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myst_iraivan_garbhagriham2 bottom_lotus_part_un_a9803b top_lotus_part_with_gomukhi the_team_after_the_c_a98065 ganapati_homam_befor_a98048
MYST Iraivan garbhagriham2.jpg
bottom lotus part under ornamentation work.jpg
top lotus part with gomukhi.jpg
the team after the completion of the task.jpg
Ganapati homam before starting the casting work.jpg
jutikka_participatin_a9804e sthapati_selvanathan_a9805f local_media_intervie_a98051 after_the_pouring_of_a98038 three_holes_through__a98066
Jutikka participating in the ganapati homama.jpg
sthapati selvanathan explaining about Adeenam and the sacred task.jpg
local media intervieing Jutikka Devi.jpg
after the pouring of the metal.jpg
three holes through which the molten metal will be poured.jpg
mold_is_heated the_ash_from_the_dry_a98061 metal_readily_kept_f_a98053 containers_with_meta_a98047 another_pit_burning__a9803a
mold is heated.jpg
the ash from the dry cow dung while clearing on the mold.jpg
metal readily kept for melting.jpg
containers with metal scrap for before melting.jpg
another pit burning the metal.jpg