Weaver’s Wisdom

Wealth That Benefits No One

KURAL 1001

He who has amassed great wealth but does not enjoy it is reckoned as dead, like his unused heap.§

KURAL 1002

Believing wealth is everything, yet giving away nothing, the miser himself will be possessed by a miserable birth.§

KURAL 1003

The mere sight of men who lust after wealth, caring nothing for renown, is a burden to the Earth.§

KURAL 1004

What could a man, unloved by even a single soul, imagine he might leave to posterity?§

KURAL 1005

Amid millions heaped high, a man remains poor if he neither gives away his wealth nor enjoys it himself. §

KURAL 1006

Vast wealth can be a wretched curse to one who neither gladdens himself in its worth nor gives to the worthy.§

KURAL 1007

The wealth of a greedy man who gives nothing to the needy is like the beauty of a maiden growing old unwed. §

KURAL 1008

The wealth of a man whom no heart loves is like fruits on a poisonous tree in the heart of a village. §

KURAL 1009

He who casts out love and dharma and chooses self-denial so wealth can pile high will see it seized by strangers.§

KURAL 1010

The short-lived poverty of a benevolent rich man is like the temporary dryness of a bountiful rain cloud.§