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Marvelous Murugan Mantras

Good day fine citizens of Siva’s perfect universe,

We hope you all excited for Thai Pusam coming up February 4th! In this regard we have produced two audio files today containing Gurudeva chanting Aum Saravanabava. An audio clip was taken from an inspired upadesha Gurudeva gave after Skanda Shasti 23 years ago and repeated 108 times to create a guided japa.


Version with background sound-

Version without background music-



2000 Skanda Shasti Inspired Talk-



Aum Namah Sivaya!

New Shum Resource!

Enjoy this video graciously produced by a devotee recently on the island containing the first 18 characters of the Shum alphabet. Gurudeva’s voice is in the background overlaying each character so you can hear the sound at the same time as seeing the color and shape! The pre-monastics are using this resource right now to learn the characters so they can perform Kalibasa correctly when mediating with the monks. Aum Namah Sivaya!


The Self God – Noise Removed

Congratulation on being the 1,000,008 visitor to our site! Please accept this free gift absolutely free!

…Not really but we did just performed some noise removal magic on Gurudeva’s Self God talk and you can be one of the first to listen to it right now! The results are not perfect but the significantly reduced background sound makes the recording much more pleasant to listen to. Jai Ganesha!

Simsimvumsimsimsawvumsimsim Chant

During Satguru’s most recent talk he gave the definition for the Shum word Simsimvumsimsimsawvumsimsim following it with the comment that “it would make a good chant.” He was right! Listen now and see for yourself as we just made it into a chant by repeating the audio clip along side a background sound of tabla drums using the audio editing software Audacity. Enjoy!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

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