Śaivite Hindu Religion, Book Four for Children Ages 8 to 10

Table of Contents

Author's Introduction
1 What Is Religion?
2 What is Hinduism?
3 What Are the Main Hindu Sects?
4 What is Saivite Hinduism?
5 What Are Saivism's Glories?
6 Are Hindus Tolerant of Others?
7 What Are the Three Worlds?
8 Did God Siva Create Everything?
9 What Is Karma?
10 What is Dharma?
11 What Is Reincarnation?
12 How Do We Celebrate Festivals?
13 What is a Guru?
14 What is Our Heritage of Gurus?
15 Who Are Our Holy Men and Women?
16 Who Are the Four Great Saints?
17 How Do We Ask God for Help?
18 What Is Japa?
19 What Are Affirmations?
20 How Do We Meditate?
21 What Is the Hindu Way of Greeting Others?
22 What Is the Importance of Doing Good Deeds?
23 What Is the Ideal Home?
24 What Is the Home Shrine?
25 Why Do We Respect Others?
26 What Is Hindu Hospitality?
27 How Do We Get Along with Others?
28 What Is a Temple?
29 How Do We Visit the Temple?
30 How Can We Become Part of the Temple?
31 Why Should We Learn a Cultural Art?
32 Why Were We Born?
33 How Can You Be a Strong Hindu?
34 What Is the Value Of Spiritual Friends?
35 Are There Two Paths in Life?