Love is the Sum of the Law

We present to you quotations from Merging with Siva and Tirumantiram on Love and its identity with Siva. Specifically, these are taken from Chapter 18: Love is the Sum of the Law. Remember, as you go about your day, the love that flows through your Being is the same as the love that flows through everyone you meet. Every animate and seemingly inanimate object. Your family, friends, and that one person (or those persons) you really wish didn't exist. You all share the same love and that love is Siva. Anbe Sivam!

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The Kindle edition of the German language Merging with Siva (Vershmelzung mit Siva) can now be purchased on Amazon.
Other epub versions of Vershmelzung mit Siva can be downloaded (for free) at the Other Languages page of the Read & Learn section of our website. Erleben!

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