Ganesha February 2011 Homa Spiritual Park Mauritius

Our February Ganesha Homa was attended by an incredible large number of devotees. Early morning the traffic was already held up at the main road leading to the Spiritual Park. Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati is decked with so many homemade garlands. Families love to weave garlands for the Lord for this special Homa ceremony.

When the Homa ceremony starts thousands of devotees are already occupying every inch around the Mandapam area.

Most devotees would stand all through the ceremony, concentrated and happy…

Sacred items are sent into the sacred fire before the written prayers are being burnt.

Devotees inside the Mandapam devoutly chanting the Ganesha mantra.

Most of the devotees are outside under the tent or far off in the open.

The sacred fire consumes hundreds of written prayers…

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo reading one of Bodhinatha's Talk on karma and reincarnation.

Those seated outside the Mandapam are listening carefully.

Meanwhile offerings keep coming from devotees down the Ganesha Bridge.

Worship at the Siva Lingum with water and flowers goes on all through the ceremony.

Hundreds of lighted earthen oil lamps are placed near the small Ganesha Mandapam.

One lady purchasing a copy of our latest Hinduism Today from the HA Booth. All copies in stock were sold out on that day.

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