Bodhinatha visits Adelaide Ganesha Hindu Temple

We continue our story on Bodhinatha’s trip to Australia today with his transit to Adelaide. Here he is arriving at Adelaide airport after a smooth flight from Sydney.

He is met by the President of the Ganesha Hindu Temple in Adelaide, Siva Selvakulalingam (on the right of Bodhinatha), Dr Ravindran, and Prima and Ramani Iyer who travelled on Bodhinatha's 2008 Asian Odyssey Innersearch….

… and Ganga who is usually behind the camera. Bodhinatha will give dashan during the afternoon and give an upadesha at the temple in the evening.

All is ready in the temple for Bodhinatha's arrival.

Aarti is given by Sivanes Selvakulalingam and Prema Iyer as he arrives at the temple.

As the homa begins, Bodhinatha and Haranandinatha worship Lord Ganesha.

An internal moment as the Divine energy builds.

A group of Vedic chanters added their strong voices to the homa and after the abhishaigam.

Around 80 divine souls listens to Bodhinatha's talk on Hinduism and the Temple. It was very well received and produced many comments afterwards.

Gurukal honours Bodhinatha with Siva Selvakulalingam, the President of the Ganesha Temple.

Bodhinatha meets and talks with local Hindus after his talk.

Bodhinatha talks to Gurukal who has been our priest in Adelaide for many years, and with his assistant who arrived in Adelaide in late 2008.

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