Weaver’s Wisdom


KURAL 1031

Wherever it may wander, the world follows the farmer’s plow. Thus despite all its hardships, farming is the foremost occupation. §

KURAL 1032

Farmers are the linchpin of the world, for they support all who take up other work, not having the strength to plow. §

KURAL 1033

Those who live by the plow live in self-sufficiency. All others lean on them to simply subsist. §

KURAL 1034

Those whose fields lie shaded by abundant sheaves of grain will see many nations overshadowed by their own. §

KURAL 1035

Those who eat food harvested with their own hands will never beg and never refuse a beggar’s outstretched palm.§

KURAL 1036

When plowers of the fields stand idly with folded arms, even desireless ascetics will not last long.§

KURAL 1037

If soil is dried so that one ounce shrinks to one-quarter ounce, fruitful yields will not require a single handful of fertilizer.§

KURAL 1038

It is better to fertilize than to furrow a field. After weeding, it is more important to watch over a field than even to water it.§

KURAL 1039

If the lord of the land fails to visit his fields, they will sulk as surely as a neglected wife.§

KURAL 1040

Mother Earth laughs when she sees lazy men crying, “We are so poor.”§