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Welcome to an index of all the teachings by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. This collection consists of Satguru's YouTube talks, audio talks, keynote presentations and Publisher Desks from Hinduism Today Magazine.

Key Teachings

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Achieving Affectionate Detachment     |  YouTube  | 

The deeper truth is that we are learning about ourself the whole time, and our inner changes are reflected in our relationships.

Managing Chronic Stress    Editorial  |  YouTube  | 

Almost everyone these days is challenged by the growing intensity of life. Here are some tools to maintain balance.

Five Suggestions to SBNRs    Editorial  |  YouTube  | 

Five suggestions for all of the spiritual but not religious crowd.

One God, Many Divinities    Editorial  |  YouTube  | 

A guide to the complexities of Deity images in Hindu temples and the nature of our temple consecration rites.

Surrender is Central to All Yogas    Editorial  |  YouTube  | 

People who are religious have another factor in their life, the help of divine forces. Religious individuals invite blessings into their lives by practicing self-surrender, humble submission or taking refuge in the divine.

The Power of Kindly Speech     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation  | 

It is the Instinctive, animal-like nature which contains the tendencies to become angry, jealous, fearful or hurtful to others. Part of making progress on the spiritual path is learning to control the instinctive mind. This is where the yamas, the ten ethical restraints, come into play.

An Alternative to Happiness    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation  | 

When we look at the world as providing our happiness, life is a constant series of emotional ups and downs. When we derive our contentment from within, life is joyous, and we can share that joy with others.

Making Dharma Your Own    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation    

An explanation in dharma and which of its various definitions apply to you.

Dance and the Spiritual Path    Editorial  |  YouTube

What could success in the fine arts possibly have to do with progress in our religious life?

Growing Up Without Prejudice    Editorial  |  YouTube  | 

Conflict and violence have their roots in hatred learned during youth. By teaching children tolerance, we create a more peaceful future.

The Journey to Liberation    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation    

Though moksha may seem remote, there is wisdom in keeping this ultimate goal in mind as we live our day-to-day life."To attain life’s ultimate purpose, three qualifications must be met: Earthly karma must be resolved; dharma must have been well performed and God must be realized."

A 10-Minute Spiritual Work-Out    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation    

An abbreviated daily regimen designed for those who find that today’s busy life allows little or no time for introspection.

Advancing through Life’s Four Stages     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation    

Applying the wisdom of ashrama dharma lends dignity and increasing purpose to every decade of life, but requires some new thinking.

Be a Spiritual Leader    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Uplift the spirit of everyone you meet by expressing kindness, gratitude, appreciation and encouragement.

Behold the Sacred Lotus Flower    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus.

Can Everyone Benefit from Yoga    Editorial  |  YouTube 1  |  YouTube 2  |  Graphic Presentation

While openly available, yoga is rooted in Hindu scripture, teaches Hindu practices and leads to oneness with God. Practice with caution!

Drawing Close to Ganesha    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

How sincerely approaching Him as a real being can deepen your relationship with the Lord of Obstacles.

Givings Secret Gifts    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Consistently contributing to your religion has the power to draw spiritual fulfillment and material wealth into your life.

God of Fear/God of Love    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Love is the basis of worship in all Hindu denominations, expressed through bhakti yoga toward one’s chosen Deity.

Hinduism: Religion or Way of Life?    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Our publisher confronts a long-standing misapprehension about our faith, showing us why Hinduism is more than a way of life.

I Want To See God     Editorial  |  YouTube: N/A  |  Graphic Presentation

Some pertinent suggestions to sincere seekers on where and how to look for Divinity.

Improving Our Character     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

If we start at the beginning and work systematically, we can replace undesirable qualities with their opposites.

Letting Go of Past & Future     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

A peaceful and effective life is waiting for those who undertake the not-so-easy work required to live in the eternal now.

Mistakes Are Part of The Spiritual Path    Editorial  |  YouTube: N/A  |  Graphic Presentation

Blunders are, in truth, opportunities to improve our behavior and thereby make spiritual progress.

Noninjury: the Foremost Virtue    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Belief in the law of karma and accepting the divinity of all beings are the twin pillars of ahimsa; compassionate nonhurtfulness.

Our Three Kinds of Temples     Editorial  |  YouTube 1  |  YouTube 2  |  Graphic Presentation

The community temple, the home shrine and the sanctuary inside you are readily available to stabilize and uplift your daily life.

Path to Higher Consciousness    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Exploring how following Hindu principles develops the refined character needed to move from anger and fear to lofty states of mind.

Practice Makes Perfect    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Five core disciplines for bringing our inner perfection into our intellectual, emotional and instinctive nature.

Sinner or Divinity?     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

While some faiths view man as sinful by nature, Hinduism holds that our inmost self is the divine and taintless soul, or atma.

The Aim of Hindu Practices    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Dharma, seva, puja and raja yoga lead to purification of the mind, which is the essence of all spiritual endeavors.

The Three Stages of Faith     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

We progress from blind faith to conviction bolstered by philosophy, and finally to certainty forged in the fires of personal experience.

The World Is an Ashram     Editorial  |  YouTube: N/A  |  Graphic Presentation

Life is demanding and you have no time for spiritual pursuits? Everyday happenings offer abundant opportunities to evolve.

Using the Power of Affirmation     Editorial  |  YouTube: N/A  |  Graphic Presentation

We mold our lives constantly by what we think and say. With positive affirmation, you can harness this creative force to improve your life.

What Is True Success?     Editorial  |  YouTube: N/A  |  Graphic Presentation

Hinduism favors and furthers the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and happiness—all guided by dharma.

When Kids Embrace Hinduism    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

For best results in passing on your faith, present concepts as life-enhancing tools rather than life-restricting rules.

Which Yoga Should I Follow?     Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation

Exploring four popular approaches to four spiritual regimens: karma yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga and jnana yoga.

Applying the wisdom of ashrama dharma lends dignity and increasing purpose to every decade of life, but requires some new thinking.
Be a Spiritual Leader    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation
Uplift the spirit of everyone you meet by expressing kindness, gratitude, appreciation and encouragement.
The Art of Listening     |  YouTube  | 

With the modern distraction of digital media, we must be more mindful than ever of person-to-person communications. Sound is regarded as divine in Hinduism, so it is fitting that listening has always held a central role in the faith.

Behold the Sacred Lotus Flower    Editorial  |  YouTube  |  Graphic Presentation
Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus.


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Audio Discourses

2014-12-23—Breath is a Key to Meditation
2014-11-16—How Is All Karma Finally Resolved If We Make Karma in Each Life?
2014-11-08—Patanjali - Overcoming Obstacles with Concentration and Friendliness
2014-11-01—Four Places In Which to See God
2014-10-25—Eight Features of Natha Sampradaya (Version 2)
2014-10-03—God Ishvara, In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
2014-09-17—Eight Features of the Natha Sampradaya
2014-09-11—Not Getting Upset, Viewing Reaction from Higher Faculties
2014-09-03—The Difference in Practice of Theism and Monism
2014-07-27—Patanjali's Two Kinds of Samadhi
2014-07-11—Bodhinatha discusses the vishuddha chakra, the pranic sheath, the nine ways of merging wih Siva and the jnana pada
2014-07-10—Bodhinatha discusses the manipura and anahata chakras, Siva's omniscience and the yoga pada
2014-07-08—Bodhinatha discusses the Muladhara and Svadhishthana chakras, the pranic body, the nature of the soul and the kriya pada
2014-07-07—Bodhinatha discusses the 7 chakras, kundalini, Self relization and the Charya Pada
2014-07-06—Lord Murugan and the Power of Kavadi
2014-07-04—Bodhinatha Speaks at Goodlands Temple - the importance of temple worship
2014-07-04—Bodhinatha discusses the chakras, prana, the meaning of Siva's dance and gives an introduction to the four Padas
2014-07-03—Bodhinatha discusses the seven chakras, the pranic body, the San Marga and the 52 character qualities
2014-06-21—Patanjali: Practice to Achieve Samadhi
2014-06-15—Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - False Knowledge
2014-05-29—Separating Awareness From What It Perceives
2014-05-23—Jnana Yoga, Jnana Pada
2014-05-08—Yoga: Restraint of Mental Activity
2014-04-30—Understanding Attachment and Affectionate Detachment
2014-04-23—Ahimsa, All is One, See Others As Yourself
2014-04-17—Karma Management Review
2014-03-25—Visiting the Temple Purifies the Mind, Grants Humility
2014-03-09—The Mission of the Mission - Our Monastic Order
2014-03-02—All Religions Not the Same; Right Beliefs; Accepting
2014-02-27—Nine Ways to Merge With Siva
2014-02-01—Closing Off the Lower Chakras
2014-01-25—Resentment; Control of Speech; Responding Kindly
2014-01-18—Chakras In Relation to the Gods
2014-01-09—Stabilize Consciousness in the Muladhara Chakra and Above
2014-01-02—Raise Kundalini Gradually; Strive Continuously
2007-11-26—The Body of the Soul
2007-11-19—Remembering and Forgetting
2007-11-03—Four Perspectives of Consciousness
2007-10-28—The Subsuperconscious: Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.
2007-10-12—Sub of The Subconscious Mind
2007-10-03—Changing the Form of the Subconscious Mind
2007-09-28—The seed of desire.
2007-09-21—The Goal of Attaining Parasiva
2007-09-12—Transcending anava
2007-09-05—Prapatti and Bhakti Yoga
2007-08-30—Esoterics of Worship and Psychic Exploration.
2007-08-22—Standing in God's Presence
2007-08-01—The Four Perspectives of the Mind
2007-07-15—The Meditator: Remolding the Subconscious
2007-07-02—Being dynamic in meditation
2007-06-16—From Darkness to Light
2007-06-09—Lotus of the Heart and Simshumbisi
2007-06-02—The Clear White Light
2007-05-17—Awareness and Observation
2007-05-11—Awareness in context of the Shum language
2007-05-04—The River of Life
2007-04-25—Sustaining and Deepening Meditation Utilizing Shum
2007-04-18—State of the Church 2007
2007-03-27—The role of the sannyasin in world stabilization.
2007-03-20—The State of the World
2007-03-13—Mamsani-Basic Shum Mind Maps
2007-03-05—Spiritualizing life and giving
2007-02-25—Aadheenam update on evolving projects for 2007
2007-02-18—Enduring Happiness
2007-02-15—Maha Sivaratri: Who Am I?
2007-02-11—Nine Ways of Merging with Siva
2007-02-04—Kaif: Awareness Aware of Itself.
2007-01-27—The Advaitin: The Beginning of the Shum Language
2007-01-20—The Sixth and Seventh Dimensions
2007-01-12—The Fifth Dimension
2005-11-25—Spiritualizing Daily Life -- Six Challenges in Life
2005-10-28—Bhashya on Chapter One: Merging with Siva
2005-10-26—The Idea of Oneness
2005-10-19—God, soul and world
2005-10-12—The Importance of Obeying One's Guru, part two
2005-09-26—The Importance of Obeying One's Guru
2005-08-28—Who is a Hindu--What is Hinduism?
2005-08-21—Patience and Forbearance
2005-07-29—Lord Ganesha
2005-07-23—Siva is All Pervasive Love-Yogaswami Stories
2005-07-16—Vedic-Agamic approach to temple tradition.
2005-07-07—Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural Ch 13-14, synopsis written in prose
2005-06-24—Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural chapter 11-12, synopsis written in prose
2005-06-16—Travel, Personal planning-Nartana ritau
2005-06-10—Hindu Temples and worship of one Supreme Being
2005-05-17—Tirukural Chapter 9-10, Hospitality-Speaking pleasant words synopsis
2005-05-09—Peace and Contentment, Talk for Hindu Temple of Atlanta
2005-05-02—Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Bhakti Yoga
2005-04-18—The Hindu Temple, Hinduism's four main sects and scriptual study
2005-04-13—Hindu Temple of Atlanta, diversity, Nartana Ritau
2005-03-19—Tirukural, Chapter 7-8, BAPS, London Visit
2005-03-11—Tirukural, Chapter 5-6, Synopsis
2005-03-08—Mahasivaratri Talk 2005
2005-03-05—Tirukural, Chapters 1-4
2005-02-17—Stories of the Kailasa Parampara
2005-02-10—Darshan's Mystic Power
2005-02-03—The Many Forms of Giving
2005-01-27—Enduring Happiness
2005-01-18—Finding Peace and Contentment
2005-01-11—Tsunami Response
2005-01-05—State of Church January 2005
2004-11-20—Learning from Mistakes
2004-11-13—Invoking the Forces of Divinity with Lord Muruga
2004-11-09—Mahavakya and Their Influence
2004-10-30—Dance and the Spiritual Path
2004-10-22—Ahimsa, a talk by Bodhinatha for his Mauritius visit
2004-10-15—Trip to Northern California
2004-10-07—Gratitude and Appreciation
2004-09-30—A Report on The Third Annual Trip to Mauritius
2004-09-01—Hindu Unity
2004-08-24—Resolving Difficult Situations - A Sadhana for the Jivana Ritau
2004-07-18—Love, forgiveness
2004-07-10—News from Cinncinatti trip. Yogaswami Stories
2004-06-29—A Personal Plan - Part 2
2004-06-29—A Personal Plan - Part 1
2004-06-28—Edmonton Temple -Yogaswami
2004-06-11—Success and Happiness in Life, Part 1
2004-06-05—Muruga, The God of Yoga and the Spiritual Path, Part 3
2004-06-01—Muruga, The God of Yoga and the Spiritual Path, Part 2
2004-05-31—Muruga, The God of Yoga and the Spiritual Path, Part 1
2004-05-23—Parents Teaching Hinduism to Children, Part 3
2004-05-22—Parents Teaching Hinduism to Children, Part 2
2004-05-21—Parents Teaching Hinduism to Children, Part 1
2004-05-20—Drawing the Lesson from Each Experience
2004-05-17—Getting to Know God through Sadhana
2004-04-08—Siva Is More Than Just the Destroyer
2004-04-03—Reincarnation, Karma and the Purpose of Life
2004-04-02—Work Is Worship
2004-03-08—Monastic Order - Religion of the Now
2004-03-01—Writing Prayers to the Devas
2004-02-29—Nine Ways to Merge with Siva, Part 2
2004-02-26—Nine Ways to Merge with Siva, Part 1
2004-02-25—The World Is an Ashram in which All Are Doing Sadhana
2004-02-24—I Want to See God
2004-02-23—The Significance of Hinduism Today
2004-02-22—Work Is Worship
2004-02-21—State of the Church 2004
2004-01-03—Teaching Hinduism to Non-Hindus
2003-12-26—Resolving Difficulties with Others
2003-11-27—Dealing with Difficult Situations
2003-11-12—Introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas
2003-11-11—Putting Gurudeva's Teachings to the Best Use, Part 5
2003-11-10—Putting Gurudeva's Teachings to the Best Use, Part 4
2003-11-06—Putting Gurudeva's Teachings to the Best Use, Part 3
2003-11-05—Putting Gurudeva's Teachings to the Best Use, Part 2
2003-11-04—Putting Gurudeva's Teachings to the Best Use, Part 1
2003-11-03—Trip to Asia and Colloboration with a Temple
2003-10-30—Yama 2 - Satya, Truthfulness
2003-09-13—Yama 1 - Ahimsa
2003-09-12—Overview of Upcoming Ganesha Chaturthi Trip
2003-09-08—Yama 4 - Brahmacharya
2003-08-15—Niyama 9 - Japa, Recitation
2003-08-14—Niyama 8 - Vrata, Vows
2003-08-10—Niyama 7 - Mati, Cognition
2003-08-09—Becoming a More Spiritual Person Part 3
2003-08-08—Becoming a More Spiritual Person Part 2
2003-08-07—Becoming a More Spiritual Person Part 1
2003-08-06—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru Part 7
2003-08-03—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru Part 6
2003-08-02—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru Part 5
2003-08-01—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru Part 4
2003-07-31—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru - Part 3
2003-07-30—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru - Part 2
2003-07-27—Improving Our Behavior with the Help of the Guru - Part 1
2003-07-24—The Role of the Guru
2003-07-23—Niyama 6 - Siddhanta Shravana
2003-07-22—Niyama 5 - Ishvarapujana, Worship
2003-07-19—Niyama 4 - Astikya, Faith
2003-07-18—Niyama 3 - Dana, Giving
2003-07-17—Niyama 2 - Santosha, Contentment
2003-07-16—Niyama 1 - Hri, Remorse and Modesty
2003-06-17—Yama 10 - Saucha, Purity
2003-06-16—Yama 9 - Mitahara, Moderate Appetite
2003-06-12—Yama 8 - Arjava, Honesty
2003-06-11—Yama 7 - Daya, Compassion
2003-06-10—Yama 6 - Dhriti, Steadfastness
2003-06-09—Toronto Trip Summary
2003-06-06—Yama 5 - Kshama, Patience
2003-06-05—Teaching Tolerance to Children
2003-06-04—Saiva Siddhanta, a Path of Knowing Thyself
2003-06-03—Affirmation Part 3-- Family affirmation. Sharing Life Decisions with God, Gods and Guru
2003-06-02—Affirmation Part 2 -- Remolding the Subconscious
2003-06-01—Affirmation Part 1-- Rebuilding Self-Confidence
2003-05-29—Mahasivaratri, 2003, Part 3
2003-05-28—Mahasivaratri, 2003, Part 2
2003-05-27—Mahasivaratri, 2003, Part 1, Meditation
2003-04-13—The Importance of Knowing Thy Self
2003-04-12—Results of Self Realization
2003-04-11—Gurudeva's Description of the Self
2003-04-06—Siva's Five Actions
2003-04-05—Positive Attitudes for Positive Spiritual Progress
2003-04-04—How to See God Everywhere
2003-04-03—The Progression of Self-Concept
2003-04-02—Our True Soul Identity
2003-03-30—Don't Get Stuck in the Mud
2003-03-29—False Concepts About the Spiritual Path
2003-03-28—Darshan Goes Both Ways
2003-03-27—Malaysia-Singapore Visit Report Part 4
2003-03-26—Malaysia-Singapore Visit Report Part 3
2003-03-23—Malaysia-Singapore Visit Report Part 2
2003-03-22—Malaysia-Singapore Visit Report Part 1
2003-03-14—Ethical vs. Unethical Conversion
2003-03-13—Strengthening Hinduism in Your Community
2003-03-12—Focuses for a Malaysia/Singapore Trip
2003-03-09—Uplifting Those Who Don't Want to Be Uplifted
2003-03-08—The True Sources of Happiness
2003-03-07—Kundalini and Self Realization for the Monastic
2003-03-06—State of the Church Address 2003, Part 4
2003-03-05—State of the Church Address 2003, Part 3
2003-03-01—State of the Church Address 2003, Part 1
2003-02-25—Making the Temple Worthwhile for Children
2003-02-22—How Temple Worship Can Help Our Life
2003-02-21—Staying in Touch with Gurudeva and Facing Karma
2003-02-20—Pancha Ganapati's Five Shaktis
2003-02-19—Gurudeva's Mahavakyas on Self Realization
2003-02-15—The Importance of Controlling Anger
2003-02-13—How Does Moksha Ritau Apply to Family Life?
2003-02-12—The Aftermath of Self Realization
2003-02-11—Identify with Pure Awareness
2003-01-08—State of the Church Address, 2003
2003-01-01—Effects of Self-Realization
2002-12-05—Hindu Culture and the Temple
2002-12-01—Good Conduct Means to Assist
2002-11-29—How Judgments Affect Others
2002-11-26—Not Getting Angry
2002-11-22—Malaysia Conference Part 2
2002-11-21—Malaysia Conference
2002-11-14—Honoring Gurudeva at Lydgate Park
2002-11-13—Gurudeva's Mahavakya Part 2
2002-11-09—Gurudeva's Mahavakya Part 1
2002-11-01—The Nature of Desire
2002-10-31—Good and Evil People
2002-10-30—Honoring the Mayor of Kauai
2002-10-16—When Everything Seems to Go Wrong
2002-10-15—Choose Realistic Goals in Meditation
2002-10-14—Be Firm but Kind with Children
2002-10-10—Bodhinatha's Travels to Mauritius part 3
2002-10-07—Bodhinatha's Travels to Mauritius part 2
2002-10-04—Bodhinatha's Travels to Mauritius part 1
2002-09-25—Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Observance Sneak Peak
2002-09-24—Nallupada Saivam
2002-09-19—Mauritius Trip Talks
2002-09-18—Jivana Ritau Focuses
2002-09-16—Bringing a Gift for the Temple
2002-09-15—Talk for Mauritius on God Siva p2
2002-09-12—Mauritius Talk on Siva--Part 1
2002-09-10—Welcome to the Jivana Ritau
2002-09-08—Revealed Scriptures
2002-09-05—Origin of Karma Management
2002-09-04—Why Bodhinatha became a Hindu
2002-09-03—Kauai's love for Gurudeva
2002-09-01—Karma Management Day 4, Part 3
2002-08-29—Karma Management Day 4, Part 2
2002-08-28—Karma Management Day 4, Part 1
2002-08-26—Karma Management Day 3, Part 4
2002-08-25—Karma Management Day 3, Part 3
2002-08-24—Karma Management Day 3, Part 2
2002-08-19—Karma Management Day 3, Part 1
2002-08-18—Karma Management Day 2, Part 3
2002-08-16—Karma Management Day 2, Part 2
2002-08-11—Karma Management Day 2, Part 1
2002-07-30—Karma Management Day 1 Part 3
2002-07-28—Karma Management Day 1 Part 2
2002-07-27—Karma Management Day 1 Part 1
2002-07-11—Vows (Tithing) part 4 of 4
2002-07-08—Vows (Parampara) part 3 of 4
2002-07-07—Vows (Vegetarian) part 2 of 4
2002-07-06—Vows (Foundation) part 1 of 4
2002-07-05—Non-stealing or Non-coveting Part 3
2002-07-04—Non-stealing or Non-coveting Part 2
2002-06-30—Non-stealing or Non-coveting Part 1
2002-06-29—Anger (Cold Shoulder) part 3
2002-06-27—Anger (Sneaky) part 2
2002-06-26—Anger and Meditation part 1
2002-06-22—Controlling Anger part 3
2002-06-21—Controlling Anger part 2
2002-06-20—Controlling Anger part 1
2002-06-19—Creating a Family Plan Part 2
2002-06-15—Creating a Family Plan Part 1
2002-06-14—Satya, or Truthfulness
2002-06-13—Noninjury and Brahmacharya
2002-06-12—Relation of noninjury to contentment
2002-06-11—Yamas and Niyamas part 4 Reference List
2002-05-13—Yamas and Niyamas part 3 Ashtanga Yoga
2002-05-10—Yamas and Niyamas part 2 Foundation
2002-05-09—Yamas and Niyamas pt 1
2002-05-07—Nartana Ritau
2002-05-06—Gratitude and Appreciation
2002-05-05—Gurudeva's Spiritual Toolbox
2002-05-02—Our People
2002-04-23—California Trip April 2002
2002-04-09—Antar Mandir, The Inner Temple
2002-04-08—Kauai Aadheenam's Vibration
2002-04-07—Passing Your Knowledge On
2002-04-06—Master Course on Moksha
2002-04-03—Temple Messages
2002-04-02—Malaysia Youth Seminar
2002-04-01—Expressing Our Souls Divinity
2002-03-31—Karma Management and Ganesha
2002-03-30—Foundation of Bhakti
2002-03-26—Take a Moment to Listen to the Birds
2002-03-25—Arun Gandhi on Season of Nonviolence
2002-03-24—The Power of Consensualocracy
2002-03-23—Dealing with Discouragement
2002-03-20—Mahasivaratri Talk Part 3 Realizing the Self
2002-03-19—Mahasivaratri Talk Part 2 Being Siva
2002-03-18—Mahasivaratri Talk Part 1 Siva and Muruga
2002-03-17—Do I Now Have Two Gurus?
2002-03-16—Communicating with a Departed Guru
2002-03-15—Playfulness in Children
2002-03-14—Feedback on Words that Hurt
2002-03-11—Parental Closeness
2002-03-10—The Self is like Waking Up
2002-03-09—Need for Religion Part 2
2002-03-08—Need for Religion Part 1
2002-03-07—Austerity Part 3
2002-03-04—Austerity Part 2
2002-03-03—Austerity Part 1
2002-03-02—Pujas to Gurudeva
2002-02-23—Ahimsa in Speech (Part 2)
2002-02-22—Ahimsa in Speech (Part 1)
2002-02-21—Moksha, Realizing God
2002-02-16—Cultivating Bhakti, or Devotion
2002-02-15—Valentine's Day to Lord Siva
2002-02-13—To err is human...
2002-02-09—Karma Management Part 3
2002-02-08—Karma Management Part 2
2002-02-01—Karma Management Part 1
2002-01-19—Martin Luther King Day and Hinduism on Tolerance
2002-01-18—Local Martin Luther King Day Speech
2002-01-17—Becoming Centered
2002-01-15—Karma is not destiny
2002-01-11—Mistakes are not problems
2002-01-09—Parents are the First Guru
2002-01-08—Jayanthi Address
2002-01-03—The Magic of the High EE
2002-01-02—The Roots of Martin Luther King