Path to Siva: A Catechism for Youth





1 Who Am I and Where Did I Come From?§

2 Where Am I Going? What Is My Path?§

3 What Is the Ultimate Goal of Life?§

4 What Is a Religion?§

5 What Is Hinduism?§

6 Is Hinduism a Religion or a Way of Life?§

7 What Are the Main Hindu Denominations?§

8 What Is Saivite Hinduism?§

9 What Is Saiva Siddhanta?§

10 What Is Monistic Theism?§

11 Who Is Siva?§

12 What Are Siva’s Three Perfections?§

13 How Can We See God?§

14 What Are Siva’s Traditional Forms?§

15 What Is the Meaning of Siva’s Dance?§

16 What Is the Namaḥ Śivāya Mantra?§

17 What Are the Beliefs of Saivism?§

18 What Is Our Affirmation of Faith?§

19 What Is the Nature of Life for Saivites?§

20 What Are Our Holy Scriptures?§

21 What Are the Three Worlds?§

22 What Is the Nature of Our Soul?§

23 Why Are We Not All-Knowing Like Siva?§

24 Are Souls & World Essentially Good?§

25 What About Evil, Hell and Sin?§

26 Who Is Lord Ganesha?§

27 Who Is Lord Murugan?§

28 What Is Bhakti?§

29 Who Are the Devas?§

30 What Are the Path’s Four Stages?§

31 What Is Karma?§

32 What Is Dharma?§

33 What Is Reincarnation?§

34 How Do We Prepare For Death?§

35 Why Is the Satguru So Important?§

36 What Is Our Heritage of Gurus?§

37 What Are the Two Paths?§

38 Who Are Our Holy Men & Women?§

39 Who Are the Four Great Tamil Saints?§

40 What Is Our Code of Conduct?§

41 What Are Our Five Core Practices?§

42 How Do We Use Affirmations?§

43 What Is Sadhana?§

44 What Is Yoga?§

45 What Is Japa?§

46 What Is Meditation?§

47 How Do We Meditate?§

48 Why Do We Practice Ahimsa?§

49 Why Are We Vegetarians?§

50 How Do We Treat the Environment?§

51 What Is the Ideal Home?§

52 How Do We Receive Guests?§

53 How Do We Use Our Home Shrine?§

54 What Are Our Saiva Forehead Marks?§

55 What Is Good Conduct?§

56 What Is the Hindu Way of Greeting?§

57 How Do We Get Along with Others?§

58 What Is the Value of Spiritual Friends?§

59 How Do We Practice Karma Yoga?§

60 What Is the Purpose of the Temple?§

61 How Do We Visit the Temple?§

62 How Can We Strengthen Our Temple?§

63 What Is Our Form of Prayer?§

64 How Do We Celebrate Festivals?§

65 How Do We Observe Pilgrimage?§

66 Why Should We Learn a Cultural Art?§

67 How Can We Be Strong Saivite Hindus?§

68 How Do We View Other Faiths?§

Free Resource Materials§

Hatha Yoga§