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Finally the young brahmin from America, as he was called in Sri Lanka, met the Hindu adept who would see that he met Yogaswami. Even he kept the presence of the guru veiled. He was C. Kandiah Cettiar, a resident of Alaveddy, a village not far from Jaffna. He had been with Yogaswami often and knew well who he was.

They had sat together many times in the home of Chellachi Amma. Frequently they had talked in the streets and shops of Jaffna. He took the American Brahmin to his home in Jaffna, and after some months of preparation it was time to meet Yogaswami. Kandiah Chettiar called for a bullock cart and set out for Nallur Temple to bless the meeting that was about to happen.

It was an auspicious, festive time in Jaffna, the full moon of May. Yogaswami’s birth was celebrated in that month. There is also a special Murugan festival during those days. In the South, Wesak, the anniversary of Buddha’s illumination, is celebrated, and mangoes, a fruit sacred to Lord Murugan and cherished by all, were ripening. 

They started on their way at about three They They started on their way abou 3:00 in the afternoon. There was a breeze in the air that cooled them as they walked to the next village, Mallakam, to catch the bus to Jaffna. At about 3:30 they reached that village. A bus came fifteen minutes later. Shortly after five, they arrived in Jaffna, and went straightaway to the house of a barrister whom Kandiah said would take them to see Swami. The proctor was happy to accompany them, but entertained them first with tea and stringhoppers while his servant prepared the bullock cart. Fifteen minutes later they were off, leaving the house in a wagon drawn by two handsome white brahma bulls.