Weaver’s Wisdom




WE HAVE TAKEN GREAT PLEASURE IN PRESENTING THIS EDITION TO THE WORLD OF SEEKERS FOR A BETTER LIFE. HEEDING THE WISDOM HEREIN IS A dharma that has been tried and tested century after century. after century. Decision-making in planning the future and understanding the past while living in the present is made easy through these 1,080 verses. All who look to India as the land of spirituality will find here the best of the East augmenting the best of the West, making a wholesome whole in claiming the weaver’s wisdom as their own lifestyle. There is a new age ahead, and we are certain that the Tamil people, and those who have chosen to live as they once lived, will take a needed and welcome lead. We here at our Hawaiian ashram base our decisions, which are many and made daily, upon the weaver’s precepts. By doing so, a concise and precise governing body, otherwise imperceptible, gives consistent advice to followers worldwide. As the hereditary guru of the Jaffna Tamil community of Sri Lanka—now in diaspora as refugees flee because of war—my decisions for community welfare and future development made on the Tirukural’s understanding of dharma keep decision-making consistent with priests and elders in over twenty nations where we have established temples and encouraged traditional ways of worship and culture. For a new age to really be a new age, two things must happen: first, spiritual leaders must be strong enough to influence community leaders by example and unfailing advice; and second, corporal punishment must end and harmony must exist in every school and home.§