Busy Ganapati Kulam

The Ganapati Kulam gave their report today:

Paramamacharya Palaniswami is working on the video summary of the January/February/March, 2009, issue of Hinduism Today.

Kumarswami has been working on the “Festival Pagers” designs. These are broadsheet predesigned pages about Hindu festivals that will be made available to newspaper religion editors across the country.

Arumugaswami is packing up to go to India in two days with Bodhinatha.

Sivakatirswami has been helping Maruthu with his keychain engraving project and also the January issue of the Digital Edition of Hinduism Today, which will be release shortly

Senthilnathaswami is working on the Publisher’s Desk video by Bodhinatha to go on YouTube tonight or tomorrow.

Sadhaka Satyanatha has been focused on participating on the redesign of the Hinduism Today website — coming soon! He also assisted Dr. Maruthu Dharmalingam with Malaysia fund raising flyer for the floor of Iraivan temple. Also he is helping with the Festival Pager project and writing articles for the magazine.

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