya;

In these are reached

Tvam, Tat and Asi States respective.

2467 States of Consciousness in the Three Turiyas

In Jiva Turiya of Waking State

Is Tvam-Pada;

The end of Jiva Turiya is the beginning of Para Turiya Jagrat;

At the end of Para Turiya

Is Para Pada (Tat-Pada)

Three steps beyond,

In the fourth, is Siva Turiya (Asi Pada).

2468 Ten States of Consciousness in All--In the Three Turiyas

The four states of Jiva Turiya

And the four states of Para Turiya

And the four states of Siva Turiya

As the end of one Turiya is the beginning state of next

They really are states Ten.

2469 At the End of Ten is Union in Para Para

The Ten States are in the Turiyas Three;

Them as Ends, you proceed;

At the Final End is identity with Para Para

Connecting the States in the middle two each

(Jiva Turiya and Para Turiya Jagrat into one

And Para Turiya Turiya and Siva Turiya Jagrat into one.)

2470 If You Cannot Reach Turiya Land, Persevere Still

Reach the Turiya Land, and be there;

If you cannot reach it

Think of Lord in the Way scriptures speak of,

You shall reach the Truth

That is beyond beyond words.

2471 The Holy Way

Become Knowledge;

Away with Tattvas six times six

That Asat (unreal) are;

Crush the crowding Maya

With Lord's Grace;

Then will be the Divine Grace abiding;

That way, the holy ones knew.

2472 From Jiva Turiya to Para Turiya

The Fourth States of Jagrat

Is Turiya (Jiva Turiya);

There Jiva attains Tvam-Pada;

The Karmas end;

Again, commencing from Jiva Turiya

Is the Jagrat State in Para Turiya;

Reach Turiya in Para Turiya State,

There indeed is Tat-Pada State.

2473 On to the Third Turiya

As you reached Tvam-Pada and Tat-Pada,

So now enter the third Turiya State (Siva Turiya)

At its end is the Divine Light (Asi-Pada)

The Super-Subtlety (Suksma) that words can conceive not;

Beyond is Siva

Who as Nandi accepted me into His Grace.


2474 The Three Muktis Are Direct Experiences With Siva-Form

Jiva-Mukti is the Atita (Beyond Consciousness State);

Para-Mukti is Upasanta (Divine Peace);

Siva-Mukti is Ananda (Divine Bliss);

All three are Svarupa Muktis

That from Nadanta branchs

Where Pranava (Aum) as letters Three (A,U,M) are.

2475 Mukti is the Goal of Being One With Siva

They know not the goal of birth,

The Jiva who knows it

Will in Grace be;

Nothing here to be in home or outside,

Thus renouncing all,

Be one with Siva

That verily is Mukti.

2476 Way of So-Ham

Siva Becoming,

The Malas triple perishing,

The Gunas triple perishing,

The Muktis triple attaining,

One with Tattvas uniting

That the way of "So-ham" is;

Unto those who follow this Way

The Immaculate Siva Himself reveals.

2477 All Attainments, Work of Lord

Siddhi and Mukti,

And Suddhi that is Siva Pure,

And Sakti of Pure Bliss,

That extinguishes the Fires Three;

And the Samadhi Exalted

--All these the work of Divine Lord

Who thine bonds sunders.


2478 Beyond Triple Muktis is God

As you ascend,

Attenuate Malas Five

And espouse "So-ham"

That is Jnana filled;

And be liberated

Attaining Svarupa Mukti triple;

And in the End,

Vision Truth of Para (Siva) Eternal.

2479 Light in the Three Mansions

Three the Mansions

Three that reside there

In the Three merge the thirty-six (Tattvas)

The Light that rises from within the Three

May well the Jiva vision;

Then ended will birth's cycle be

That endless was.

2480 Lord's Vastness

The worlds tumbled,

The aeons passed,

The three Lights,

Sun, Moon and Fire

One became;

All in Benevolent Lord merged;

Who knows His vastness and greatness!

2481 God's Multiple Forms

The Primal One, the indivisible Great

Himself into several divided;

As Form, Formless and Form-Formless,

And as Guru, and as Sakti-Lord

In Forms numerous

He immanent in Jivas became

And transcendent too.

2482 Jiva Shines in Triple Mukti

In Triple Mukti Jiva receives Light Divine

With light and brillance infused,

The crystal as a gem shines;

Unto it is Jiva

When he attains Muktis Three

And Grace of Sakti Divine;

Hold to the Feet of Nandi

Who all these Graces ordained.

2483 Beyond Triple Mukti is Mudra of Jnana

With crystalline hue and radiant brilliance,

The Lord stands as a gem of purest ray serene;

Seek Him and reach the Mukti State Three;

Beyond is Void that defies speech,

There contemplate on Aum in Silentness

In that Mudra of Jnana

The final Grace is.

2484 Kundalini Yoga

He is the Light within the heart's crimson lotus;

If the Crimson Lotus within, Nada you reached,

You shall wake Kundalini Sakti;

And closing Muladhara where She imprisoned is,

Ascend upward (through Sushumna in Yogic breathing)

And open wide the gate above at cranium top.


2485 Jiva, Para and Siva Are One in Three Places

One person in places three functions

Yet may be as three different appear;

Unto this

Are Jiva, Para and Siva;

One are they

But in different places appear.

2486 How to Reach Siva State

Brighten the light within

To merge in the Light (without);

Through Sound potency in "Aum"

Rouse Prana breath within

To merge in the breath without (Cosmic Life);

Coursing it appropriate upward,

Merge the space within into Space without;

Clear shall you the Siva-State vision.

2487 Unmai Sakti Takes Over

He ended the pulsations of Karanas

By a sleight of hand, as it were--My Nandi

As the lovely Manonmani (Sakti) left,

Unmani (Sakti) no less lovely entered,

Do take to Her in Samadhi inward.


2488 Tvam-Tat-Asi

Tvam-Pada, Tat-Pada and Asi-Pada

All three states in Turiya arose;

In all three states one of Three stands

--Jiva, Para and Siva in order respective--

Together are they known

By the expression compounded,

That is, Tvam-Tat-Asi (Maha Vakiyam).

2489 Siva Appears Beyond Tvam-Tat-Asi

In the Three States Tvam Tat and Asi

Are the time-honored Malas Three--Kamiya and the rest

In the Three States Tvam Tat and Asi

Are the time-honored Gunas Three--Tamas and the rest

When these Malas and Gunas are seared,

Siva appears;

And as He appears, they fleet away,

As does darkness before moon's beam.

2490*2Tvam-Tat-Asi Becomes Tat-Tvam-Asi

Attain the State of Tvam-Tat-Asi

Through coursing breath (in Yogic Way)

Consider it as the Tenth State of (Turiya) experience;

Endless is that Experience;

Alter that expression so

That Siva (Tat) stands first

(That is Tat-Tvam-Asi, or Tatvamasi)

Thus meditate on it and ascend.

2491 As Tatvamasi, Practise Yoga

Thus altering the expression

Into Tatvamasi with Siva (Tat) first

Fix your thought on bliss of Svarupa;

And gently hold to your heart

The Pranava mantra (that is "Aum");

When Jiva thus practises Yoga

He realizes Truth

And stands, in Grace accepted.

2492 Thom-Tat-Asi is Celestisl Vakya

Tvam-Pada arises in Maya (Sakti)

Tat-Pada in comely Parai (Sakti)

Asi-Pada leads to Santhi (Kala)

That Vakya (expression) is verily of Celestials,

Thom-Tat-Asi by Yogic breathing attained.

2493 Jiva in Different Places and Times

Deva Datta is one and same person;

But through time and place he different appears;

Unto it,

If Jiva transcends time and place,

He and Siva one becomes (So-ham)

In Thom-Tat-Asi,

Jiva in body one with Primal Cause is;

Attaining True Jnana

Jiva becomes Para Siva.

2494 The Three Turiyas in the Three Letters A, U, M (Aum)

The Gunas Three, Tamas and the rest,

The Malas Three, Kamiya and the rest,

No more are;

A, U and the consonant M,

In those letters Three are Turiya Three

All these are of Thom-Tat-Asi, forsooth.


2495 Beyond Three Voids--Maya, Bodha and Upasanta

Experiencing the seven Caused States

The Maya Void is left behind;

Experiencing the seven Causal States

The Bodha Void is left behind;

Experiencing and sundering the Cause-Caused States (above)

The Upasanta Void is left behind;

Then alone is End Finale.

2496 Tat-Tvam-Asi End of Voids Three

The Maya Void is of Jiva;

The Bodha (Vyoma) Void is of Para;

The Upasanta Void (Vyapta) is

Where Jiva one with Siva-Sakti is;

All three Voids are of Pure Manifestness (Svarupa)

--The End of Tvam-Tat-Asi that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.

2497 Lord is in the Void Beyond the Three Voids

Of Himself, daily,

Nandi that rides the bull

Blesses you,

With impediment none;

And when I reach His Feet,

I cross the Void,

And in that Void

That imagination transcends

I merge.

2498 Paraparam is a Wondrous Land

That Void where Turiyas merge

Defies description

They call it Paramparam;

Thus they say who know not;

As Paramparam they worship it;

Who knows, what wondrous Land it is!

2499 Import of Si-Va-Ya-Na-Ma

The Tattvas six times six left,

And Malas, Anava and Maya devoid,

Denoted by letters "Na" and "Ma"--

Parai to Jiva ("Ya") Her Grace granting,

Into Paran ("Va" Sakti and "Si" Siva) makes it merge,

That indeed is "Si Va Ya Na Ma" (the Five-letter mantra).

2500 Beyond Thought and Form is Truth

For them who realized Truth

That Thought is Form and Form is Thought,

For them is no descent, no ascent, no Void.

Neither Thought, nor Form.


2501 Transcend All Experiences, Caused and Causal

When Caused Experiences Seven of Jiva

And Causal Experiences Seven of Para


Cause and Caused Difference vanish,

Then Jiva becomes Siva for sure.

2502 Final Goal is in Sushupti--Beyond Experiences

Without Caused Experiences six times six leaving,

Without Jagrat, Svapna and other states of Turiya Jagrat Waking leaving,

Without entering that Sushupti State

That is beyond Tattvas six times six,

What avails it

If of Thom Pada Jiva speaks?

He on earth will never, never,

The Final Goal reach.

2503 Interpretation of A-U-M (Aum) and Si-Va-Ya

Letter A is Jiva; U is Para; M is Siva;

In the three States of Mukti;

Si is Siva, Va is Para; Ya is Jiva

Thus the Mantras "Aum" and "Sivaya" are as one interpreted.

2504 Anava (I-ness) leaves only By Grace

As Life of life,

Interminable and imperishable

Beyond travails of Causal Experiences

And Caused Experience opposite,

Is Isa (Siva) vibrant;

Without His Grace abounding,

Anava that makes Jiva tremble

Never, never, leaves.

2505 Paraparan is in Void Beyond Experiences

Immanent is Jiva in Caused Experiences Seven,

Immanent is Parasiva in Causal Experiences Seven;

In the Void that defies Cause-Caused description,

Beyond Thought and Word,

Is Paraparan.


2506 Seeds Four

Seed of Mukti is Knowledge of Primal One;

Seed of Bhakti is intense adoration meek;

Seed of Siddhi is Self, Siva-Para Becoming;

Seed of Sakti is State of Upasanta.

2507 When Upasanta is

The Seven Caused Experiences lie latent in Maya;

The Seven Causal Experiences lie latent in Void;

When Cause-Caused experiences disappear,

Then is pervasive Upasanta.

2508 Upasanta in Siva Turiya

In (Jagrat) Turiya is Jiva's purification of Self (Atma Suddhi)

In Turiya of the Jagratatita (Para Turiya)

Is Vision of Param;

That extending into Siva Turiya

Is Upasanta pervasive.

2509 Beyond Jiva Turiya and Para Turiya is Upasanta

Removing Anava within,

Entwined with Tattvas six times six,

And realizing Self-knowledge,

--These acts of purification

To Jagrat-Turiya (Jiva Turiya) State belongs;

The Grace of Guru Param dawns

In the Jagratatita Turiya (Para Turiya)

That defies speech;

When that is crossed and Siva Turya is reached,

Then is Upasanta pervasive.

2510 Upasanta State--The Tenth State

Entering into Upasanta experience,

Jiva becomes Siva;

There immersed in Siva-Bliss

Jiva into Siva merges;

Enjoying that Bliss experience

It abides constant there;

That Experience engrosses

All the ten of Jiva

(From Jagrat Upwards to Siva Turiya.)

2511 Shore Beyond

Merged in One with Sakti and Siva,

As cool waters into wavy sea

And realizing Truth of Holy Word,

That is ambrosial sweet

Jiva reaches the Shore Beyond

That indeed defies speech.


2512 You Can See Lord Only if You Hold Him in Your Heart

"I shall smite the hare in the moon"

Thus saying

A man unsheaths his jewelled sword;

Unto him are they

Who say,

"We the blue-throated Lord will see,

We know the Way;"

Such shall never see,

As in their hearts they hold Him not.

2513 Lord is Remote and Near

The black-footed Garuda bird

Across the sky passes;

The black-hued serpent in deep well dies;

Stop bragging of your greatness, O heart!

Be unto the river

That into the wavy ocean merges.

2514 Perform Tapas

If you seek your enemies (Malas) to perish,

Why fight at the Gate of Birth?

Silly heroism indeed!

If suitable the Tapas of holy ones are,

He, who all gifts gives,

Will with Celestials seat them.

2515*36Seek and Be in Bliss

Be not in contentions lost;

Our Lord pervades worlds all

He is Siva--

Thus you hold;

Then the very Heavenly Hosts Eighteen

Will worship at your feet;

Seek Him, seek Him;

You shall in bliss be.

2516 Contemplate on Him

The Lord who is dearer than dearest life in me,

The Pure One who is brighter than purest gold

The Great One, in all life, unvarying glows,

On Him contemplate, in ways appropriate.

2517 Adore Him in All Ways

Standing, sitting and prostrating

Well may you, the Pure One adore;

Though learned you be,

Do conquer your Senses Five,

And quick sunder contending Pasas;

Thus seek Him and know Him,

He in you one will be.

2518 He is Pervasive Knowledge

My Father, My Lord

As subtle Knowledge He stood;

As pervasive Knowledge, engrossing

The Seven Worlds, too, He stood;

He knows melodies all;

Sing His praise,

The Celestials will you in endearment hold.

2519 Think of Him Continuously

He whom even Celestials know not,

Think of Him, in the waking dawn,

Continuous think of Him morn, noon and eventide

If thus you perservere,

You shall become the very Paraparam.

2520 He is of Infinite Grace

As One He pervades the seven worlds all,

He, of yore, His Grace on Jiva conferred;

He, Lord of Grace Infinite;

Goodly is He in Jnana

Of the holy ones of constant heart;

He who is festooned in flower unfading,

He, the Famed One.

2521 Witness Dance of Siva

"Hail, my Father! Hail His golden Feet!"

Thus I praised;

And as I praised,

The radiant lamp

Of life within sparkled;

And then I heard the bewitching sound,

That my body in rapture immersed;

And lo! there was His Dance!

2522 God Vision in Yoga Way

I sought my Nandi within

And there I met Him;

They seek Him not within their hearts,

And so know Him not;

In yogic way I entered within

And ascended Adharas;

And eyes closed in trance

I saw His Form Divine;

And the Seven Worlds too.

2523 Vision of Lord Within

I behold the Little Mount within

In it was Divine Glory,

Abiding Jnana and nectar sweet

For them that realize Him in (love) unfaltering,

He creates the very Heaven within;

He, the Compassionate One.

2524 State of Quiescence

Of Wisdom infinite,

The Tapasvins great in wisdom stood,

Pure as moon's rays they beam;

In Transcendental bliss they are;

Themselves Divine Jnana becoming,

They encompassed in Consciousness

The Universe Cosmic;

And entering Upasanta

They freed themselves of Malas,

And State of Quiescence reached.

2525 Siva Siddha State

They abandoned Muktis three as vain;

They dispelled enticing darkness of Pasa,

They rid themselves of Anava,

They transcended "I" and "mine" consciousness,

They in constancy remained,

They, verily, are Siva Siddhas.

2526 Siddhas Are Like Sadasiva Himself

Siddhas are those who Siva saw;

Soaked in Suddha-Asuddha,

Yet soaked are not;

Muktas are they,

And source of Mukti, too, are they;

Possessed are they of Muladhara prowess

Alike are they unto Sadasiva.


2527 Gods in the Eight Cardinal Points of Earth

Indra, Agni, Yama and Nrudi

Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, and Isanana

They (gods) in order according

Filled the cardinal directions eight.

2528 The Eight Petalled Lotus in Sahasrara

In the Maya-Land of body

Is the Flower of petals eight (pointing to directions eight)

Through the lean stalk of Sushumna,

Contemplate on its radiance,

And ascend upward;

Redeemed are you then.

2529 How the Eight Petalled Lotus Opens

Three the lotus buds there;

Into the three He sends His rays

That Light spreading,

The eight-petalled bloom within opens;

Into them

If the rays of Petals Two (Ajna) penetrates,

This body, into a (heavenly) dream blossoms.

2530 Siva-Sakti in Eight-Petalled Lotus

The six streams (of Adharas)

Into one Pond flow;

Thus in Way subtle

Into Siva-State penetrate;

There indeed is the Precious Truth,

Himself with Sakti stands,

--She of bouncing breasts and tender vine form.

2531 He Blooms Within Petals Eight

The Primal One stood,

As directions eight,

Mountains eight,

Gods eight

And Forms eight;

Reach Him,

Who fills within

From eight to four petalled center;

He Who blooms within petals eight.

2532 Centers Beyond Seventh are Formless States (Niradhara)

The Centers Seven are of Form (Svarupa) possessed;

Transcend them;

And beyond in Eighth is Param;

In Ninth is Paraparam, that is Void;

The exalted Tenth is State of Oneness

Where Anava is finally shed.

2533 God is Timeless Eternity

He lasts through aeons countless;

He is the Sun; He is the Lord;

Within the five Major Aeons

Were many aeons minor

The universe through several aeons passed;

In the aeon above aeons countless,

Was (God) Bhagava, unique.

2534 Seek Him Wherever He is

He is in this world

Yet if He is beyond reach,

Seek Him in Heaven,

Where the elephants roam

And the Celestials wander,

Where fire, rain and wind abide;

In that Space seek Him.

2535 The Eight-Petalled Bloom is Dear to Siva

There on the lofty top of Mount (Meru) within

Is a pond no stream feeds;

And there is a lotus bloom

From no soil mud springs;

Without that bloom,

He decks not Himself

He of matted locks.

2536 Holy Jivas Ever Think of God

When the One and Two (Siva and Jiva) intermingle,

Standing and sitting

Or in worldly talk indulging,

The holy Jivas their senses conquer

And seek Lord;

Remaining or leaving

They blessed ever are.


2537 Souls in the Three Mukti States

Visvan, Dhaisathan and Prajnan

They are in Tvampada State;

Virattan, Hranya Garbhan, Avyakritan

They are in Tat-Pada State;

Idayan, Prajapathyan and Santan of Golden World

They are in Asi-Pada State;

Yet are they all but Abhimanis,

Souls that are aspirants still.

2538 Beyond Ninth State

As nine states beginning with Jagrat are experienced,

Attachment to Malas and Gunas,

That emanate birth, vanish;

In Transcendental Turiya State

Then Void (Satya-Jnana-Podu) succeeds,

Truth and Jnana filled

Where Jiva and Siva one are;

In Turiyas rest

Jiva and Siva are two,

That now in Void is one Manifestness (Svarupa).

2539 Dawn of Sivajnana

As in the thought of Siva

Jiva merges,

The Malas Three,

That to birth gives rise,

Flee away;

At the end of avastas nine

Is Siva-bodha (Awareness or Jnana);

Jiva attains that

And Himself no more is.

2540 Nine Avasta Cluster Beyond

Beyond the nine states aforesaid

Are nine that defy thought;

Of these shall be said in detail below;

Great indeed is the Lord

Who these twice-nine States made.

2541 Lord Spoke of Nine States

The nine states from the five (states of Jiva) evolved

Of them Lord spoke

And world rejoiced;

"My Lord, My Lord"--

Thus I prayed day and night;

And He severed my fetters strong.

2542 Many Paths to God

Many the paths they laid

In Time's Corridor long;

Many the sects

That sought Him to reach;

Think of Him constant, day and night;

He diverse stood in lands many.

2543 Nine Super Tattva Cluster

The Primal Paraparam, Paraparai

Param the Light, Jiva and Tattvas,

The Kala, the Mayas Two and Mukti

These are categories nine

To the Primal One belong.

2544 Grace Abounding

My inconstant thoughts

He constant made,

Clear vision gave;

He created hell and heaven

And endless births too

In Grace Abounding;

Those who these perceive not

Are in Karma's wheel forever caught.

2545 Goal of Siddhanta Philosophy

In the nine states of experience

Jiva as aspirant (abhimani) stands;

The nine categories afterward stated

That to the Primal Lord belong;

When Jiva that stands in states nine

Reaches the Turiya States Three,

Then shall he Siva become;

This the goal of Siddhanta (Philosophy).


2546 Mystery of Lord's Abode

At the tip of nose (Ajna Center)

Is the breath, twelve finger-breadth long,

That Lord's abode is;

None knows this;

The Vedas that in expansiveness truths expound,

Of this was hesitant to speak;

Such indeed is Lord's greatness.

2547 Away From Karmas

The Karmas,

The thoughts rights and deeds of Karmas

Are alike the seeds of births to be;

Seeing that,

Away from them;

Will what you do ever after

Reach the Karma Pond?

2548 Make Maya Vanish

When Maya veils Jiva,

The Truth of Vedas remains hidden;

When Maya leaves,

The Truth of Himself reveals;

Those who can make Maya vanish

Merge in God;

No more is body; no more is mind.

2549 Kecari Mudra in Kundalini Yoga

Coursing the Prana Stream into the Eye-brow Center

And opening the uvula cavity

Where phlegm gathers,

Stilling the breath there

In the way Yoga Guru taught,

And warming it in the Fire (Kundalini) within

And restraining it to a measure low

Is to attain divine strength indeed.

2550 Lord is Within; Seek Him not Elsewhere

He who is in the Body-mix

He who rules the Body-Land,

He who within the body beams

He, the Nandi,

Him they seek in lands all;

They know not,

He within the body stands.

2551 Mystery of Muladhara

"Unclean, unclean," the ignorant say

They know not the place "unclean" is,

When they know the (Yogic) mysteries

Of that place "unclean"

Then shall they find,

The human birth itself is unclean.

2552 Muladhara is not Unclean

Uncleanness none is for those

Who ritual discipline observe;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who Hara worship;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who the sacred Fire tend;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who in Vedic Jnana versed are.

2553 When Purity Real Begins

For them that in Yogic Way stand,

Purity in Cranium top begins;

They who are sunk in pit of lust

Will Purity's goal reach not;

Only those who have sent Muladhara Fire

Up into Central Nadi of Sushumna

Will see Purity Real;

Others cannot.

2554 Lord is Real Pure

He is crystal pure, He is fire pure,

He emanates rays of Purity;

Where His source is, they know not,

They who know the Source,


Crystal pure and fire pure become.

2555 Purity in Silentness

Purity in Silentness is the Way of Purity

Purity in Silentness is Lord's name;

Purity in Silentness are Siddhis eight;

Purity in Silentness are the Holy Feet.

2556 Adore Lord and Receive Grace

The Quintessence of Truth is my Holy Father

Only they who adore Him

Are in His Grace accepted;

The rest,

Caught in whirl of misery,

In dark stupor lie.

2557 Renounce Karma and Be Liberated

They know not evil fruits

Karma brings,

They choose not to find Jnana

For liberation from Karma;

"Renounce Karma and be liberated"

--This Vedic teaching they know not;

They who wallow in Karma

Will never the Rich Harvest reap.


2558 Deny Not God

Those who say,

"There is no Para State to be"

Are for hell state destined;

All world knows this;

They shall begging go from door to door;

With horse's speed,

In search of food they run.

2559 Follow Guru

They follow not the Way

Guru taught;

They seek not the Holy One;

Indulging in frivolous talk, they wander;

They sing not His holy deeds;

They who thus dance about

What will their desert be?

2560 God Responds to Devotion7Into my thoughts He comes and goes;

In the constancy of my thoughts

I held Him as God;

"You my Holy Lord!"

Thus I besought Him;

And in my heart I held Him close;

"What is this here?" He asks.

12561 Lord is the Haven for Soul's Ship

As water from upland

Downward flows,

Truth in body remains not;

That Truth He in me showed;

As the ship in the seas

That seeks the shores,

To my trouble-tossed soul

The Fire-Hued Lord

As sure goal stood.

2562 They Seek Him Not--The Witless Ones

Continuous as thread within lotus stalk

Is Param within;

Yet they seek Him not there;

But wander about everywhere;

Though the Way to reach Him shown

They see it not;

Fools are they;

They roam about,

Only evil destiny action to reach.

2563 They See Him Not

The light within unkindled

They, their lives, end;

These men gather in crowds

And seek Him not;

In fields, forests and hills

Nandi who is immanent in them,

They see not.

2564 Seek God Within Through Kundalini Yoga

North and South, men wander about seeking Him

East and West, Celestials go about looking for Him,

But fix divine Mantra (Aum)

On to Muladhara,

And rouse (Kundalini) Fire, upward to stream;

There shall you as Radiant Light be.

2565 Men of Evil Fate do not Practise Devotion

Even if men of Tapas great,

With gracious looks entreat

The men of Evil Fate

Do not holy Dharana practise

They indulge in angry speech always;

All, all, their intractable Karma,

Themselves have they to undergo.


2566 Jiva State Beyond the Ninth Defies Expression

Jiva reaches the Void, Upasanta and Nadanta

They say,

That is but to speak in grammatical convention triple--Laksana Traya;

When Jiva reaches Void,

Its state is of total renunciation of attributes all,

When Jiva reaches Upasanta

Its state is of renunciation and adherence yet

When Jiva reaches Nadanta

Its state is of renunciation and non-renunciation at once

The State of Jiva, in Finite Manifestness (Svarupa)

Transcends grammatical conventions all.

2567 Reaching the Goal in One Shot

Jiva strung the bow

Took aim

And with one arrow

Five deadly elephants shot;

He who thus shot

Will behold the Radiant Light

Beaming unto gems several in splendor set.


2568 Tat-Tvam-Asi is Beyond the Three Muktis

In Jiva Turiya Jiva attains Tvam-Pada;

In Para Turiya beyond is Tat-Pada;

In Siva Turiya still beyond Asi-Pada true;

Further beyond is Truth that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.

2569 Beyond Experiences in the Three Suddha States

Tvam-Pada transcends Tattvas six times six;

That is State Suddha;

Then is Tat-Pada;

That leads to Upasanta;

Then is Asi-Pada where Siva is;

Ultimate is the blessed State

Of Tvam-Tat-Asi that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.

2570 Confluence of Three States Jiva, Para and Siva

The Jiva (Deva Datta) becomes So-Ham

And by the speech of grammatical convention triple

Is in Tvam-Tat-Asi

With attributes thus transferred

There Jiva is Jiva, Para and Siva,

All in one.

2571 Tat-Tvam-Asi of Vedanta is the Same as Thom-Tat-Asi

of Siddhanta-Vedanta

Tvam-Tat-Asi is the same as Thomtatasi

The one comes conjoined as the other

The holy concept of (You-being-I) Tat-Tvam-Asi belongs to Vedanta;

The concept of I-Siva-becoming (Thomtatasi) is Siddhanta-Vedanta.

2572 Param-Param State Beyond Triple Turiya

The inexplicable Void that is at Turiya end

They call it Param, they who know not;

Nay, that is not so;

There is the Wondrous Land of Param-Param

That rises beyond (the Three Turiya States)

Who knows about that!

2573 Beyond Jiva, Para and Siva States

Transcend beyond Tvam-Pada, Tat-Pada and Asi-Pada

And seek beyond the triple Turiyas

Then is the State-beyond-all-states

The (One) Truth beyond Jiva, Para and Siva.

2574 Supreme Awareness Beyond Siva Turiya State

At the end of Siva Turiya State

Is the Bliss of Manifestness (Svarupa)

There chant within your heart

The Mantra that is Pranava (Aum)

Then appears Siva the Awareness Supreme.

2575 Beyond Suddha Upasanta and Siva States

Merge the experiences five in Nada;

Drop the lowly Malas behind;

Then enter the Suddha State

Thus the onward course pursue;

Beyond the Upasanta State (Para Turiya)

Is the Siva State

Further beyond the reach of thought and word

Is the Lord Param-Param;

Do Him seek.

2576 Nature of Confluent State in Tat-Tvam-Asi

Completeness it has none,

Limit it has none,

Speech it has none;

Attachment it has none,

Possession it has none;

Uncaused, of itself It reveals--

This It's nature is.

2577 Mahavakyam: You Become That

"You Become That"--

Thus the Great Expression (Mahavakyam) stood;

And I became That;

Thus to Siva Becoming

Nandi blessed me;

And as I became That

In Infinite Bliss I was immersed.

2578 From Jiva to "Aum"--Five Stages

Jiva becomes Para;

And that Para-Jiva becomes Siva;

And from that Vedic Lamp of Siva

Arose the light of Paraparan;

And in turn fills as Aum

That no speech could describe.

2579 The Five Lights in the Body in Yoga

When from nose-tip to cranium the Prana breath

Through Mother-Nadi (Sushumna) passes,

To the Fivonce are;

They of Knowledge True

Know Siva

Who stands as Fire and Water (Siva-Sakti) commingled;

Unless the Knower within

Makeonce are;

They of Knowledge True

Know Siva

Who stands as Fire and Water (Siva-Sakti) commingled;

Unless the Knower within

Make Para and then Siva

2582: Jiva Becomes Para and then Siva

He, Nandi, is within Atita

And Beyond it;

He, Jiva, Jnana bereft of,

And enters Atita;

And attains Jnana

And rid of Ignorance dark, Para becomes;

Then will with God (Pati) one be.

2583: Result of Prayer and Penance

Head bowed low,

I worshipped at the Feet

Of the Lord of Celestials;

Lo! the Lord stepped forward and said:

"You shall now see the result

Of all your prayer and penance,

Of yore performed"

And so blessed me,

He the Lord of Fore-head Eye.

2584: Acceptance in Grace

Of Form Pure, Holy, Birthless,

He in me came and said:

"You are in My Grace received;

Be Pure"

Thus He blessed me,

And my blemishes removed;

He of Golden Form,

Heavenly Lord whom Celestials praise.

2585: Immortality Conferred

Renouncing all, I inward entered

And beheld the Light within;

My heart trembled;

I prostrated low;

But Him I forgot never;

And the Lord of Celestials

Freeing me from whirl of births

Immortal made me, here below.

2586: Pervasive Truth Form

The five sense organs external

The four cognitive organs internal

The worlds all, and lives all

All, all, are by Lord swayed;

He is the pervasive Truth Form

That neither hand nor mouth has.


2587: Absolute Union

Even as shadow disappears with body,

Even as bubble returns into water,

Even as flame of camphor leaves traces none,

So is it when Jiva into Param unites.

2588: Total Merging

When body and Jiva

As unbroken unite (in Yoga)

Then shall Grace of Siva Sakti be;

Then does Jiva, Param become;

Jiva that leaves this body,

Pervasive then becomes;

With beginning and end none

In Siva forever it merges.

2589: Tattva Involutes Into Maya

The Tattvas that confuse sense organs five,

And cognitive organs internal

Expanding unintermittent

Finally (in Maya) merge;

This the fate of universe,

Inevitable it is.

2590: When Jiva Becomes Para

Jiva becomes Para;

That Para pervasive stands;

Immanent too in all creation it is;

A mighty Power it is,

That can dissolve and create universes vast;

This was the boon granted to me;

And thus is my state exalted.

2591: When Para Becomes Parasiva

Attaining Divine Knowledge-Form of Turiya State;

And omniscient experience of phenomenal universe

If Para can reach Para-Siva,

Then He belongs to Void,

That is Light.

2592: Three Voids

He absorbed me in totality

As hot iron absorbs water;

Transcending Param-Para State;

He stands engulfing the Three Voids Luminous

There He is, Nandi

That in my heart resides.

2593: Beyond Siva Turiya

As unto the wood-apple

By "elephant" disease consumed,

So are Jiva and Para before Siva;

In the rare state beyond Siva Turiya

Is Supreme Siva

That engrosses worlds all.

2594: No More Knower and Known in Parapara

Paraparan is the end and beginning,

He is Parapara for each and every one;

He absorbed Para and us Jivas;

And at end of Jnana-Jneya relationship

As Jnathru, He, Nandi was;

This, indeed, is our comprehension-beyond.


2595: When Jiva Becomes Radiant

By holy instructions are impurities rid;

Jiva shines unto gold in fire purified;

Having been of impurities rid,

If Jiva constant thinks of Siva,

Then he becomes a Radiant Flame,

That has passions burnt away.

2596: Knowledge That Knows All

What avails you

If you know all,

But not the Knowledge that knows all?

When you can say,

"I am the Knowledge that knows all"

Then can you well say,

"I am God."

2597: I Met the "Thief"

Tapas I performed

In the montane valley within my head;

Lo! I beheld Lord with his consort Sakti,

I crossed the river of birth in this fleshly body;

And met the "Thief" hiding in Kailas.

2598: Melt in Love of God

He will be Lord of worlds all,

He will be Tattvas for worlds all,

The heavens will rain because of him,

Whose flesh melts in love of God;

-Thus say the Vedas.

2599: How to Receive Grace

How is it they received Lord's Grace? you ask;

(Well it is thus:)

In the battle of life,

Their bewildered thought wandered;

They trained its course;

And freed of darkness,

They sought Lord,

And adored His Holy Feet.

2600: The Truthful Are Beloved of God

Into them that are Truthful

He in Truth merged;

Before them that are untruthful

He never His appearance makes;

At time's End He stands as Lord,

To work redemption of souls all;

True ones sport in True Joy.

2601: Lord Abides in Hearts of the Truthful

He united in those

Who in Truth united,

He the Pure One

Who entered not false hearts;

When Prana upward ascends in Sushumna,

And you meet the Lord,

Then shall verily,

He in your thoughts abide.

2602: When Lord Reveals to the Truthful

When thus He in your thoughts abides,

Meditate on Him day and night;

Then will He in cranium above appear;

And if you give up falsehood and fleshly desires,

The Lord in truth reveals to you.

2603: How to Mount Steed of Truth

Whether you reach Yogic climax or not

Is God's Grace;

That is the Way of Redemption,

Goodly Nandi taught;

If the deceptive senses nine* you subdue,

Well may you mount the steed of Truth.

2604: Lord is the Refuge only of the Truthful

He who entered my Sushumna Nadi,

He who is in my thoughts ever-Nandi

He who is in my body,

He the source of Vedas all

He the Holy One,

That reveals not to men untrue;

He who is the Refuge,

Of only those who their falsehood shed.

2605: Give Up Deceptive Bodily Thoughts

Nandi imprinted

His Holy Feet on my heart;

None have drawn the bolt of His door

And glimpsed Him in;

Give up unreserved,

Thoughts of this deceptive body;

Sorrow's receptacle it is;

Then unbolt the Sushumna door

Rich, indeed, shall your reward be.

2606: Lord Abides in the Heart of the Faithful

Seeking the Way of Redemption

Adore Lord with feeling intense;

Sure, sure, Hara's Grace yours shall be;

In the heart of those who untruth utter not

He shines;

In their midst He abiding stood.

2607: Lord is a Delicious Fruit Within

There is a Fruit Delicious,

From fragrant flower within it ripens;

The birds within the Self

Hinder you from reaching it;

Shoot your arrow,

And drive them away;

Then can you reach Siva State

Lustrous as Pure Red Gold.

2608: Follow Lord and Be Redeemed

Control the senses that tempt,

Sunder the Pasas that corrupt,

Follow Lord,

Who your confusion ends;

If you do so,

Unhesitating my Siva says,

"Be you redeemed;"

And makes your thoughts

Center on Him.

2609: Constant Think of Him and Receive Grace

They who constant think of Him

Will reach into a body,

Glorious and strong;

There, if they adore Lord

In ways appropriate,

They reach the World of Jnana,

Receiving Grace of the Holy One.


2610: How They Deal With Karma

If Karma from past

Overtakes them,

They exterminate them,

Patiently experiencing them;

But they see,

Future Karma is created not;

They realize the Self,

They are Jnanis,

That have Tattvas cognised;

They train senses five,

In ways goodly.

2611: Tattva Jnanis Crush Karma

The Tattva Jnanis realize the Self;

The Gordian knot of Karma Past

They cut asunder;

Future Karmas they seize and crush,

By Grace of Siva,

Whom they hold,

High on their heads.

2612: No Karma, if Thought and Word are Consistent

Through thought, word and deed

Karmas accumulate;

If thought and word consistent stand

Karma bides not;

Thought and word conquering,

They experience Karmas,

And alter their course,

They the great Jnanis are.


2613: Conquer Desires

No use prattling of

Breath and Sushumna;

Sunder your desires and passions;

Having sundered,

The Lord's place, easy be.

2614: Lord is in the Desire-Abnegated

In stony houses and stately halls, He is not;

In parlors deep and temples massive, He is not;

In holy garbs He is not;

In the thoughts of those,

Who have desires abnegated, is He,

Fleshly body, though therein be;

He, their liberation granted.

2615: Sunder Desires

Sunder your desires, sunder your desires

Sunder your desires even unto Lord;

The more the desires, the more your sorrows;

The more you give up, the more your bliss shall be.

2616: Jnana Way

The five senses burn you up;

They lead you to destruction's way;

Give up desires and scatter them away;

Reach to the Truth of Jnana;

That the Way to reach Lord.

2617: Perish not in the Flood of Pleasure and Pain

Unto the ocean that foams and rages

At full-moon tide,

Many, many, floods rose and passed away

Through passage of Time;

Caught in floods of pleasure and pain,

Celestials numberless perished;

Caught in the floods of desires

The humans countless sank;

God alone forever stood

In the Ocean of Bliss Eternal.

2618: Jnani's Purified Way

Emancipated from Karmas of past,

Rid of disease of Pasa,

Prolonged activity suspended;

They, the Suddha State reach;

Then transcending the five acts of God

(Of creation, preservation, dissolution, obfuscation and Grace-granting)

His direct Grace, they receive

There they forever immersed are

These, Jnanis, purified ways are.

2619: Jnanis Remain Immortal in God-Love

Realizing Truth in full,

Luminous Siddhi and Mukti they attained;

Sex desire entire devoid,

They achieved mighty Siddhis eight;

As Siva Jnani leaves behind this body,

Divine Grace descends on him;

And then in God-Love, forever, he remains.

2620: Realize the Truth that Jiva is Siva

That this Jiva to become Siva

They in love sought not;

That this Jiva is Siva

That truth they know not;

Knowing not this Jiva is Siva,

They diverse births take,

And into worlds several wander

When Truth they realize not.

2621: Jnanis are not for Becoming Performing Gods

The Five Gods consign Jiva to broiling miseries,

And then cooling him,

Again consign him to fresh birth;

Thus in the whirl of creation endless they them ordain;

The status of these Five Gods

The Jnanis seek not;

But within the fleshly body itself

Through the mystic thread of Sushumna

They enter into union,

One wih the Lord.

2622: Seek Nandi Within

You say, redeemed you are;

But you have not seen the Way appropriate;

Nandi merges in fragrant flower within;

Hold Him in your thoughts in vision clear,

Then have you sown the seed

Of birthlessness-to-be.


2623: He is Lord of All

He confers Mukti;

He is Jnana and Mantra;

He is the Father;

He is the Lord of Celestials immortal;

He is the Pure One;

He is the Light that is the Holy Way;

He is the Pasu-Pati (Lord of Jivas)

Whom the devotees in ardour adore.

2624: Be a Devotee of Devotees

To devotees of devotees of Lord

In succession continuous,

I a devotee became;

Giving myself thus,

Into their vassalage I entered;

With the Grace of devotees

I reached His Feet;

Then saying, "He my devotee is"

He accepted me in His vassalage (of Grace).

2625: Lord is Righteous and Bounteous

Cooler than water is He;

Hotter than fire is He;

Who this Ocean of Nandi is-

Who knows?

By far righteous is He;

Than all bounteous beings in world;

Within the heart He stood,

As Umapati (Sakti's Lord) He stood.

2626: Where is That Peerless Pearl?

Well may denizens of seven worlds, all,

Entire try,

They cannot know Him;

Who can say where Lord is?

Unless He of Himself appears

In devotion of His devotees,

Who dares say,

Where that peerless Pearl is!

2627: Year for Lord

As the calf that searches,

And calls for mother-cow,

I, in yearning, sought and cried for my Lord;

He is Hidden Truth of Vedas

Who beyond heavens eternal stood;

In endearness tender,

He entered into me,

In this body fleshly.

2628: Birth and Release are God's Giving

The Jivas in born-condition

Have tasks none to perform,

As of itself their birth comes;

The Jivas in Mukti State too

(By the very condition of that state)

Have nothing to perform;

Lord by His Grace grants states both;

What then is there for devotees to do

(But to hold Lord in their thoughts?)

2629: Reach God the Kundalini Yoga Way

With Prana breath for Seed-Energy,

And the serpent (Kundalini) for body,

To the resounding music of Nada,

Upward I climb to the cool mountain within;

And with fragrant flower there blooms,

I adore Nandi;

None else the God to adore,

My mind I let.

2630: God Grants Protection

Nandi is my Protector in need;

He is Lord of Celestials;

Seek His protection;

And ending birth cycle, be redeemed;

Think constant of Siva's Feet,

He, Divine protection grants,

He, who as Fire stood.

2631: He Protects Good Against Evil

The Dhanavas (of Dark World)

Held the Vanavas (of Luminous World)

In fief;

He the Lord destroyed,

The Three Forts of the Evil Ones;

Him the devotees worshipped,

As Lord of Forests;

And of Mountains Black;

Thus adoring Him in fleshly body,

They in Him united.

2632: Seek Him Within and Without

This birth is a lasting curse to me;

And so, I seek Him in drooping heart

In Mountain and Sky

Within and without;

And in Fire within too;

Thus in holy thought immersed,

I stood.


2633: Jiva's Task is to Seek Him

Receiving in full the Grace of Lord in Mukti State,

Purified of Tattvas, the Suddha State attaining,

To perform Tapas thus is Jiva's task;

And so rid of Karmas, in devotion true they stand;

They indeed the Jnanis

In transcendental bliss immersed.

2634: Jiva-Bird Seeks Siva-Fruit

The Jiva-Bird,

With its feet planted firm (on Muladhara),

Seeks the Rich Fruit (that is Siva);

When within the heart that Fruit it seeks,

Lighting the Sushumna lamp

In the Flaming Fire of Kundalini within,

It reaches its goodly goal;

Its four cognitive organs,

Ever seek Him thereafter.


2635: Divine Experiment

The Mighty Lord, the Great Nandi,

Granted me His Feet of indescribable Bliss;

And in Ocean of Grace immersed me;

Freeing me from illusions all,

And secretly guarding me in safety,

He bore me to the holy banks of Silentness

That indeed was an Experiment Divine.

2636: Seeking Union in God

He is the Wise One;

He fills Vedas rare;

He is the God of countless Gods;

He is of Divine Sense possessed,

The five senses transcending;

With Him who these attributes has

I my union seek.

2637: Dividing Line Between Knowledge and Ignorance

"Jnana, Jnana," thus laments this world,

They know not that Jnana of Jiva

Is Jnana none, but (ignorance);

When Siva Jnana overlays Jiva Jnana,

They both Pure Jnana are;

Thus much is it after all,

Between Knowledge and Ignorance.

2638: Merge in God's Pervasiveness

Into the Goal beyond goals,

Into the Assembly where none assemble,

Into the Knowledge beyond knowledge,

I loosened myself,

In single-minded thought;

I merged in Holy Nandi's Grace,

There in Pervasiveness beyond pervasiveness

Was Siva.

2639: Lord is Immanent

As feel within breeze,

As sweet within sugarcane,

As ghee within milk,

As juice within fruit,

As fragrance within flower,

Immanent is my Lord;

Thus does the Lord pervade all.

2640: Lord is Unto a Hidden Vein of Gold

Seek Siva in love endearing;

As unto the vein of gold

In recesses of a mountain,

My Lord in my thoughts abides;

He Who as Form of Fire stood.

2641: Lord is in the Heart's Temple

Seated in the center of Void,

Nandi descended into my heart's temple,

And there his place took;

And as He descended,

I stood up saying: "My Father Come;"

Thus as I greeted,

Siva in my thoughts instant stood.

2642: Lord Will Make You First of Many

He is of attributes mighty;

The Fruit of Tapas;

All things goodly He is;

In the center of my thoughts He resides;

He is the Great Nandi;

Seek the Holy One in truth unfaltering,

He will place you as the First of Many.

2643: I Found Love Within Me

He was with me

As I searched Him within me;

And continuous there He stood;

My Father, Paraparan,

Pervasive He stands;

And transcending beyond too,

He shows me the Way.

2644: He is Father, Mother, Kith and Kin

He who shows that Way

Is rare for Celestials to reach;

Here below,

Is He as Father, Mother, Kith and Kin;

He is in Siva Loka

The Holy Way leads to;

This the Way, Nandi is.

2645: Unsheath the Sword of Jnana

Unsheath the Sword of Jnana and smite;

That instant you shall know Lord;

Unite in Him,

Who the Lord of Celestials is;

Away then shall you be

From the rabble numerous

That to desire cling.

2646: Be not Separated from Lord

Holding the Sword of Jnana

That Primal Lord gifted me,

None there is to separate me (from Him);

Search did I there further

Leaving traces none;

Then Jiva with Primal Siva one became.

2647: Search Lord in Calmness

Pasa, that seminal seed of birth

Maya, that invisible one,

Karma, that to desire gives birth,

The doubts and fears

That in their train come,

The births numerous,

-All these I scorched;

Thus my thoughts purified,

In calmness I search;

The skilful ones that practise thus

Shall one with Tat-Para be.

2648: Tat-Para Enters Within Jiva

He taught me

The word that is beyond words;

He severed my desires

For learning limitless;

My body, restless as waves,

He in calmness fixed;

In my purified being within

He, the Tatpara, entered.