Ganapati Kulam New Floor Nearly Completed

The Ganapati Kulam gave their report for the phase today. The whole team has been working on the installation of the new floor. Today they completed the last installation of the floor pieces and continued work on the baseboards around the edge of the walls. And lots and lots and lots of cleaning! Concrete dust everywhere!

Sivakatirswami also wrapped up the post-editorial production of Hinduism Today, making the high-resolution PDF’s and sending these off to our printer RR Donnelly in the Mid-West. It is another fascinating issue of the world’s finest Hindu publication.

The front hall way with Kumarswami’s station at the end and counters in front of the windows that look out to Iraivan and Mount Waialeale was finished and counters were reinstalled.

If you want to clean your house, just take it completely apart inside. Next install a new floor and then clean every single wall, surface and object as you put it all back together again!

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