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Devotees' Love is Siva

  Sung by: Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami

This is a lyrical English translation of the Natchintanai "Anbar Anbathu." The translation was a collaborative effort done as...

Appanukkum Ammaikkum Mangalam

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Although the original text has each line ending in "mangalam," the traditional practice is to end each line...

Sivam Sivakaram Shantam

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Saantam Upasaantam

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Anbar Anbathu

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Nandinatha Guru Sampradaya

  Sung by: Gajanan Nataraja and Brahmanathaswami

Gajanan Nataraj composed this song to honor our Kailasa Parampara and his Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. The melody is...

Engal Gurunaathan

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Siva Siva Thondan

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Simple bhajan invoking the parampara

Chandrashekaraaya Nama Aum

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Singing Guide: the leader may vary repetitions of the beginning lines. This song may be done slowly as...