Ashram Sadhana Day – New Talk Posted Today

Today was our cleaning day and all the monks spent the entire morning, cleaning, digging into storage areas and tossing away useless items.

It has been some time since we posted any of Bodhinatha’s upadesha and for that we apologize to our Satguru Speaks fans. We recently been working on these and will be posting talks in regular succession until we are caught up. Don’t miss today’s marvelous upadesha on “The Inner Plane” where Bodhinatha talks about the subtle process of using the intuition and sleep hours to work through spiritual unfoldments in the inner worlds.

You can always go to his talk index to see what you have missed… Click here to view all his talks for the past few years.


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  1. nalini says:

    Aum SIvaya,
    How blessed we are to have these wonderful Upadesa at our finger tips, when ever we want! They are so incredibly Helpful!

    Thank you thank you Satguru Bodhinatha and all the Monastics who make it all come together for the World!

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