February 21, 2017 - Lesson 315

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Sloka 5 from Dancing with Siva

What Is the Ultimate Goal of Earthly Life?

The ultimate goal of life on earth is to realize the Self, the rare attainment of nirvikalpa samadhi. Each soul discovers its Sivaness, Absolute Reality, Parasiva--the timeless, formless, spaceless Self God. Aum Namah Sivaya.


The realization of the Self, Parasiva, is the destiny of each soul, attainable through renunciation, sustained meditation and frying the seeds of karmas yet to germinate. It is the gateway to moksha, liberation from rebirth. The Self lies beyond the thinking mind, beyond the feeling nature, beyond action or any movement of even the highest state of consciousness. The Self God is more solid than a neutron star, more elusive than empty space, more intimate than thought and feeling. It is ultimate reality itself, the innermost Truth all seekers seek. It is well worth striving for. It is well worth struggling to bring the mind under the dominion of the will. After the Self is realized, the mind is seen for the unreality that it truly is. Because Self Realization must be experienced in a physical body, the soul cycles back again and again into flesh to dance with Siva, live with Siva and ultimately merge with Siva in undifferentiated oneness. Yea, jiva is actually Siva. The Vedas explain, "As water poured into water, milk poured into milk, ghee into ghee become one without differentiation, even so the individual soul and the Supreme Self become one." Aum Namah Sivaya.

Lesson 315 from Living with Siva

Emissaries Of Lord Siva

Worship God Siva and you will be filled with love. Become a member of the united Saivites of the world, who love one another, who take care of each other in England, in South Africa, in Nepal, in North America, in South America, in Mauritius, in Malaysia, in Java, in Fiji, in Trinidad and Tobago, in Guyana, in Suriname, in Sri Lanka and in India. It is this Sivasambhandam, this inner association of Saivites the world over, that is the strength for Saivites wherever they find themselves. In this technological age this must become an outer association as well.

I urge all Saivites, devotees of God Siva, to worship Him as the God of Love and, in doing so, to become beings of love. The great saints of our religion were Siva bhaktas. They changed the world through their love of God. They did not need vast institutions to spread their message. They did not need riches or carts filled with books to spread their message. They did not need radio, television or the Internet. Their message spread because their minds were filled with direct knowledge, direct experience of God Siva. Their message spread far and wide, though they perhaps never left their native village. They just evolved within it. You, too, are emissaries of Lord Siva, and your love for Him is your greatest message. Simply love God Siva and let that love radiate out into the world.

We cannot forget that Lord Siva is the uncreated God. He is the closest to you. He is nearer than your breathing. He is nearer than your heartbeat. He is the very Self of you, each and every one of you. Saivites love Siva in that very way, as the Self of themselves. Being in all things simultaneously, at every point in time, God Siva is in your fingers, He is in your eyes, He is in your heart, He is in your mind. As our great satguru, Siva Yogaswami, said, "There is one thing that Lord Siva cannot do. He can do everything, but there is one thing He cannot do. He cannot separate Himself from me." That is the only thing that God Siva cannot do. He cannot take Himself out of you.

There are three things we must do: perform or attend puja every day in the home, attend a temple once a week and make a pilgrimage once a year. These three are the foundation of our Saiva Siddhanta. Plus, for those who are able, meditation and certain sadhanas are part of this worship. External worship builds a vibration within us, and that vibration is taken within, into deep meditation--internalizing the worship in worshiping God and the Gods within you and contacting them within the higher chakras until you realize that you also have always been the all-pervasive energy that pervades the universe.

Sutra 315 of the Nandinatha Sutras

Sending Prayers To The Inner Worlds

My devotees practice the ancient rite of sending prayers to the devas and Gods through the sacred fire, but only during auspicious times at Church missions and temples designated by the preceptor. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Lesson 315 from Merging with Siva

Yoking with the Inner Worlds

An advanced adept can, in meditation, travel in the akasha, too. He can go to India, Sri Lanka, America in three different ways: by projecting himself mentally "out there" in the akasha, by sitting and bringing Sri Lanka here, or by traveling in his astral body and actually being there. People would see him there if they were inwardly awakened. The great devas or Gods visit temples and participate in keeping the darshan vibration going strong. They help the satgurus, too. They help the disciples of the satgurus by giving a wonderful psychic protection. They can usually be contacted by ringing a bell.

The bell is one of the things that penetrates in vibration into the akasha. If you trace the evanescent tones of a bell in and in and in, right into the light, it will be the last sound you will hear before soundlessness occurs. All other sounds will fade away, and you will only hear the bell as the last overtone of sound. On the tone of a bell you can bring a yogi safely out of deep meditation. He will begin to hear that sound, and will come out into normal consciousness after a while. Otherwise you might talk to him, and he might not even hear you. You can awaken a sleeper out of deep sleep by ringing a bell softly. The soft tones of the bell will penetrate into the depths of his sleep or meditation and bring him out in a very nice way into physical consciousness. As a bell is the first, so the flame is the second thing that penetrates that deeply into consciousness.

The inner-plane being, once contacted, would then use the water on your home altar to put in all of the accumulated unwholesome vibrations found in the room. He would then charge the stone on the altar with his darshan. The inner-plane being or deva would come to the puja, summoned by the bell. The power of the flame would give him the ability to work within the room, and he would go around collecting all the negative vibrations from everybody, old karma and magnetic collections of thought and emotion, and put it all in the water. After the puja, the water should be thrown out. It may start to get cloudy. In the meditation room, the water should always be kept fresh, because it even collects odic force on its own.

The odic force is what causes all the problems on Earth. Water itself is odic force, so it collects the conflicting vibrations in its elements. The actinic forces do motivate odic forces, as well as create odic force. So, when in the large temples of India the ceremony is at a certain pitch and height, the darshan of the Deity that the temple is built for is felt because He visits the temple in his spiritual body. He might just come for a short period of time, but the vibration of the darshan is felt in a very dynamically uplifting way, a vibration similar to that of a satguru, but different because it comes from an inner plane. It protects one from old experiences coming up from the subconscious to repeat themselves, karmas that perhaps might take years to live through again. This inner protection is one of the many wonderful ways that darshan works for the good of people on the path.