Weaver’s Wisdom

Advancing the Community

KURAL 1021

No greater dignity exists than when a man resolutely declares, “I will never cease in laboring to fulfill my karmas.” §

KURAL 1022

One prolongs his clan by prolonged exertion in both perseverance and sound understanding. §

KURAL 1023

When a man vows to advance his community, God Himself will wrap His robes and lead the way.§

KURAL 1024

When a man’s effort to raise his community high is unremitting, his work will prosper on its own, even if he makes no plans. §

KURAL 1025

The world will surround and befriend him who, without fault, lives to advance his community.§

KURAL 1026

It is said that true manliness consists in becoming head and provider of the clan one was born into. §

KURAL 1027

As on a battlefield the burden falls upon the brave, in the community weight is carried by the most competent.§

KURAL 1028

Those seeking to improve their clan await no season, for delays and undue regard for dignity will destroy it.§

KURAL 1029

When a man shields his family from every suffering, doesn’t his body become a vessel filled with their afflictions?§

KURAL 1030

Without good men to hold it up, the family home will fall the moment misfortune’s axe comes down. §