Śaivite Hindu Religion, Book Four for Children Ages 8 to 10

Author’s Introduction


For the Students§

Welcome to Saivite Hindu Religion, Book Four. We hope you enjoy this colorful book. It includes pictures of Hindus from around the world. Now that you are older, you are ready to learn about Saivism as part of the great Hindu religion. You’ll study about God Siva, and Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan. You will better understand our key concepts of karma, dharma and reincarnation. You’ll learn how the temple works and find out how the Gods help us. You will explore the greatness of our Saivite saints and gurus. You'll be taught to improve your life with japa, meditation and the use of affirmations. You'll learn the religious reasons you should do good deeds, and how to get along with people. You'll learn about the importance of good friends, how to be a strong Hindu and have a strong religious home. Study your religion as hard as you study your other subjects. Understand well our practices, beliefs and philosophy.§

For the Teachers§

This book is intended for children ages 8 to 10. As the teacher, you should be sure your students understand all the words of the lesson text. If they are bilingual, then they should understand what is said in both their languages. This will make the meaning much clearer in their minds. Encourage them to ask questions, and if you can’t answer them, send their question to me for a response. There is additional material available at www.himalayanacademy.com/teaching/ on the Internet to help you with your class, including a teacher’s guide, additional Internet resources, available books and videos suitable for children. This book is prepared in four languages—English, Tamil, Malay and French—for the countries where most of the classes are taught, which include Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. Teachers are encouraged to communicate with each other, sharing class material and ideas.§

For the Parents§

This is the most important study your child can undertake. This is the study of Hinduism, the Sanatana Dharma, “Eternal Truth.” Some parents feel that the study of religion is not important, that their children should focus solely on their academic studies. A wiser approach is include both. The study of Hinduism as it is presented in this course gives practical suggestions that help a child do better in his or her academic studies. It also creates a more balanced life for children, a happier and less stressful childhood. Please take an interest in your child’s study of Book Four by reading all the lessons and, if you have the time, the teacher’s material on the Internet. Consider this course the education of your child’s soul and conscience, a training which will prepare your child to understand his religion, practice it with knowledge and be able to use its divine directions in facing the really difficult ethical and moral issues of life. Encourage your child, help your child with the studies and, who knows, you might learn something new yourself in the process.§


Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami§

163rd Jagadacharya of the Nandinatha Sampradaya’s Kailasa Parampara§

Guru Mahasannidhanam§

Kauai Aadheenam, Hawaii, USA§