Ganesha Chaturthi Mauritius Part 3

We complete the Ganesha Chaturthi series of photos from Mauritius with a few photos of the Visarjana or immersion ceremony of clay Ganesha murthis at the Spiritual Park. Here is a nice youth team getting ready for the visarjana procession.

We were delighted to see hand made clay Ganesha murthis of all sizes on that day.

Participants line up and preparing to carry their Ganeshas for the procession…

Here we go… Kulapati Parmesh Pallanee and Soundiren Arnasalon lead the procession.

Devotees leaving the premises of the Spiritual Park for the village of La Pointe.

The procession coming down the main public road led by the traditional musicians.

A very large crowd but not everyone can come down the wharf due to the limited space down the water edge. Those devotees carrying the Ganeshas are kindly asked to come forward…

They lined up to leave their loving Ganesha murthis which they have worshipped for several days…

Mangai, the daughter of Mrs Vani at the Mini Mela had a Ganesha too..

One boat is already full and ready to leave…

The boats leave the waterfront for the immersion ceremony further off the ocean. A few kulapaties are on board to help conduct this last ritual.

Everyone watches the boats as they glided over the estuary which merges in the ocean reminding all present of the soul merging into its Creator, Lord Siva. The ceremony ends in fervour with bajans leaving joys and happiness in the hearts of everyone present.

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