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carrying_the_contain_a9803c kuberan_sthapati_at_work liquid_wax_coming_ou_a98050 process_being_explai_a98058 sthapati_explains_on_a9805c
carrying the container with liquid metal.jpg
kuberan sthapati at work.jpg
liquid wax coming out from the mold.jpg
process being explained to Ms.Jutikka Devi from Adeenam.jpg
sthapati explains on the process.jpg
sthapati_kuberan_exp_a9805d removing_of_wax_from_a98059 small_gift_to_shilpiss sthapati_kuberan_exp_a9805e
sthapati kuberan explaining about the process.jpg
removing of wax from the mold packed with earth.jpg
small gift to shilpiss.jpg
sthapati kuberan explaining on the rare picture obtained during the casting work wherein the Nataraja form was seen.jpg