TAKA Adopts WordPress Blogging Platform

We’re not sure, but we think TAKA may have been the first blog, begun on August 16, 1998, ten years ago.

For all these ten years, we have been publishing TAKA using monk-crafted software tools, which have grown to be rather complex. Since the advent and popularization of personal and corporate web logs (blogs), many great platforms for blogging have been created. In an amazingly simple transformation, today we began publishing TAKA using the free WordPress software on our server.

Like every other modern blog, you can now post comments, view posts on their own pages (this is called a permalink; just click on the title above this section, "TAKA Adopts WordPress Blogging Platform" to go to a bookmarkable, URL-emailable page for just the story you want to share), view posts in specific categories or tagged with a given tag.

Enjoy the newly technological TAKA, and let us know how what you think!

Aum Namah Sivaya

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