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pits_with_containers_a98056 container_waiting_in_a98042 containers_in_the_pit close_look containers_2
pits with containers burning the metal pieces.jpg
container waiting in the pit.jpg
containers in the pit.jpg
close look.jpg
containers 2.jpg
containers_containin_a98044 containers_in_queue poring_the_metal among_three_holes_on_a98039 closer_view_of_the_hole
containers containing molten metal in queue.jpg
containers in queue.jpg
poring the metal.jpg
among three holes one is seen filled while pouring the metal.jpg
closer view of the hole.jpg
2nd_hole_is_getting_filled jutikka_devi_comes_w_a9804a a_separate_small_con_a98037 jutikka_devi_pouring_a9804b the_molten_metal
2nd hole is getting filled.jpg
Jutikka Devi comes with gold pieces to add in the container with metal for melting process.jpg
a separate small container is being heated and the gold is added with 8 kgs of metal for melting at 7.30 am.jpg
jutikka devi pouring the gold in the pit.jpg
the molten metal.jpg