Happy Bodhinatha Jayanti!

Today is the auspicious day of Satguru Bodhinatha’s Jayanti. He asked that there be no major festival conducted, but still the monks will be holding a small birthday party this evening. We offer today at Bodhinatha’s feet all our love and devotion with these verses from by Saint Tirumular from the Tirumantiram:

The Guru.

127. In Siva was he rooted: Sivam did he see everywhere.
In the will of Siva did he discern all things,
Transcending consciousness of past present and future,
And duality ceasing did he realize sweet serenity.

1576. He who’s beyond the visible universe, came down on earth
As a Guru to abide in the hearts of the virtuous,
And illumined them by His grace and made them His own.
The peerless Siva is the priceless NatGuru.

1581. The Guru indeed is Siva,
He is the kingly splendor too;
He is beyond the wisdom of the Vedas.
He is beyond all finite consciousness.

1584. If not for the grace of Siva who came as the Guru,
The import of the scripture,
The way leading to liberation,
The reality of Truth cannot be understood by man.

1527. Endowing me with equanimity, the power of Grace
Descended as the Guru and purged my dross,
And enlightened me from the sway of my ego.
Thus freed did I commingle with Siva.

2959. When you meditate on the form of thy Guru
Then all the bonds that bind you
To this prison house of the body
Shall give way and make you free in Siva.

2971. SivaPeruman did I invoke and adore whence,
He came down as my Guru in the form of a sage.
The majestic Lord did overpower me as my Guru,
And I pay my homage to this Lord of the universe.

1590. Sternly did my Guru chastise my ignorance;
He placed his holy hands on my head,
And his beauteous Feet lit up
The secret chambers of my heart.”

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  1. Alice says:

    Happy Bodhinatha Jayanthi! <3

  2. Nuckiren says:

    Aum Śrī Śivābhedāya Namaḥ!

  3. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    Wishing you a blissful Jayanthi Satguru Bodhinatha! My deep gratitude for your advice and spiritual guidance!

  4. Anil kumar says:

    Jai Bodhinatha,

    Namaskaram at your holy feet and with prayers that you continue to guide numerous souls like me to the ultimate goal.

  5. marimaruninu says:

    feliz jayanthi bodhinatha feliz cumpleanos dios bendiga a usted!!!!!!!!!!!!

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