Color Meditation

Step onto the traditional path of self-transformation through the teachings of an ancient Saivite lineage


Color Meditation: Introduction

This meditation was first presented at the Himalayan Academy Retreat at the Jungle Lodge, Alang Sedayu in Malaysia. There are three versions of this "eSadhana" depending on how much time you have to do sadhana. Download the meditation to your computer, then with iTunes load the meditation into your iTunes library and sync. The meditation is viewable on iTouch, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, digital photo frames and on your computer with QuickTime Player. It is also available directly on some browsers. Go here to download QuickTime for Windows or for the Mac.

Color Meditation: 15 Minutes

This movie is 15 minutes of sadhanas including:

  • Ganesha mantra, "Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah": This is Lord Ganesha's mula ("root") mantra. It is also known as His bija mantra, for it combines Ganesha's bija ("seed") sound, "gam," with the phrase, "Praise be to Ganapati." This mantra is used for yoga sadhana in which we invoke Ganesha and merge ourself with His supreme knowledge and peace. These two mantras are not harmful if mispronounced, as sometimes happens, though they should be sounded as properly as possible to be most effective. Most importantly, they must be chanted at the same time each day, and this means exactly the same time, for full devonic support.
  • Auric circle
  • Affirmation
  • Pranayama
  • Flooding the aura with colors
  • Tyammooef: 1) Looking within with eyes slightly open; 2) looking out into the exterior world through the physical eyes, which are slightly open, and at the same time looking back into the head as if one had pupils on the back of the eyeballs; 3) tyemmuif may be practiced many times during the day; 4) this is the practice and the state of being of protecting the inner life by remaining two-thirds within inner consciousness and one-third in external consciousness, in communication with the third dimension or conscious-mind world; 5) tyemmuif brings a shumif perspective, as well as kamsatyemni; 6) while in tyemmuif, looking within, the meditator will see many things--from balikana (a clear whitish field of soft light) to pleasing and not-so-pleasing pictures; 7) people are often seen in a state of tyemmuif while thinking deeply, working out a problem or intuiting an idea or plan; 8) when one becomes sleepy in meditation, it is wise to go into tyemmuif by opening the eyes slightly.
  • Concentration on Lord Muruga's Vel
  • Color Meditation
  • Kaif

  • Color Meditation: 10 Minutes

    This meditation has 42 slides with the simple explanations on how to do the sadhanas, but it is only ten minutes.

    Color Meditation: 5 Minutes

    This meditation has 24 slides without the explanations. This meditation is recommended before bedtime. The sadhanas help to take you into the Himalayan Academy inner world classes during your sleep.

    Color Meditation: 5 Minutes AVI Version

    These two files are the same 5 minute meditation, but they are AVI versions for MP3 players and digital photo frames.

    Color Meditation Video

    Watch Here

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