Ganesha Chaturthi Across the USA

For many years the Golden Gate Mission members have been making clay Ganesha's and selling them at Ganesha Chaturthi time to raise funds for the Iraivan Temple. They have facilitated the "Paint Ganesha" satsangs events for families in the area. This year the event was also celebrated in 3 other states. Kulamata Sundara Katir sends us this album of images collected by devotees who celebrated Ganesha Chathurti in the Palaniswami Sivan Temple in Concord California and in Oregon, Texas and Arizona.

Jai Ganesha!

A Poem For Lord Muruga

For Lord Muruga, with His undeniable smile, who said so sweetly: "What about a poem for me?"
With His teardrop of strength
piercing through the 
thin and fierce walls, 
spilling for unfathomable love,
we praise the sagacious whispers
hummed from those crimson lips, 
lifting the humble from strife. 
Concealed by the companionship 
of teal feathers, He has a smile
like none other, softly crumbling
the bounds assembled by perfection.
As the lotus emerges from the tranquil pools
and limes grow tart on the unpicked greens,
the ambience of His grace lives thick 
in the eyes of those who make leaps
for the Prince of the radiant heavens. 

From a loving Devotee

Mauritius August Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang

Here is our Mauritius Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang group gathered at the Saiva Siddhanta Church Dharmasala in Mauritius.

Bridges: A Symbol of Unification

We present to you images of some rather impressive bridges from around the world. Gurudeva often spoke of "bridging East and West" in terms of his decades of minstry around the world - bringing the best of Asian culture to souls incarnated in Western bodies.

Satguru Arrives in London

After many hours of travel Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami arrived in London, UK. After a warm welcome by about 20 devotees and a little rest they attended a satsang at the Veeragathiyar family's home.

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