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He learned here the ancient, healing Manipuri dance and revived a type of dance indigenous to the area around Kandy—a colorful, bold and intricate art form.  This young man had traveled to Sri Lanka to meet his guru and realize the Self.

Soon he began to encounter saints and sages, adepts of various yogic disciplines, masters of using the third eye, the science of tuning the nerve currents of the body, Hindu mysticism, controlling the forces of the material world and meditation. Each catalyst came to him at just the right moment. The American felt that each of these meetings was auspicious. In each interchange he felt the pull of his guru.  Every adept he met gave what he had to give. The young man obediently performed what he was told until he felt a release from that catalyst. Then the next teacher, the next swami, the next mustan, would come to open to him another realm of superconsciousness.