July 2018 Newsletter


June began with a trip to Malaysia for Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and me. The main focus was the release of the Tamil edition of Path to Siva the evening of June 3rd at Kala Mandapam in Brickfields. The presentation to some 500 people was a bilingual Keynote slideshow and talk introducing each lesson first in English and then in Tamil. Thanks to a generous sponsor, a copy of Path to Siva in Tamil was gifted to the libraries of all 520 Tamil schools in Malaysia. On Saturday, we held satsang with padapuja at Iraivan Illam in Klang. Our annual trip to Mauritius, in June, began with meeting the acting President of Mauritius, Barlène Vyapoory, who has a strong interest in our Spiritual Park and its activities. Friday was our Aloha Dinner for members at Indian Summer restaurant. Saturday was the first event at the Spiritual Park utilizing one of the three new pavilions built around the main Ganesha Mandapam. Members joined the satsang with padapuja. On Sunday we attended the final consecration events for the Sri Kalabairava Sivan Kovil in Riviere des Anguilles. In both Mauritius and Malaysia, there is a growing interest among our members in teaching children, youth and adults based on the English and Tamil editions of Path to Siva. In London, some of the Tamil teachers are interested in using the Tamil edition as a resource for their language classes, so as to expose the students to the teachings of Saivism. General contributions for June totaled $58,184, which is less than our minimum monthly goal of $65,000. Special project contributions totaled an additional $757. We are grateful to our global family of temple builders for your continued and generous support. Aum Namasivaya!    — Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Innersearch Sri Lanka 2019

From March 14 to 29 we will travel with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and his monks and an amazing band of seekers. Find all of the details and video compliations of this Himalayan Academy Travel-Study Program by clicking the link below, and reserve your place in history.

Click for more about our next program.

Click here to see Bodhinatha's extended travel schedule. Bookmark the link and return for updates.

Gurudeva's Wisdom

Founder of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva)

"We have taken birth in a physical body to grow and evolve into our divine potential. We are inwardly already one with God. Our religion contains the knowledge of how to realize this oneness and not create unwanted experiences along the way. The peerless path is following the way of our spiritual forefathers, discovering the mystical meaning of the scriptures. The peerless path is commitment, study, discipline, practice and the maturing of yoga into wisdom. In the beginning stages, we suffer until we learn. Learning leads us to service; and selfless service is the beginning of spiritual striving. Service leads us to understanding. Understanding leads us to meditate deeply and without distractions. Finally, meditation leads us to surrender in God. This is the straight and certain path, the San Marga, leading to Self Realization—the inmost purpose of life—and subsequently to moksha, freedom from rebirth. The Vedas wisely affirm, "By austerity, goodness is obtained. From goodness, understanding is reached. From understanding, the Self is obtained, and he who obtains the Self is freed from the cycle of birth and death."

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Recent Happenings


Six silpis work carefully to place the first of twelve pillars that will hold the roof of the Nandi Mandapam. It was an important milestone reached in June.


A small ceramic murti of Sivaya Subramuniyaswami was installed in the Media Studio on a new carving and a hand-tooled shelf made of Monterey Cypress

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Top to bottom: Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami offers a discourse to initiated members in Malaysia; a gift from India arrived, four different sets of pillows, bolsters, seat covers and royal curtains for the Simhasanam, the Satguru's seat of authority at Kauai Aadheenam; Mayuresh captures Iraivan Temple in the morning light; Mauritian members offer puja to Satguru in the newly completed Spiritual Park mandapam; Mayuresh Visswanathan arrives for six weeks of service to the monastery; our weekly visitors pose for the camera; Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami is presented with a copy of the newly released Tamil edition of Path to Siva, whose translator, Ramesh Sivanathan, is clearly happy with the outcome.Two visitors discover the artistry carved into one of six Lion Pillars of Iraivan Temple.

Iraivan Temple Progress
On the auspicious day of summer solstice, we held a short blessing for the installation of the first of 12 pillars which will support the roof of the Nandi Mandapam. Satguru and the monks gathered at the temple for the event. Satguru, with the monks gathered around, placed gems and the first trowel of mortar for the first pillar and Sannyasin Yoginathswami performed a short Ganesha puja. The silpis then raised the pillar into place with great precision. It takes one carver six months to create one of these 4-foot-tall mini-pillars. If one person did them all, it would have taken him six years.

Satguru's Activities
On June 3rd Satguru oversaw the book launch of the Tamil edition of Path to Siva (Sivanai Adaiyum Vazhi) at the Kalamandapam of the Kandaswami Temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The sponsor of the event was later flooded with callers interested in purchasing the book. While in Malaysia, he held several informal satsangs with close devotees and a meeting with youth leaders who are using our Saivite Hindu Religion books and Path to Siva for their Sunday youth classes, which are attended by 250 youth and 35 parents. Back home on Kauai Satguru continued his weekly commentary on the lessons of Path to Siva for our web site, expounding on "What Is Yoga?", "What Is Japa?"and "How Do We Meditate?" He and the senior swamis held their quarterly meetings to edit the Shum lexicon and finalize the glyphs for characters 73-108 (for more about Shum go to: bit.ly/12ShumMeditations). At the end of June Satguru and Shanmuganathaswami departed for an 18-day round-the-world trip to Mauritius and to the annual Murugan festival in Maryland. They overnighted in Dubai for satsang and an informal outing with expat Indian devotees who are living and working there.

Innersearch Sri Lanka 2019
Over the years Himalayan Academy has conducted twenty-six travel-study programs called Innersearch. Our next program will be a two-week journey to northern Sri Lanka with fifty participants, scheduled to begin in Colombo March 14 and end March 29. There will be days of classes and visits to the temples and holy places associated with the gurus of our lineage. Will you join us? It's definitely not too early to begin planning for the adventure (for more info: bit.ly/SriLankaInnersearch).

Publications and Other Activities
Video of the classes that Satguru gave during the 2018 Sri Lanka Innersearch have now been posted on our website. Path to Siva in the Tamil language is now available on our website (bit.ly/P2STamil). The Ganapati Kulam monks worked in June on a new book tentatively titled Hindu Life. Our Karma Yoga taskforcer Dipanshu Sivadas worked on both of these projects, doing the tedious work of reformatting many of Satguru's editorials from our Hinduism Today magazine using Adobe's InDesign software. Dipanshu finished his stay at the monastery in June and we wish to thank him for all his wonderful help. While in the Siddhidata Kulam, he helped to uncrate and pressure wash all the stones that will make up the Iraivan Temple perimeter wall. He also helped in the garden and picked flowers for the daily morning Siva puja. He served as staff photographer for a few months and helped greatly in the process of updating and improving Hinduism Today's digital archives. Thanks again, Dipanshu! Another karma yogi, 17-year-old Mayuresh Visswanathan, arrived in June for a six-week stay during school break. He went to work right away helping with a reprint of Path to Siva and building a glossary for the Hindu Life book. He also assisted in the editing of scripts and gathering resources for three eight-minute educational videos on worship that we are producing with a grant from the Uberoi Foundation. He has a small fish business, which qualified him to help the Siddhidata Kulam design and populate a 100-gallon aquarium for some beautiful little fish that were donated to the monastery. Data-base and user interface work on the Saiva Bible project continued with professional India-based freelancers. A new voice narrator in Madurai was hired to record the entire Dancing with Siva audio book. A Russian-language edition of the January-February-March 2018 of Hinduism Today rolled off the press in June (this was the third). Our sincere thanks to Dinanatha and his team in Moscow for their sincere and successful efforts to bring the magazine to the Russian people.

Bodhinatha's Newest Teachings Online
Satguru Bodhinatha is now turning his 15-minute Keynote presentations into movies which can be used for our personal benefit or shared at a satsang of friends. See them here. Thanks to a vibrant team of transcribers we can hear Bodhinatha's recent talks and read the transcriptions here. Read the transcriptions on line. Click here for all of Bodhinatha's talks.

The weekly talks are also live streamed and then save on YouTube. Go to the Kauai Aadheenam channel and scroll down to recent talks (audio has some room echo)

Bodhinatha's weekly talks can be heard on our website: His recent commentaries on the chapters in our new book "The Path to Siva" are marvelous!

Click here for a complete index of both Bodhinatha's and Gurudeva's talks on line

Recent Talks:

How Do We Meditate, Part 2
How Do We Meditate, Part 1
What Is Meditation?
What Is Japa?
Click here to see Bodhinatha's extended travel schedule. Bookmark the link and return for updates.

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Hinduism Today July Issue Goes On-Line


Sutra 287 of Gurudeva’s Nandinatha Sutras states: “All my devotees

Hinduism Today's latest issue has gone to press and is now available online free of charge at www.hinduismtoday.com and via our mobile-friend app, bit.ly/HT-APP. In his Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami extols the goal of affectionate detachment and how to achieve that state of peaceful coexistence with the universe. He explains how we end up with negative attachments to people and emotions, then gives us various methods to rid ourselves of such barriers. He assures us that when we learn how to live with affectionate detachment, we can and will enjoy a more harmonious life.


For our feature story, we take a pilgrimage to the holy town of Tiruvannamalai in the South of India. This town surrounds Arunachala Hill, a premiere place for Siva worshipers. The article brings us to the many holy sites and aspects of this exalted region, including the ashram of the renowned sage, Ramana Maharshi. We learn of the Girivalam, the bare-footed, nine-mile-long circumambulation around the hill. Along this path, pilgrims worship Sivalingams in eight small shrines. We are introduced to ashrams, and to saints, sadhus and siddhars who live in the region. Our photographer captures the darshan of Tiruvannamalai and helps us understand what life is like in the shadow of the holy mountain.


Our Insight section, accompanied by mystical artwork, takes us on a soul-stirring journey through ten enlightened masters' great departures and offers ten reasons not to fear death. We learn how these masters spent their final moments of life. The ten reasons listed are potent reminders that death is to be joyfully prepared for and meditated upon, never to be feared. The exaltation of leaving the physical body has been echoed throughout time by sages of all faiths. We gain needed stability and wisdom by observing and following the examples of great souls.

Vatsala Sperling introduces us to India's world-leading homeopathy practices. Her first-hand report describes the effectiveness, personalization and precision of this healing modality, which differs notably from allopathy. You will come away from this article understanding why 100 million Indians use homeopathy as their first-line medical care.

On page 60, we feel the grace of the Mother Goddess Akhilandeshwari. The author shares her connection with this Deity and explains how Akhliandeshwari is a beacon of transmutation, wisdom and blessings. In the scripture section, we bathe in pure jnana, covering verses 33-63 of Sarvajnanottara Agama. Spoken by Lord Siva to Lord Skanda, this Agama outlines yogic ways of posture, mantra and breath control, along with insights into the 36 tattvas, or categories of existence.

A personal testimony from a Chinmaya Mission devotee shows the power of that institution to inform and uplift. Global Dharma introduces us to the world-record holder of Earth's "oldest yoga teacher," Tao Porchon-Lynch, who turns 100 in August of 2018. Her motto? "There's nothing you can't do."

Hindu Heritage Endowment

Community Property or Joint Tenancy—Why the
Way You and Your Spouse Hold Property Matters

In 1969 when Ajit and Inayat bought their California home, a year after they were married, their realtor suggested they hold it in joint tenancy. It turned out to be bad advice.

"It's more convenient," he explained. "When one of you dies, the survivor gets the decedent's half of the home automatically and without probate."

All the young couple remembered was "without probate."

Ajit told Inayat that when his unmarried uncle died unexpectedly, the estate was tied up in probate court for a year. He would not want her to be subjected to that kind of delay and expense. Joint tenancy it would be.

Shortly after they celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary, Ajit suddenly died. As planned, his widow received his half of the home without the delay or costs of probate.

With their children raised and the home too large for her to manage, Inayat put the house on the market for $900,000 and received an offer for the full amount within a week, this for a home they had bought decades earlier for under $50,000.

But with the sale came a shock: she had to pay federal and state capital gains taxes on $275,000 of the sale proceeds.

"Why?" she asked her realtor.

"Because you and Ajit held your home in joint tenancy rather than as community property," he said.

"What difference does that make?" she asked, raising her voice.

"About $65,000 in taxes," he retorted.

His answer was curt but his math correct. Holding their home in joint tenancy meant that when Ajit died, Inayat did not get a full "step-up in basis," a technical term for a financial favor we do our heirs at death.

When an heir receives a full step-up in basis, the property he or she receives from us upon our death is viewed by the IRS as though they had bought it at its full fair market value. So if they sell it, they may have little or no capital gains to worry about. If Ajit and Inayat had held their home as community property, Inayat would have avoided being taxed on the $275,000, her realtor explained. "That's not fair!" Inayat moaned. "I know, but it's the law." Though fictional, this tale is based on the many painful experiences of married couples living in community property states.

You may have no capital gains to worry about, even if you use joint tenancy. Why? Every home owner has a $250,000 exclusion from capital gains tax when they sell a personal residence, as long as they've lived there at least two years. Married couples can combine their exclusions for a total of $500,000. In certain markets, however, even that may not fully cover the gain.

So, if you're married, should you rush out and change title to your home and other assets (rental property and investments held in joint tenancy have no $250,000 exclusion from capital gains tax) from joint tenancy to community property? Not without legal advice and a financial analysis of your situation.

For information on establishing a fund at Hindu Heritage Endowment, contact Shanmuganathaswami at 808-822-3012 ext. 6 or e-mail [email protected]

The Hindu Heritage Endowment wants you to succeed in your estate planning efforts and, through them, both care for your family and remember good causes like the Iraivan Temple Endowment. (For additional information contact Shanmuganathaswami at 808-822-3012, ext. 6, or e-mail [email protected]. To learn more about planned giving options to provide immediate tax and income benefits to you and your family, while also providing a future gift to HHE, please visit www.hheonline.org. Get the tool-kit (pdf)



To learn about this and other tools for spiritual living, study The Master Course trilogy

Help Move Iraivan Forward

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You Can Help Sponsor the Perimeter Wall

The second prakaram wall is 3.5 feet tall, two feet thick and 475 feet long. It comprises 45 short pillars (the section with the pot on top) and 44 panels (the long section between the pillars). Each pillar and panel pair require 544 man-days to carve, even with the massive granite slabs being sawn to size by machine. Each panel will be inscribed (inside the ornate border shown in the photo at right) with verses from scripture and the philosophy and history of the temple.


❏ One pillar section: $15,000

❏ One panel section: $30,000

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Building Fund Donations

Ten-Month Summary: For the ten months of September 2017 to June 2018, our minimum monthly goal was $650,000. Excluding contributions directed toward special projects, we received actual contributions of $779,484.30.

Thanks to Our June Temple Builders in 17 different countries

Marie & R. Bhanugopan US$108.00
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Sivakumaran Sivalingam 21.00
Sayanthan & Anupama Sivanathan 11.00
Sara K. Sivasurier 152.35
Thillyampalam Sivayogapathy & Family 11,302.50
Saravanamuthu Somasundram 50.00
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Mahadevan Gengadaram 50.00
Konstantin Usacovs 50.00
Cristina Ma Puja Canducci 20.00
Arumugam 25.55
Arulmani Devi Arumugam 227.85
Kalai Bala 49.00
P. Barathi Balasegaran 12.65
Balamurali Balasupramaniam 12.65
Hemakheshaa Naatha Batumallah 12.65
Mekaladeva Batumallah 12.65
Rathidevi & Veerasamy Batumallah 25.30
Arulmani Chandra Kumar & Sujith Arulmani 75.86
Theevhiyaa Chandrasekaram 25.30
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Aravindraj Chandrasekaran 30.00
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Sai Janany, Chandran Ramamurthy & Kalpana Devasagayam 100.65
Omaya Devasagayam 25.16
Leena Lakshmi Devasagayam & Anand Kumar Letchumana 100.65
Annapoorani Ganesan 25.16
Yoga Rubini & Chandra Ganth 12.65
R. Jayakumar & Yoga Bhavani Family 12.65
Uma Dewi & Dinesh Kumar Jayaram 7.10
M. Shanmuganathan & A. Kamalambikai 25.30
Anbu Kandasamy 28.00
Valliammah Kandasamy 25.16
Sockanathan Karuppan 148.56
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Kamalasegaran Kumarasamy 10.00
Amaraysh, Kumutha & Jerry Lai 25.16
Lim Hock Leong 70.50
Nameegri Marimuthu 50.31
Deevesh & Likel, Bathmavathy Batumalai & Ramesh Murthi 25.16
Logadasan Murugesu 12.65
Puvana Murugesu 25.16
Gowri Nadason 50.31
Kamalaharan Nadason 24.76
Rasiah Vallipuram & Pathumanithi Nagalingam 25.55
M. Suranthiran Naidu 75.46
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Yehanthini & Siva Taranee Navukarasu 25.55
Nalakini Niranjana 25.16
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Jayaram Rajaletchumi 12.00
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Supramaniam Ramoo & In Memory of Neelavathy Thangavelu 50.31
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Jayaraj Kantharaj & Saranraj S-O Jayabalathilagam 15.23
Sanjana Saravan 25.16
Lachmi Savoo 25.16
Parimala Selvaraj 30.00
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In memory of Mr. A. Sundaramurthy 800.00
Savithri Sundaresan 51.00
Anthan & Sayini Sunder 25.00
Suntheram Family 322.38
 Phani Kumar Sureddi 7.00
Karthik Suresh 108.00
Shanthi Suresh 101.00
Vijay Syal 51.00
Satyanagu Tatineni 50.00
Anil Thayamballi 108.00
Sivam U. Thillaikanthan 40.00
Dushyant & Daksha Upadhyaya 21.00
Rama Vangala 21.00
Vayudeva Varadan 51.00
Madhu Sudhan Vedurmudi 51.00
Mahesh Viswanathan 25.00
Narayanan Viswanathan 251.00
Michael Wasylkiw 108.00
Jinny Petcharat Wonwong 11.11
Srikala & Subramanya Sarma Yellayi 500.00
Shelah Young 51.00
Total Building Fund 58,087.87
Iraivan Temple Endowment
Anonymous 11.00
Amey Surendra Gangal 11.00
Gajanan Nataraj 20.00
Keith Wallach 54.00
Total Endowment Funds 96.00
Special Project Donations
Valli Ananda 170.00
Valliammah Kandasamy 298.10
Silvarajoo Muniandy 37.22
Gowri Nadason 251.55
Total Special Project Donations 756.87
Grand Total $58,940.74

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Pilgrimage to Iraivan

Iraivan Temple is a punya tirtha, a sacred destination for devout pilgrims. The vision of Lord Siva on San Marga that Gurudeva was blessed with in 1975 is sustained and made manifest by the daily sadhanas of 19 resident monastics from five nations. Kadavul Hindu Temple and the many sacred areas of San Marga are available to Hindus for worship, meditation, japa and quiet reflection. It is best, if you are planning to come to visit us, to email us in advance to make sure the days of your visit coincide with our open times. And, if you want to have darshan with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, to check if he is in residence and to make the necessary appointment. Please see our visitor information pages for more details.

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