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August 2014 Newsletter

bodhinatha.png Message from Bodhinatha

In July, six monastics and I headed for the island nation of Mauritius to host Innersearch Mauritius 2014, with 51 participants from nine countries. This was our 25th Innersearch program. The 12-day event featured an abundance of classes from me and the three swamis on topics including the microcosm of chakras and inner nerve currents, Shum meditation, hatha yoga, character building, effective use of affirmation and an abundance of stories about Gurudeva. The innersearchers joined together with our Mauritian Church members and Academy students for three grand-scale events: the first-Sunday-of-the-month Ganesha homa (with thousands of devotees attending), Satguru Purnima—including a fun-loving parade with dancing and singing—and a grand finale banquet with a variety of skits on the yamas and character building. General contributions for July totaled $44,553, which is less than our minimum monthly goal of $65,000. Special project contributions totaled an additional $208. We are grateful to our global family of temple builders for your continued and generous support. Aum Namasivaya!

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gurudeva.png Gurudeva's Wisdom

We are immortal souls living and growing in the great school of earthly experience in which we have lived many lives. Vedic rishis have given us courage by uttering the simple truth, “God is the Life of our life.” A great sage carried it further by saying there is one thing God cannot do: God cannot separate Himself from us. This is because God is our life. God is the life in the birds. God is the life in the fish. God is the life in the animals. Becoming aware of this Life energy in all that lives is becoming aware of God’s loving presence within us. We are the undying consciousness and energy flowing through all things. Deep inside we are perfect this very moment, and we have only to discover and live up to this perfection to be whole. Our energy and God’s energy are the same, ever coming out of the void. We are all beautiful children of God. Each day we should try to see the life energy in trees, birds, animals and people. When we do, we are seeing God Siva in action.

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News From the Home of Iraivan Temple

Recent Happenings


Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the participants of the 2014 Mauritius Innersearch Travel-Study Program


A jigsaw puzzle featuring our beloved Gurudeva

ann1.jpg ann2.jpg ann3.jpg ann4.jpg ann5.jpg ann6.jpg ann7.jpg Top to bottom: A local Sivacharyar performs arati to Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati during the 2014 Innersearch; a grand homa at the Goodlands Temple in Mauritius; Basanti Mardemootoo of Mauritius during her Vidyasishya pledge ceremony in Kadavul Temple; Jiva Rajasankara displays the completed murti of Gurudeva prior to crating; the Ganapati Kulam enjoy their first daily meeting in the Media Studio since the start of the renovation; equipment operator Pradeep Chand takes advantage of the dry weather to do some clearing around Iraivan Temple grounds; our nine sadhakas pose for a photo with Bodhinatha after voicing their two-year vows.

Bodhinatha's Activities
Bodhinatha and six monks spent the first two weeks of July immersed in Innersearch Mauritius 2014. It was a time of intense classes combined with religious rituals. The daily classes were held at our scenic Spiritual Park on the east coast of the island nation. Pandit Narendra Ragoonanan from Trinidad did the inaugural puja to the eight-foot-tall Pancha Mukha Ganapati who presides over the park. For his first class, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami focused on guru bhakti. At one point he passed the microphone to innersearch participant Swami Parameshananda, who expressed the message “Let go of life’s burdens and allow God to enter your life!” Bodhinatha summarized the goal of his seminars during his opening remarks: “Hinduism is a path to higher consciousness. It is focused on our state of mind right now, what we are experiencing in the present moment, not on what happens after we die, not on some future event, not on tomorrow or later today. It is focused on living in as high a state of consciousness as possible in this moment, a state of consciousness free from negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear.” All of his classes were full of practical advice for achieving that state of mind in one’s own life. During the program, Bodhinatha and students participated in the installation of a Murugan murti at the Somnath temple and goshala near Ganga Talao lake, also known as Grand Bassin. They later paid a visit to His Excellency Mr. Rajkeswur Purryag, the president of Mauritius, at the Chateau de Reduit State House. Towards the end of the program, Sishyas Egambrum and Logavalli Sinsamy as well as Nuckiren Pyeneeandee received mantra diksha while Mrunal and Padmaja Patel received vishesha diksha. Tiviapragassen and Saroja Maureemootoo took arulsishya vows and several youth took their vidyasishya pledge. Back on Kauai, Basanti Mardemootoo of Mauritius signed her vidyasishya pledge in Bodhinatha’s presence, promising to follow the yamas and niyamas and perform a ten-minute vigil every morning.

Iraivan Temple Progress
In Bengaluru, the final stones for the Nandi Mandapam were loaded in shipping containers and are now on their way to Kauai. Only the smaller yeshtis of the front steps of the temple are left to complete. The primary focus of the stone carvers is the perimeter wall. On Kauai, heavy equipment was used to remove underbrush and prepare the ground for landscaping along the entry path to the temple. Bronze artisan Holly Young made good progress on the silpi stone carver memorial. She has completed wax models, almost life size, of two silpis cutting big blocks of stone using nothing but hammers and chisels. These forms now go to the metal foundry in Colorado for casting in bronze. Many thanks to all the generous donors who have helped meet our monthly fundraising goals this year. It is because of you that a magnificent place of religious pilgrimage, for this generation, the next and the next is steadily manifesting on this island paradise.

Welcome to Our New Sadhaka
The monastery’s eight sadhakas, monks in white robes, renewed their two-year vows following the elaborate monthly Ardra abhishekam of the Nataraja Deity of Kadavul Temple. At the same time, Sivanadiyar Girish Samugam, son of a family of Gurudeva’s devotees in Singapore, took the four sacred monastic vows of Humility, Purity, Obedience and Confidence for the first time. Bodhinatha blessed him with new robes, sandalwood beads and a new name—Sadhaka Dayanatha. With all of our love and blessings we welcome Sadhaka Dayanatha as the newest monk of the Kailasa Parampara.

Publications and Other Activities
The monks of the Ganapati Kulam spent the latter part of July pulling together the articles for the October/November/December issue of Hinduism Today. At the same time they made steady progress on the renovation of their Media Studio office space. The Siddhidata Kulam, our landscape and gardening group of monks, took delivery of four new Polaris Ranger electric utility vehicles, replacing an aging fleet of gas-and deisel-powered counterparts, to facilitate maintenance of the monastery grounds and buildings. July was a busy time for visitors, bringing Siva in many of His forms to the monastery. Among them were bharata natyam instructors Anusha Tharmarajah from Sydney, Australia, and Sudha Krishnan from San Ramon, California. While here Sudha was able to fulfill her dream of dancing for Lord Nataraja inside Kadavul Temple.

Bodhinatha's Newest Teachings Online
Satguru Bodhinatha is now turning his 15-minute Keynote presentations into movies which can be used for our personal benefit or shared at a satsang of friends. See them here. Thanks to a vibrant team of transcribers we can hear Bodhinatha's recent talks and read the transcriptions here. Read the transcriptions on line. Click here for all of Bodhinatha's talks.

Bodhinatha's weekly talks can be heard on our website:

Click here for a complete index of both Bodhinatha's and Gurudeva's talks on line

Bodhinatha Speaks at Goodlands Temple (July 4, 2014)

Mauritius Innersearch Class 2014-07-04 (July 4, 2014)

Mauritius Innersearch Class 2014-07-03 (July 3, 2014)

Click here to see Bodhinatha's extended travel schedule. Bookmark the link and return for updates.

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recent.png Left: Visitors enjoy the grounds on a weekly tour day..


Our Hindu History Movie Takes Off!


With over 19,000 hits on YouTube after just a few weeks posted, The History of Hindu India, part one, is off to a quick start. Its inaugural showing at the June 28 “Meet the Publisher and Editors” event in Mauritius was a great success. One young lady in the audience said afterwards, “Wow! I have to tell you this is the first time I have ever seen my religion presented in a way that touched me so deeply. Tonight I feel proud to be a Hindu!” Other comments we have received are “Incredibly well done” from Mihir Meghani; “Great work! Kudos to the Kauai Hindu Monastery!” from R. Unnikrishnan; and “Great job, this will help dispel many misgivings in the mainstream communities and school boards,” from Akkaraju Sarma.

YouTube Links to The Hindu History of India Video

Note: Narration is in English in all versions

The History of Hindu India, Part One (without subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (Bahasa Indonesia subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (English subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (French subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (Hindi subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (Spanish subtitles)

The History of Hindu India, Part One (Tamil subtitles)

Hinduism Today October Highlights!


Creative Fund-Raising Seva!


Each year the Katir family in California creates hundreds of clay Ganeshas for Ganesha Visarjana, with proceeds going to Iraivan temple. They started this in 2005, taking over and expanding upon the work of Satya Palani who for 20 years made clay Ganeshas for the local Church members.

The molds are made from bronze Deities and cast with biodegradable clay in two sizes. It is a slow process, taking two months to make 450 of the small statues. The large ones sell for $10 the small ones are $5. The family organizes creative and fun painting parties for local Hindu children, which are always a big hit. The unpainted Ganeshas are also sold online here, in bulk to temples and through direct personal orders.


Three Types of Fund Raising: Annual, Major & Planned

hhe.png ry now and then we are asked by trustees of a temple in the USA that is newly formed or just a few years old whether they should start an endowment fund at this time or wait till later. The concern is that raising funds for an endowment will compete with what are viewed as the more pressing needs of paying down a major loan or funding the next phase of temple construction. These are reasonable concerns, but professional fundraisers tell us that this is not an issue if the various fund-raising programs are properly presented and administered.

• Annual gifts, such as the year-end appeal for general support, are made from disposable income.

• Major gifts, such as for temple construction, are funded from savings or other assets such as appreciated stock or real estate.

• Planned gifts, such as for an endowment fund, usually take place in the future, are part of the donor’s estate plan and utilize lifetime accumulated assets of all types.

To check on this concept, planned giving professionals have done research and found that more than 70 percent of people who have already made planned gifts also continue to make annual gifts to the organizations they have named in their estate plans.

A compelling reason for a new temple to start an endowment fund as early as possible is that more of the founding core group of donors is still living in the area and participating in the temple. They are the natural group to contribute to the temple’s endowment fund. Historically, endowment has been simultaneous with construction of many Hindu temples, either by a king or a Hindu community with gifts of land for shops or for agriculture. These deeply interested parties wanted to make sure the edifice they built would be sustained in perpetuity.

The concept of making charitable gifts in your estate plan to your favorite charities is commonly referred to as “Leaving a legacy.” For example, if you are donating $5,000 a year to a Hindu temple, a gift to their endowment of $125,000 would continue to provide that $5,000 a year (assumes a grant of 4%). Potential donors may raise the objection, “I have children and relatives. Shouldn’t I leave my entire estate to them?” This is perhaps the number one cause for reluctance when making a bequest. However, part of making a charitable bequest is demonstrating your values and beliefs to your family, reinforcing what you have done during life.

Making a planned gift to an endowment should not be done as an independent action. It should be part of a comprehensive estate plan. Professional advisors should be consulted to help the donor understand the various ways to give as well as decide the question of what to give—which addresses the complex realm of the “tax consequences” involved in giving different types of assets.

For additional information contact Shanmuganathaswami at 808-822-3012, ext. 244 or e-mail hhe@hindu.org. To learn more about planned giving options to provide immediate tax and income benefits to you and your family, while also providing a future gift to a temple, please visit the Hindu Heritage Endowment website at hheonline.org.


You Can Sponsor Iraivan's Entry Steps and Elephants

wall1.png wall2.png wall3.png wall4.png

Sponsor the Perimeter Wall

The second prakaram wall is 3.5 feet tall, two feet thick and 475 feet long. It comprises 45 short pillars (the section with the pot on top) and 44 panels (the long section between the pillars). Each pillar and panel pair require 544 man-days to carve, even with the massive granite slabs being sawn to size by machine. Each panel will be inscribed (inside the ornate border shown in the photo at right) with verses from scripture and the philosophy and history of the temple.


❏ One pillar section: $15,000

❏ One panel section: $30,000

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Donor Listing

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Donor Listing

Building Fund Donations

Thanks to Our July Temple Builders in 15 Countries

SUMMARY: For the eleven months of September to July, our minimum monthly goal equals $715,000. Excluding contributions directed toward special projects, we received actual contributions of $716,293.95.

Building Fund Donations
Ramudu & Marie Bhanugopan US$108.00
Danyse Crotti 108.00
Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan 20.00
Karthigesu Family 100.00
Rama Krishnan 30.00
Vimala Muniandy 32.00
Subramanaim & Malathy Nirmalananda 101.00
N. & Neelanthi Panchalingam 44.92
Ragini Sathiavan 94.00
Smuttu Sivarasa 501.00
Anursha Tharmarajah 94.00
Essen Subramanian Valayten 3.23
Thamilmani Visakan 200.00
Anonymous 155.75
Sri Dhevi Arasaratnam 100.00
Rajesh K. Bali 525.76
Ron & Jennifer Burke 50.00
Rathinappillai Logeswaran 50.00
Manorgaran Renghen 108.00
Thiru Satkunendran 25.00
Naguleswary & Manickam Senthivel 50.00
Azam & Loganatha Shivam Torkian 60.00
Pai Shrikrishna Family 51.00
Thambimuttoo & Thavam Sivagnanam 51.00
Sara K. Sivasurier 123.77
Nagula & Sutha Suthaker 101.00
Anonymous 108.00
The Harilela Foundation Limited 2,500.00
Luckshmi & Logan Siva Nirmalananda 201.00
Lakshmanan Nellaiappan 10.00
Maragatham Nellaiappan 10.00
Shanno Devi Saxena 101.00
Sheela Venkatakrishnan 11.00
Vennila Mardemootoo & Sivaneswaran Sockanathan 50.00
Anonymous 1,060.00
Malaysia Mission 2.00
Shaolin Wahnam Institute 351.00
Thanesh Kumar & Leelawathy Aianarappan 15.00
Arulmani Devi Arumugam 89.10
Nivashini Balakrishnan 20.00
Balasegaran Balasupramaniam 31.45
Thinageri & Kumaresh Batumalai 31.00
Rathidevi & Veerasamy Batumallah 72.82
Arulmani Chandra Kumar & Sujith Arulmani 29.69
Aravindraj Chandrasekaran 15.00
Sasikumar Darmalingam 31.45
Chandran Ramamurthy, Kalpana Devasagayam & Sai Janany 44.55
Omaya Devasagayam 14.84
Leena Lakshmi Devasagayam & Anand Kumar Letchumana 44.55
Annapoorani Ganesan 14.84
Yoga Rubini & Chandra Ganth Family 31.45
Yoga Bhavani & R. Jayakumar Family 31.45
Uma Dewi & Dinesh Kumar Jayaram 9.00
M. Shanmuganathan & A. Kamalambikai 62.90
Anbu Kandasamy 28.00
S. Kandasamy 12.53
Magil Kathiravan 62.90
Polil Kathiravan 47.15
Pugal Kathiravan 47.15
Arumugam Kavari 11.00
Suguna Krishnasamy 15.75
Amaraysh, Kumutha & Jerry Lai 14.84
Sivaselvi Malar 24.00
Nameegri Marimuthu 29.69
Silvarajoo Muniandy 15.00
Ramesh Murthi, Bathmavathy Batumalai, Deevesh & Likel 14.84
Wasantha Devi Murugan 31.45
Logadasan Murugesu 15.75
Gowri Nadason 29.69
Kamalaharan Nadason 29.69
Rasiah Vallipuram & Pathumanithi Nagalingam 29.69
M. Suranthiran Naidu 59.42
Bangajam Narayanan 125.80
Nalakini Niranjana 44.55
A. Paranthaman 6.00
Jayaram Rajaletchumi 15.00
Jayanayagi Rajaratnam 9.40
Mogan Raju 69.00
Puveneswaran Raman 30.00
Kaveta Supramaniam Ramoo 59.42
Supramaniam Ramoo & In Memory of Neelavathy Thangavelu 29.69
Puvana Ratha Krishnan 15.75
R. Ravichandran 102.00
Jayaraj Kantharaj & Saranraj S-O Jayabalathilagam 17.80
Lachmi Savoo 14.84
Sharavanan Selvadurai 100.00
B. S. Selvakone 51.00
Parimala Selvaraj 30.00
Ambikabathi Shanmugam Pillay 62.90
Indrani Shanmugasundram 15.00
Raja Singam Raja Ratnam & Shreema Rasiah 29.69
Roselia Simon - Kulamani Ganesha 82.00
Rohini Sivalingam 125.28
Saraswathy & Ramesh Sivanathan 15.77
Mohana Sundari & Sivasekaran 29.69
Girish Skanda 31.50
Chandrasekari & A. Sockalingam 29.69
Barathy Sockanathan 14.84
Devi & The Late Selvadurai Subramaniam 14.84
Saravanan Supermanium 15.75
Vasanta Tanggavelu 94.35
Remalah & A. Thinathayalan 14.84
Thanavinthan Siva Thirumalai 15.63
Selvanayagi Thuraisingam 31.33
Sivamalar Vasanthan 25.06
Vikneswaran A. Vinsent 29.69
Darrshan Letchumanan & Yuvan Letchumanan 29.69
Soondiren Arnasalon 16.12
Soundarajen Arnasalon 6.45
Prem Audit 3.23
Roubee Devi Bookun 3.23
Paramaseeven Canagasaby 32.26
Jegadessa Chenganna 16.13
Nalaya Dewayanee 3.23
Pius Dindiyal 3.23
Shree Saroja Devi Doorgiat 3.23
Amrit Singh Jaypal 8.06
Mooneenagen Koothan 6.45
Poospawadee Koothan 3.23
Sooreshen Koothan 16.13
Amravadee Kownden 51.61
Veena Kunniah 64.77
Vel Mahalingum 9.68
Manogaran Mardemootoo 32.26
Jayadita Matadeen 1.61
Rajcoomar Matadeen 3.23
Tanvee Matadeen 1.61
Kulagan Moonesawmy 3.23
Seedha Lutchmee Moonesawmy 3.23
Jayaluxmi Mooroogen 3.23
Sheela Goindamah Moothoosawmy 3.23
Mardaymootoo Mootoosamy 3.23
Parani Mootoosamy 1.61
Poomaly Mootoosamy 3.23
Revathi Mootoosamy 1.61
Siven Barlen Mootoosamy 1.61
Vadivel Mootoosamy 3.23
Vimaley Chellen Mootoosamy 1.61
Karoumee Pareatumbee 8.06
Omvathi Peruman 16.13
Naden Seeneevasen Pillay 1.61
Ashok Reetoo 3.23
Dayalen Renghen 4.84
Ezilveylen Renghen 4.84
Jagadissen Renghen 4.84
Madhevi Renghen 4.84
Siven Renghen 4.84
Varaden Renghen 4.84
Vega Renghen 4.84
Amooda Sagum 12.90
Petchai Subramanian 3.23
Kannen Valaydon 32.26
Saroja Valayten 3.23
Toshadeva Valayten 1.61
Ulasa Valayten 1.61
Siven Veerasamy 9.68
Prekash & Sabita Baladien 15.00
Gary & Radica Asha Yee-Fong 35.00
Anil Ananda Badhwar 54.00
Dmitry Borzunov 100.00
Fremont Lawrence & Toshadevi Nataraj 61.00
Singapore Mission 469.00
Subathra Devaraja 52.00
Vasaant Krishnan 182.00
Sivakumar, Lavanya & Easan Saravan 400.00
Rajesvari Shanmugam 81.00
Kavitha Darshini & Amitpal Singh 232.79
Ramalingum Moodley Family 200.00
Shree Vishna Rasiah & Sharmila Harry 29.69
Clive & Puvaneswary Roberts 175.00
Darmaguhan & Shivali Satgunasingam 100.00
Sankara Skandanatha 36.00
Anonymous 1,258.85
Golden Gate Mission 3.50
Wailua Mission 4,909.50
Niseema Agarwal 50.00
Hotranatha & Punita Ajaya 25.00
Adi & Asha Alahan 25.00
Rajadeva Alahan 51.00
Vel & Valli Alahan 25.00
Priya Balasubramaniam 20.00
Manula & Easwaran Balasubramanian 202.00
Amitabha & Meena Banerjee 101.00
Arvind & Urmila Bhakta 51.00
Srinivas Bhamidipaty 200.00
Donna Bielby 101.00
Sanjay Bonde 101.00
Asha Chaku 101.00
K. R. Channarasappa 30.00
Senthil Chidambaram 101.00
Peter Christian 401.00
Kaika & Nilufer Clubwala 101.00
Shyamadeva & Peshani Devi Dandapani 51.00
Benita Darshana-Reed 10.00
Paul DeSantis 108.00
Banu Devi & Chellappa Deva 50.00
Amarnath & Latha Devarmanai 202.00
Deborah Duda 25.00
Ramesh U. & Pramila U. Dugel 101.00
Jim & Margie Fischer 25.10
Suketu & Mita Gandhi 51.00
Panshula Ganeshan 14.00
Rajendra Giri 26.00
Harsh Gopal 501.00
Hiranya & Saraswathi Devi Gowda 515.00
Toshadeva & Kamala Guhan 36.00
Surya Gunturi 101.00
Prabodh & Jean Gupta 100.00
Kriya & Sharyn Haran 105.00
James L. Haynes 50.00
Usharani Iswaran Magaña 100.00
Rajagopalan Iyer 51.00
Vasanthi S. Iyer 50.00
David Jaffe 108.00
Chandrashekhar Jairaman 51.00
Chellam Jeevanandam 108.00
S. Jeyendran 101.00
Meenakshi Kalathil 100.00
Haran Kandadas 108.00
Srinivas & Shanthi Karri 40.00
Sundari Katir 20.00
Rajiv Kaushal 49.00
Anil & Devajyothi Kondapi 50.00
Vijay Konkimalla 101.00
Dora Kovacs & Rudy Tanzi 108.00
Andrzej Kraja 101.00
Shrawan Krishna 51.00
Jaya Krishnamurthy 1,008.00
Rajagopal Krishnan 108.00
Gerard & Zhena Linsmeier 54.00
Clifford Long 20.00
Leslie Lowman 20.00
Kishin & Varsha Mahbubani 151.00
Ramesh & Shubh Malhan 100.00
Laura Devi Marks 108.00
Rohini & Vijay Mashettiwar 101.00
Dave & Cindy McGonagle 25.00
Chandra Mohan Mehrotra 51.00
Jeanette Miller 40.00
Inder & Aileen Mirchandani 1,008.00
Dayavati Murugan 25.00
Palani & Selvarany Nadarajah 15.00
Nitya & Becky Nadesan 141.00
Manish M. Naidu 11.11
Varsha & Dilip Naik 105.00
Kumar Natarajan 15.00
Sriram Natarajan 200.00
Vijayarani Natarajan 84.00
Sanjaya K. Nath 11.00
Emma & Narendra Nemivant 25.00
Neela Oza 51.00
Gurudas Pai 101.00
Kumar Palaniappan 101.00
Sriram Panchagnula 54.00
Cassan Pancham 500.00
Pankayatselvan Family 25.00
Easvan & Devi Param 101.00
Janaka & Bhavani Param 25.00
Bhogilal Patel 101.00
Jigisha Patel 501.00
Magan & Sharda Patel 1,201.00
Prasan Patel 25.00
Vinay & Hansa R. Patel 101.00
Yatin & Bhavini Patel 122.00
Mr. & Mrs. Pranavan 25.00
Richard Henry Pratt 100.00
Parthasarathy Rajagopalan 50.00
Deva & Gayatri Rajan 1,001.00
Shanmuganathan Raju 101.00
Jeyashree & Venkat Ramakrishnan 50.00
Varalakshmi Ramamoorthy 216.00
Rajesh & Yatra Raman 11.00
Chandar Ramrakha 151.00
Partab & Chandra Ramsinghani 54.00
Sowmya Ravi 116.00
Hasmukh Ray 21.00
Annie & Mark Ruiz 108.00
Cliff & Kathy Runge 50.00
Chamundi Sabanathan 1,300.00
Aran Sambandar 54.00
R. Sankaram 116.00
Vikram Santurkar 51.00
S. & Pushpa Satkunaratnam 251.00
Karthikeyan Senthil Nathan 21.00
Muthu Senthilkumar 51.00
Deva Seyon 51.00
Jnanideva Shanmuga 51.00
Sivakami Shanmugasundaram 111.00
Praveen Y. Sharma 101.00
Rajinder Sharma 51.00
Som Sharma 501.00
Salil Shibad 21.00
Iraja & Nilani Sivadas 108.00
Siva C. Sivagnanaguru 5,001.00
Dharshi & Sivasothy Sivakumar 150.00
Tejasinha Sivalingam 4.00
Jnana Sivananda 100.00
Nathan & Sulena Sivananda 50.00
B. Sivaraja 10.00
Nitin Soni 11.00
Shanthi Srinivas 40.00
Kiran Srinivasan 20.00
Raja & Anita Srivastava 101.00
Carol Stearns 30.00
Nandi Deva Sundaram 50.00
Savithri Sundaresan 35.00
Anthan Sunder 25.00
Shanthi Suresh & Sures Ramamurti 101.00
Robert Teichman 144.40
Asan Tejwani 30.00
Atul Thakkar 500.00
Sivam U. Thillaikanthan 40.00
Timothy Titus 27.00
Rama Vangala 101.00
Vayudeva Varadan 102.00
Rohini Krishnan & Kartik Venkatesh 100.00
Mahesh Viswanathan 25.00
Narayanan Viswanathan 108.00
Natarajan Viswanathan 202.00
Michael Wasylkiw 108.00
Jeff Weiske 100.00
David & Shelah Young 51.00
Manohari Yuhendran 101.00
Zeelon Zeden 100.00
Michael Zimmermann 5.00
Total Building Fund $43,821.25
Iraivan Temple Endowment
Frank Burkhardt 10.00
Amrit Gohil 150.00
Dheeraj Handa 202.00
Victoria Lynne Johnson 11.00
Rasik Patel 251.00
Ganga Sivanathan 108.00
Total Endowment Funds $732.00
Special Project Donations (Gold Leaf)
Gail La Mar 108.00
Srinivas R. Madaboosi 100.00
Total Special Project Donations 208.00
Grand Total $44,761.25

Your support is deeply appreciated!

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Pilgrimage to Iraivan

Iraivan Temple is a punya tirtha, a sacred destination for devout pilgrims. The vision of Lord Siva on San Marga that Gurudeva was blessed with in 1975 is sustained and made manifest by the daily sadhanas of 21 resident monastics from five nations. Kadavul Hindu Temple and the many sacred areas of San Marga are available to Hindus for worship, meditation, japa and quiet reflection. It is best, if you are planning to come to visit us, to email us in advance to make sure the days of your visit coincide with our open times. And, if you want to have darshan with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, to check if he is in residence and to make the necessary appointment. Please see our visitor information pages for more details.

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