Making Dharma Your Own

The Master Course - Bodhinatha's Insights

Bodhinatha's presentation is based on the Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 Hinduism Today edition and is entitled "Making Dharma Your Own". Dharma is a complex and comprehensive term for religion, ethics, duty, virtue and is defined as that which sustains the orderly fulfilment of an inherent nature or destiny. In relation to an individual, it is a mode of conduct conducive to living a virtuous life. In this presentation, Bodhinatha explores five aspects of the term dharma and their application in life, namely, living virtuously and fulfilling duty, two paths two dharmas, ashrama dharma, purushartha and varna dharma. Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presents topics relating to Himalayan Academy's Master Course study program


Photo of  Gurudeva
"I will be what I will to be. I will do what I will to do." You can repeat these two powerful affirmations over time and time again and thus rearrange, restructure, the forces of your subconscious mind and create a great inner peace within yourself.