Weaver’s Wisdom




WEAVER’S WISDOM, ANCIENT PRECEPTS FOR A PERFECT LIFE, WAS RENDERED INTO AMERICAN ENGLISH OVER A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FOUR YEARS BY two of Gurudeva’s designated successors. It was designed and produced by the acharyas and swamis of the Saiva Siddhanta Yoga Order at Kauai’s Aadheenam on Hawaii’s Garden Island, overlooking the Wailua River at the base of the extinct volcano Mount Waialeale. This second book in the Siddha Collection was edited and assembled using QuarkXPress on a network of PowerMac G3s. The text is set in Dominante 10 on 14. The Devanagari font is by Ecological Linguistics, and the Tamil font is by K. Srinivasan. Pages were output to film by BookCrafters in Chelsea, Michigan, and printed on 60# Enviro-text stock. Assistance with the glossary and proofreading was provided by R.V. Subramanian, Chamundi Sabanathan and Rajadeva Alahan, all three of California. The 108 pictures illustrating the chapters, along with the painting on page xx, are by Tiru A. Manivelu of Chennai. The cover art and the image of Lord Murugan opposite the half title page are by Tiru S. Rajam of Chennai. The spiritual likeness of Saint Tiruvalluvar on the title page is the unique work of Tirumati Saroja Nagarathnam of Chennai, which she created by penning the weaver’s 1,330 Tamil verses in microscopic size with colored inks. The oil portrait on the back cover was an inspired gift by India’s renowned artist Sri Indra Sharma during his visit to Kauai in 1997. Indraji also did the portrait of Satguru Yogaswami on page iv. The cloth-like pattern graphics are the contribution of a gifted soul among our Saiva sannyasin order.§