Divinity in Stone

Where Heaven Meets Earth

A sunset view of Iraivan Temple, nestled on the banks of the Wailua River, regarded as sacred by the Hawaiians. Located in the heart of a traditional Hindu monastery complex reminiscent of India’s ancient mathas and aadheenams, Iraivan is more than a temple. It is a pilgrimage destination, a place of sadhana and spiritual renewal.

Abode of God Siva

Designed in the Chola Empire style of a thousand years ago, Iraivan Temple is regarded as the holy abode and body of God Siva. Within its chambers there is only Siva, no other Gods or divinities. This is how the most ancient Siva temples were.

Pictorial Pillars

Gurudeva decreed that the temple be “a library in stone,” and had 24 of the pillars carved with sacred and cultural symbols. At the bottom are 24 of the traditional forms of God Siva. In the middle are depicted cultural and philosophical images. The top of each pillar has sacred symbols and plants, half from India and half from Hawaii. The pillars have much to teach about our spiritual tradition.

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