Yoga’s Forgotten Foundation



imageOGA’S FORGOTTEN FOUNDATION WAS DESIGNED AND ILLUSTRATED BY THE ĀCHĀRYAS AND SWĀMĪS OF THE ŚAIVA SIDDHĀNTA YOGA ORDER AT KAUAI AADHEENAM, KAUAI’S Hindu Monastery on Hawaii’s Garden Island. It was produced on Macintosh G4 computers using Adobe InDesign 2, Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe Illustrator 10. The text is set in Adobe’s Minion family of fonts (with diacritical marks added using Fontographer): 11.5-point regular on 13.5-point linespacing for the body of the book and 8.25 on 9.75 for the glossary and index. Sanskrit and Tamil fonts are by Ecological Linguistics and Srikrishna Patil. Printing production was supervised by Tiru A. Sothinathan of Uma Publications in Kuala Lumpur, with printing by four-color offset press executed at Sampoorna Printers Sdn. Bhd. on 85 gsm coated art paper. ¶The cover art is a watercolor by Tiru S. Rajam, 84, of Chennai, India. The painting on the half-title page is by the same artist. The oil portrait of Gurudeva on the back cover was a gift by renowned artist Sri Indra Sharma during a sojourn on Kauai in 1997. The watercolor paintings that initiate each chapter are the work of Tiru A. Manivelu, 62. The background patterns adorning the title pages were created by the monastics using Adobe Photoshop. The book’s index was created by Tirumati Chamundi Sabanathan of Santa Rosa, California, using Sonar Bookends. Sanskrit translation of the chapter titles was provided by Dr. Sarasvati Mohan of Campbell, California. ¶We know that Gurudeva is smiling down upon this book from the inner planes, pleased with its production, happy that his original vision has been fulfilled, lending his blessings to all those who read his words and strive to apply this earthy wisdom to their daily life. Aum.§