Weaver’s Wisdom


KURAL 1071

Outwardly, vile men resemble human beings. We have never witnessed such a remarkable likeness.§

KURAL 1072

The low-minded are happier than men who know goodness, for they are never troubled by the pangs of conscience. §

KURAL 1073

Wicked rogues resemble the Gods, for they, too, live doing whatever they want.§

KURAL 1074

When a vile man meets a wicked one, he will outdo him in his vices and pride himself on the achievement. §

KURAL 1075

Fear is the primary force motivating base men. Besides that, the desire for gain may motivate them—a little. §

KURAL 1076

Base men are like a bass drum, sounding off to others every secret they happen to hear.§

KURAL 1077

Some men are too crude to even shake the water off their just-washed hands, except for those who could break their jaw with a fist.§

KURAL 1078

Worthy men yield their gifts when told of a need, but like sugarcane, base men give only when crushed and squeezed. §

KURAL 1079

Let a base man behold others dressing and dining well, and instantly their faults are all that he can see.§

KURAL 1080

Is there anything for which lowly men are suited? Well, when crises come, they are the first to offer themselves for sale!§