Vedic Experience

Table of Contents


The Preface and General Introduction

Part I - Dawn and Birth

Chapter A - Prelude

Chapter B - The Word

Chapter C - The Elements

Chapter D - The Lord

Chapter E - Emerging Life

Part II - Germination and Growth

Chapter A - The First Blessings of the Lord

Chapter B - Awakening and Coming of Age

Chapter C - The World of Man

Part III - Blossoming and Fullness

Chapter A - Radiance and Cosmic Refulgence

Chapter B - Sacrifice

Chapter C - Breaking the Boundaries

Part IV - Fall and Decay

Chapter A - Sorrow and Suffering

Chapter B - Sin and Mercy

Part V - Death and Dissolution

Chapter A - The Great Departure

Chapter B - The Other World

Part VI - New Life and Freedom

Chapter A - The Ascending Way

Chapter B - The Internal Way

Chapter C - The Encounter

Part VII - Twilight

Chapter A - At Sunrise

Chapter B - At Sunset

Last Mantra